Thursday, June 13, 2013

Over the long queue of candidates will be experienced Indonesian pilgrims, government article

Over the long queue of candidates will be experienced Indonesian pilgrims, government articleAtab Arabia this year will reduce Haj quota for countries around the world about 20%, including Indonesia. So the queue Indonesian pilgrims who can now reach 10 years, in some places can stretch to 15 years.
As a result of this policy by the Director General of Religious Affairs Haji Indonesia Angito Abhimanyu Deparyemen those who've never been on a pilgrimage will be removed, and they've yag elderly to delay his departure. '' Physical those who are elderly will be distracted by the more dense the Grand Mosque which expanded again this year,'' he said.
Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali announced, the Government of Saudi Arabia reduce the quota of pilgrims Indonesia in 2013 amounted to 20 percent or 42 200 people.So the Indonesian pilgrims who could go to the Holy Land in 2013, down from 211,000 to 168,800 worshipers worshipers.
"We appealed to the pilgrims who have paid and got a portion of the pilgrimage in 2013, amounting to 180,000 people waited patiently Kemenag policy, after discussions with the Saudi government, give us two weeks' time," said Ali Menag Suryadarma in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/6 ).
However, the pilgrims are likely to be impacted by the Saudi government so that it did not go, it guarantees the certainty of their departure for the quota allocated in 2014 without an extra fee Hajj Operation Costs (BPIH) in case of excess.
"Religious Affairs Minister on behalf of the Indonesian government will soon discuss the direct and diplomatic efforts by the royal government of Saudi Arabia, in particular with the Ministry of Hajj and related parties regarding this policy and dispensation request," he said.
The Saudi Arabian government's policy by virtue of the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 6, 2013 which is called the cause of the reduction is a delay in the completion of rehabilitation Haram, and to ensure the safety of pilgrims.
The Saudi government does not only reduce the quota of pilgrims Indonesia alone, he said, but the quota of Haj pilgrims across sending countries in the world, which amounted to 20 percent of the quota basis as per the agreement the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).
"Delay Haram rehabilitation resulted in reduced capacity of the original tampng tawaf place can accommodate as many as 48,000 pilgrims per hour so stay worshipers 22,000 pilgrims per hour," he explained.
Hajj quota reduction, said Suryadhama, will be applied proportionately to all provinces. However, preferably the young congregations in order to provide an opportunity for worshipers who are elderly first.

Indonesian pilgrims will be reduced as much as 40 thousand people or about 20 percent of total Indonesian pilgrims start this year.
"There is a letter from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Indonesia. So there is Saudi Arabia's government plans to cut the number of Indonesian pilgrims by 40 thousand people," said Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VIII, Ida Fauziah, in the MPR / DPR / DPD RI, Jakarta, Tuesday.
Ida said, the reduction of the pilgrims because renovations are now underway around the worship area of ​​the Grand Mosque, Mecca.
"The reason for the reduction was due to development around the Grand Mosque which has not been completed so that the area around the Grand Mosque of worship will not matter," said the National Awakening Party politician.
Therefore, the House of Representatives Commission VIII will ask Direktrorat Organizer General Hajj and Umrah (PHU) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to explain it.
"How do you anticipate. Should be a step up from the government so that it does not cause problems cuts. We hope the government, particularly the Ministry of Religious undertake lobbying efforts," said Ida.
Cutting the number of pilgrims will affect the pilgrims waiting list in the country.
"Waiting list we have 12 years. Pruned If 40 thousand people, candidates who have entered the waiting list and are ready to go, will be delayed. Increasingly long waiting list," said Ida Fuaziah.

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