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Haji Bailout

Haji Bailout

Ustadz Dr . Erwandi Tirmidhi , MA

Every Muslim harbored strong yearning and desire to make a pilgrimage to Baitullahil ' atiq in order to perform the pillars of Islam is to - 5 . It is a testament to the truth of the word of God :

وإذ جعلنا البيت مثابة للناس

And ( remember) when we made ​​the house ( Baitullah ) visited place . [ Al - Baqarah / 2 : 125 ]

After the release of this longing , in many ways done by the Muslims ; nothing set aside part of his property little by little in order to accumulate sufficient assets to expense the cost of the pilgrimage . Nowadays there is an attempt by the Islamic financial institutions to take over the collection of funds by way of providing bailout funds Haj . This product is legalized by the Fatwa DSN NO : 29/DSN_MUI/VI/2002 about financing arrangement Hajj Islamic financial institutions .

However , in practice there are still criticized by other scholars about this product .

Assurance of halal or not this product is related to Hajj kemabruran people who get funds this product .

Narrated by Tabarani , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

إن آلله تعالى طيب لا يقبل إلا طيبا

Truly God is good and does not accept except good . [ HR . Muslim ]

To clarify the issue , let's look at a review jurisprudence on this product .

Form of bailout funds Haj Akad .
Someone who wants to sign one of the pilgrims visit Islamic financial institution and apply for Haj pilgrimage by opening a savings account , and pay a minimum balance of $ 500 thousand . Then he received the assurance that seat ( seats ) for years how much he should pay as much as Rp 20 million . Bank bailout may provide the option of Rp 10 million , Rp 15 million , Rp 18 million . [ 1 ]

If applicants choose to Rp 18 million bailout means he spends his personal cash amounting to Rp 2 million . And 18 million will be bailed out by the Islamic Financial Institutions . The registrant 's debt to financial institutions shari'ah (hereinafter abbreviated to LKS ) as much as Rp 18 million will be paid in installments during the year plus the administrative fee of Rp 1.5 million . So that must be paid to the BLM 19.5 million . If not paid off in a year 's loan to the bank then he charged the new administration .

If applicants choose Rp 15 million bailout means he spends his personal Rp 5 million in cash , while Rp 15.000.000 , - will be bailed out by the BLM . Registrant debt amounting to Rp 15,000,000 , - will be paid in installments to the BLM for 1 year plus the administrative fee of Rp 1.3 million . So he had to pay to LKS Rp 16.3 million . If not paid off in a year 's loan to LKS then he charged the new administration .

If applicants choose to Rp 10 million bailout means he spends his personal Rp 10 million in cash . And 10 million will be bailed out by the Islamic Financial Institutions . Debt to the registrants in LKS i Rp 10 million will be paid in installments for 1 year plus the administrative fee of Rp 1 million . So he had to pay to LKS Rp 11 million . If not paid off in a year 's loan to the bank then he charged the new administration .

REVIEW Jurisprudence
If considered carefully , it was found that the product 's bailout funds Haj there are two covenants incorporated into a product . The second contract is qardh ( lending and borrowing ) in the form of bailout funds from the bank hajj pilgrimage to the applicant . The second contract is ijara ( sale and purchase of services ) in the form ujrah ( administration fee given by the registrant pilgrimage as worksheets or payable to the bank as a lender ) . Qardh combine with ijara has been banned by the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam .

لا يحل سلف وبيع

Not halal would combine loans and purchase contract . [ HR . Abu Dawood and classed as saheeh by al - Albani rahimahullah ]

And ijara contract including buy-sell agreement that is buying and selling services .

Thus , the hajj bailouts product contrary to hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam above because the two products are combined on the contract . Other reasons , the ijara contract can be used by the lender to take profits from loans that are included in the prohibition of loans that bring benefits ( profits ) .

However, taking advantage when the door can be closed tightly it can be used as difatwakan by various National and International institutions Jurisprudence . As stated in a fatwa that allows DSN taking administrative costs , which obviously required a fixed amount and not based on the amount of the loan .

But it turns out the fatwa does not run on a practice described earlier , where the amount of the administrative fee varies based on the amount of loans granted by the bank . It is clearly that the banks are not just attractive administrative costs , which obviously required but there have been included profit from the loan . So this obviously including usury laws .

If seen from the percentage amount of the administrative fee , which is about 10 % of the loan amount , the loan interest is almost the same as that charged by conventional banks .

1 . For Islamic financial institutions in order to implement the fatwa DSN and not out of the fatwa , which is attractive administrative costs , which obviously needed with the amount of fixed costs , not based on the amount of the loan . If this is violated , then it will lead to fall into the practice of usury .

2 . For DSN , in addition to issuing a fatwa is expected to provide penalties for agencies that do not apply the product in accordance with the Sharia Supervisory Board difatwakan through contained in any Islamic bank .

3 . For people who register pilgrimage not to get stuck in this product because it contains usury doubtful that affect kemabruran Hajj because of departs on property obtained by usury . Let him pay as much as USD 20 million in cash in order to obtain certainty seat ( serial number ) for the year of departure , and do not use the bank bailouts .

For those who have already , then just remember the word of God :

فمن جاءه موعظة من ربه فانتهى فله ما سلف وأمره إلى الله ومن عاد فأولئك أصحاب النار هم فيها خالدون

People who had to ban him from his Lord, then continues stopped ( from taking usury ) , then for him what he has taken first ( before coming ban ) , and its affairs ( up ) to God . People who return ( taking usury ) , then that person is the dwellers of Hell ; them abide therein . [ Al - Baqarah / 2:275 ] .

And let him bend over backwards to cover the rest of the bailout as soon as possible . May Allah Almighty accept the pilgrimage of Muslims .

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 05/Tahun XVI/1433H/2012M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196 ]

Beware !

Ustadz Shuhub Subhan

Be careful , a phrase normally used to warn people of the dangers or the other unpleasant things . Pronounce this word lightly but sometimes difficult to be carried on , either by yourself or someone pengucapnya talk .

From this expression , the author thought the dialogue between Ubay ibn Ka'b ibn Umar radi 'anhu with Khatthab radi ' anhu , was delivered by Ibn Kathir rahimahullah when interpreting the meaning of piety in surat al - Baqarah / 2 verse 2 . [ 1 ]

In profiled that Umar ibn Khatthab radi 'anhu once asked Ubay ibn Ka'b about piety . Ubay ibn Ka'b radi anhu replied , " Have you pass a road full of thorns ? " Umar Umar replied , " Never . " Ubay asked , " Then what are you doing ? ' Umar replied , " I roll up my sleeves and take care in the past . "

Here we can see clearly , that the word " caution " even companions used to translate what is piety . Be careful not only ordered for a trip such as Solo, Yogyakarta , but wider and deeper than it is a person's life journey to the afterlife . An expression and permisalan very beautiful and striking from a friend to represent the meaning of piety .

What do you suppose is why people use the word carefully to give warning of danger or things that are not fun ?

Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam never warned his people would be that there is a strategic role in the human body , even he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam referred to it as the source of good whole body or vice versa as the source of evil .

Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

ألا وإن في الجسد مضغة إذا صلحت صلح الجسد كله وإذا فسدت فسد الجسد كله ألا وهي القلب

Remember , it's actually in the human body there is a piece of flesh , if he is good , let the whole body , and if it is damaged , corrupted the whole body , a piece of meat that is the heart ( heart / heart ( conscience ) . [ HR muttafaq ' alaih ] [ 2 ] .

So if it is so careful attention , in the guard and care about the world and the next life we will be safe and will get happiness . because with a healthy heart , people can refrain from doubtful , refrain from lust . Conversely , if the heart to ignore the disease , obstacles and thorns be doubtful and lust easily perch on our journey to the afterlife , and we undoubtedly will be miserable , miserable .

When explaining the meaning haditd above , Ibn Rajab said , " In this hadith there is a good signal that the movement of the limbs of a servant , away from the haram and avoidance of very doubtful whether good or bad depends on his heart . Survived if her heart , filled with mahabbah ( flavor of love ) to Allah and love for what is loved by Allah Almighty , then filled with the fear of Allah and fear of doing what Allah Almighty gerkan hate then let all his limbs , and from here he bear to be away from things that are haram and avoid the doubtful - doubtful . ( contrast ) , if the liver is damaged it will be controlled to follow the passions , and always look for something that is loved by his desires though hated by Allah Almighty , and leads to sinful and doubtful - doubtful fit what in want of his desires. [ 3 ]

Humans have a conscience that will never escape from exams . The human heart will always meet with slander and trials , imtihan , and ibtila . Bad heart will easily accept evil being healthy liver will seek strong to resist .

Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

تعرض الفتن على القلوب كالحصير عودا عودا فأى قلب أشربها نكت فيه نكتة سوداء وأى قلب أنكرها نكت فيه نكتة بيضاء حتى تصير على قلبين على أبيض مثل الصفا فلا تضره فتنة ما دامت السموات والأرض والآخر أسود مربادا كالكوز مجخيا لا يعرف معروفا ولا ينكر منكرا إلا ما أشرب من هواه

Slanders would be presented to the liver , such as mats , the fiber of the fiber . Whichever liver absorbs the libel , then a black stain embedded in her heart . And where the heart does not accept him , will tertitiklah at the heart of the white point , so , be careful that two kinds : white as marble , so it will not harm any slander for no heaven and earth , while the other jet black heart , like teapot or kettle upside down , do not know the good and not deny misguidance absorbed than lust . [ Reported by Muslim ] [ 4 ]

Then see our hearts , because it is the source of faith and the light that illuminates the path of our lives so it is not easy to fall and stumble . Be careful who survived , qolbun salim , that there is no benefit side of Allah Almighty on Judgment except come before Allah Almighty to the heart of the survivors . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says :

يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون ) 88 ( إلا من أتى الله بقلب سليم

( It is) in the property and the children of men are useless , except those facing Allah with a pure heart , a heart that survived . [ As- Syu'ara ' / 26:88-89 ]

Salim survived Qolbun means ugliness and ugliness . That is a heart full of love in it to Allah Almighty and the love of all who loved Allah Almighty , fear of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and the fear of all that keep him away from Allah Almighty [ 5 ]

What if heart already accept and absorb the ugliness ? whether it can be cleaned again as marble cleaning of stains ? Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

عن أبي هريرة عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال إن العبد إذا أخطأ خطيئة نكتت في قلبه نكتة سوداء فإذا هو نزع واستغفر وتاب سقل قلبه وإن عاد زيد فيها حتى تعلو قلبه

Indeed a servant if doing so would tertitik sin in his heart if he is to eliminate black spots and beg for forgiveness , and forgive , then his heart was cleaned . If he did kelasahan again , then black spots will be added so that it could cover his heart . [ HR . Ibn Majah , Tirmidhi [ 6 ] . This hadith dihasankan by Sheikh al - Albani in Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhi . ]

If spots , stains and black dots it is full and covered his heart , the black dots that comes next in the liver as a result of the actions Dossa and disobedience , then the heart will feel it is not affected by the stain that pollute , as the invisibility of the black stain attached to the black cloth . When sin is no longer felt as a sin , then there is a sense of comfort - ' iyadzan billah . May God preserve us from such evils .

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said , " And ( the negative effects of sin ) is the most dangerous ( most worrisome ) the slave is a sin and disobedience can weaken the heart's desire that his desire to commit immoral acts is getting stronger . Sins weaken the hearts desire to repent little by little until finally all desire for repentance uprooted from the heart ( without leaving sisasedikitpun ) . ( And ) if half of a person 's heart is dead , then it is difficult to repent to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala [ 7 ] .

The Ulama much attention to this issue , discussing it at length , and find the right formula for maintaining and treating the liver , and then to the liver mendakwahkannya survivors . Here are some tips for treating heart and keep it healthy .

1 . Read the Qur'an and its meaning mentaddaburi
Al - Qur'ân is conditioning the heart , medicine for the soul , and the eyes of our hearts to the light that enlightens us from the darkness of lust and doubtful . The Qur'an is the words of Allaah Almighty . Allah He will say :

يا أيها الناس قد جاءتكم موعظة من ربكم وشفاء لما في الصدور وهدى ورحمة للمؤمنين

O mankind , indeed has come to you from your Lord and a healing lesson for diseases ( which are ) in the chest and guidance and mercy for the believers . [ Yunus/10 : 57 ]

2 . Evening prayers
3 . Always make friends and get along with righteous people
4 . fasting
5 . dhikr

Dhikr is food heart , soul and pelembutnya sedative , and penerangnya . Allah Almighty says :

الذين آمنوا وتطمئن قلوبهم بذكر الله ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب

" Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah . Remember , in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction " [ Ar-Rad/13 : 28 ]

And above all it is certainly studying Sharai , follow study , study groups are also the most important food heart karean illmu is light , illuminating our hearts , illuminate our path , illuminating where we berpijak.Tentunya Science accompanied by charity .

Because know that all diseases affecting the liver is the main cause of ignorance over science and medicine is the science Din .

So can we give a deeper understanding if we are advised parents to their children : "Be careful , son ! " , Then it means your heart is awake kid , keep on making your heart broken , doubtful shun slander , libel shun lust , Allah commands deliver it boy! , stay away from any ban ! Carefully.

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 10/Tahun XV/1433H/2012M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196 ]

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