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Know Allaah

Know Allaah

Muslim cleric Abu Ismail al-Atsari

The glory of a science depends on the cases studied in the art. Because there is nothing more noble than Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, then Allah knows science is the most noble science. How Allah knows it can be done through:

• kauniyah verses (signs of Allah, the majesty of the universe or whole creatures), and

• Syar'iyah verses (signs of Allah's majesty, in his Shari'ah or religion).

Know Allah Almighty include 4 parts:
1. Getting to know the existence of Allah.
2. Know rububiyah oneness of Allah.
3. Know uluhiyah oneness of Allah (Allah rights to diibadahi)
4. Know the names and attributes of Allah Almighty

The fourth part is a whole, should not be separated. Here is a brief explanation of the four cases above.

We must believe that Allah, the Creator of all creatures really exist, although we have never met, seen, heard directly. Lots of the arguments that demonstrate this. Among them the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala:

أم خلقوا من غير شيء أم هم الخالقون

Are they created by nothing (ie, without a Creator), or whether they are creating (themselves)? [Ath-Thûr/52: 35]

That is, the state of human beings existing or can not be separated from one of three circumstances:

a. They exist without a Creator. It is not possible. There is no common sense can accept that something was there and no one makes it.

b. They create themselves. It is less likely longer. Because how could something that was not originally there creating something there.

c. This is the Truth, ie Allah Almighty who has created them, He is the Creator, Ruler, there is no partner for Him.

An Arab bedouin asked, "Is the evidence of the existence of Almighty Allah?" He replied, "Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah)! Indeed indicate camel camel droppings, footprint indicates the trip! Then the heavens which have the stars, the earth which has streets, oceans have waves, does not that indicate the presence of al-Latif (Allah the Most Good) al-Khabir (All-Knowing). "

Imam Ahmad rahimahullah was asked about this, he replied, "There is a strong fortress, smooth, no doors and windows. Silvery white exterior, inside like pure gold. When under such circumstances, a sudden wall split, then get out of it an animal that can hear and see, has a beautiful shape and melodious voice. "

Intended by Imam Ahmad is a chicken that came out of the egg. [See Tafseer Ibn Kathir, surat al-Baqarah, verse 21]

Indeed belief in the Creator, Allah Almighty, a creature fithrah. Hence Pharaoh, even the devil, also believed this. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says about Pharaoh and his people who deny the miracles of Moses Alaihissallam:

وجحدوا بها واستيقنتها أنفسهم ظلما وعلوا فانظر كيف كان عاقبة المفسدين

And they (the Pharaoh and his people) because of injustice and arrogance deny (their) hearts when they believe (truth) of her. Then see how was the end of those who do perish. [An-Naml/27: 14]

Therefore, it is not merely a person believes in Allah means that he is a Muslim or a believer.

We must believe in the oneness of Allah rububiyah, namely that only Allah who create, own, control, and manage all beings. Only Allah Almighty that turn on, turn off, giving rizqi, bring good, to bring disaster. There is no ally to Allah Almighty in all cases above, good angels, prophets, saints, jinns, spirits, or other.
Lordship (create, own, and control / master) the entire universe is only for Allah alone. Allah Almighty says:

الحمد لله رب العالمين

Praise be to Allah, the Rabb (Owner, Ruler) of hosts. [Al-Fatihah / 1:2]

Type of monotheism is not denied by the idolaters in the time of the Prophet, even they admit, as stated by some verses of the Qur'ân. Among other things, the word of Allah Almighty.

قل من يرزقكم من السماء والأرض أمن يملك السمع والأبصار ومن يخرج الحي من الميت ويخرج الميت من الحي ومن يدبر الأمر فسيقولون الله فقل أفلا تتقون

"Say," Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth, or who is authorized (create) hearing and vision, and who can bring out the living from the dead and the dead from the living, and who can organize everything "So they (the idolaters ignorance) replied, "Allah". then say: "Why do not you devoted (to Him)?" [Yunus/10: 31]

Likewise, Satan recognizes this, he acknowledges that it is Allah who has created from fire.

قال ما منعك ألا تسجد إذ أمرتك قال أنا خير منه خلقتني من نار وخلقته من طين

God said, "Are you off to prostrate (to Adam) at the time I told you?" Satan replied "I am better than: You created me from fire were her You created from clay." [Al-A'raf / 7:12]

Therefore, a person who believes in the Oneness of Allâh and His power can not be called Muslims or believers, until he believed in the oneness of Allah uluhiyah, also believe in the names and attributes of Allah, as will be explained below.

3. Oneness uluhiyah KNOW GOD (HIS RIGHT TO DIIBADAHI).
We believe that the right diibadahi only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Should not give worship to other than Allah, even though the creature is close to him, like an angel or messenger of Allah Almighty. Moreover, the creatures under their rank, such as: human beings, jinn, animals, trees, stones, weapons, planets, stars, or other.

Tawheed is this meaning contained in the words la ilaha illa Allah, because its meaning is nothing but Allah has the right diibadahi. He Almighty says:

إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين

You alone are our only ibadahi and Thee we ask for help. [Al-Fatihah / 1:5]

Almighty Allah also says:

قل إنما يوحى إلي أنما إلهكم إله واحد فهل أنتم مسلمون

Say, "Verily, who revealed to me was," Behold Ilahmu (which you ibadahi) is the one true god, then you shall have surrendered (unto Him) ". [Al-Anbiya '/ 21:108]

Belief in the oneness of Allah uluhiyah (his right to diibadahi) is the core of all the apostles preaching. And this is denied by the polytheists and infidels. Allah Almighty says.

وعجبوا أن جاءهم منذر منهم وقال الكافرون هذا ساحر كذاب) 4 (أجعل الآلهة إلها واحدا إن هذا لشيء عجاب

"And they wonder that a Warner (messengers) from among them, and those who disbelieve say," This is a sorcerer who lie a lot. "Why did he make the gods one god thing only. Indeed this is true really a very surprising thing. [Shad/38: 4-5]

The purpose of the introduction of the oneness of Allah uluhiyah this is that we love Allah, submit to Him, fear and hope in Him, and the Oneness of worship to Him.

The worship of Allah is humble and obedient to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala with full devotion, exaltation, expect mercy, and fear of chastisement. This was done by carrying out the command of Allah Almighty and avoid His prohibitions.

The scope of worship that is all that is loved and blessed by Almighty Allah, in the form of words and perbuataan, who was born and the mind.

Worship will be accepted by Allah with the two terms are sincere and mutâba'ah. Ikhlas ie: seeking the pleasure of Allah alone, while mutâba'ah, which follows the Sunnah (teachings) of the Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, people who believe in the oneness of Allah for diibadahi right, he will offer up the kind of worship to Him alone. Among the types of worship is absolute obedience to the hope and fear; passion with absolute submission; prayer; intention in worship (sincere); slaughtering animals; fear; resignation, and others.

That faith and set the whole the names of Allah and His attributes, which are in the Book al-Qur'ân and Sunnah that is authentic, without likening the creature.

Allah Almighty says,

ولله الأسماء الحسنى فادعوه بها وذروا الذين يلحدون في أسمائه سيجزون ما كانوا يعملون

"Only Allah Asma-ul-owned Husna, then bermohonlah him by calling Asma-ul Husna and tinggalakanlah those who deviate from the truth in the (call) his names. Later they will be rewarded for what they have working on. [al-A'raf / 7: 180]

ليس كمثله شيء وهو السميع البصير

There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing. [Asy-Syûrâ/42: 11]

Verily Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is the Most Out of all cases, including the most out of Allah is Allah Almighty alone. Allah Almighty says:

قل أأنتم أعلم أم الله

Say: "Are you more knowing or is Allah?" [Al-Baqarah / 2: 140]

Likewise, most know about among all the creatures of Allah is His Messenger. So the explanation of the Apostles of Allah Almighty is the Truth. While the words of the infidels and polytheists of Allah merely suspected. Allah says:

سبحان ربك رب العزة عما يصفون) 180 (وسلام على المرسلين) 181 (والحمد لله رب العالمين

Holies your Lord who has the might of what they say, and well-being lavished upon the apostles, and all praise be to Allah the Lord of all the worlds exciting. [Ash-Shâffât/37: 180-182]

Therefore to know the name and nature of Allah Almighty is just by way of revelation. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimahullah said of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

إن الله ينزل إلى سماء الدنيا

Indeed Allâh took to the sky world


إن الله يرى في القيامة

Verily Allah will be seen on the Day of Judgement

And similar to this hadith, "We believe in him and justify it, with no (ask) how, without (set) meaning (the others), without rejecting anything from him. And we know that all that is brought by the Prophet n is haq , we do not reject the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. And we do not mensifati Allah more than that he qualifies himself with no restrictions and no end. (Allah Almighty says :)

ليس كمثله شيء وهو السميع البصير

There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing. [Asy-Syûrâ/42: 11]

And we say (about the nature of Allah) as He said; Us qualifies Him with all properties for use qualifies Allah Himself; And we do not violate the constraints. And penyifatan from people who qualifies him not up to his nature. We believe in al-Qur'ân everything, both muhkam (meaning clear) and mutasyabih (meaning vague). And we will not remove from him the nature of any of his attributes as an abomination made-up, we do not encroach on al-Quran and al-Hadith. And we do not know per se except to justify the Messenger n and set al-Qur'ân. "[Lum'atul I'tiqad, p. 3]

This is the familiar parts to Allah and have faith in Him. Hopefully this explanation adds to knowledge for all of us, and may Allah always guide us on the straight path. Aamiin.

[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 02/Tahun XVI/1433H/2012M. Publishers Foundation Standing Committee Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

Principles Determination of Halal And Haram in Islam.

Ustadz Abu Olaya Lc

يا أيها الناس كلوا مما في الأرض حلالا طيبا ولا تتبعوا خطوات الشيطان إنه لكم عدو مبين) 168 (إنما يأمركم بالسوء والفحشاء وأن تقولوا على الله ما لا تعلمون

Hi all men, eat the lawful and good from what is contained in the earth, and do not follow the steps devil, because the devil is indeed outright enemy to you. Indeed devil just told you do evil and vile, and said to Allah what you do not know. [Al-Baqarah / 2:168-169]

The believers are commanded to CONSUME THE HALAL AND GOOD
Through this verse, Allah Almighty to call all human beings, whether human or Kufr faithful to Him. Almighty Allah will remind them the gift of a command to them to eat whatever is in the earth, whether in the form of grains, vegetables, and fruits, and meat animals and animals with two criteria: حلالا (is lawful to them ), not things that are forbidden or obtained through illicit means such as ghashab, stealing and others. Second, طيبا (which is good), did not mean that khabîts goods (bad) as carrion, blood, pork and stuff are other bad. [1]

You mean something that is kosher is all that is allowed by God. While thayyib meaning, ie all that is sacred, not unclean and disgusting that shunned the human soul. Thus, Essence of food (and drink) is good, not harm the body and their mind. [2]

In another verse, Allah Almighty specifically directed to convey commands to the believers simply by saying:

يا أيها الذين آمنوا كلوا من طيبات ما رزقناكم واشكروا لله إن كنتم إياه تعبدون

O ye who believe, eat of the sustenance which We have carefully given you and be grateful to Allah, if it is really only in Him ye worship [al-Baqarah / 2:172].

Here, Allah Almighty specifically directs the command to the believers because they alone can substantially benefit from the commands and His prohibitions, encouraged their faith in Him. Almighty Allah commanded them to consume the good of that which is given to them and give thanks to Allah Almighty over pleasure were poured in a way to use it in obedience to Allah Almighty and provision for that purpose.

If our view point on this verse, the command to consume food contained in it only requires food was fine, not to offend its halal status. This is because faith is embedded in the heart of a believer would prevent him taking something that is not kosher. [3]

So should a believer, always make sure what goes into the stomach is kosher items, avoid anything that is still doubtful and suspicious to avoid forbidden Allah Almighty. And do not even think of eating unclean food or look for it in a way that is forbidden. Shaykh Abu Bakr Jabir al-Jazairi advised, "(It shows) obligation (a believer) seeking lawful sustenance and self-limiting course with life even in difficult conditions". [4]

By His grace and love, Allah Almighty give a wider space for people to choose foods and beverages. It is forbidden because food is much less than is lawful. In traditional markets, for example, when compared to the amount of merchandise that is kosher with selling prohibited, certainly more of the former, even much more. Walillâhil hamd.

Islamic Sharia forbids the food justifies and always consider the welfare and madharat (danger). Everything that is forbidden must contain one hundred percent load a danger or a dominant element of danger. [5] Thus among the privileges of Islamic law, because it comes from Allah Almighty, the All-Wise Essence (al-Hakim) and Knower (al-'alim) will all benefit for servants.

In addition to the two verses that have been mentioned above, there are several other verses that outline and explain the principles and methodology of Islam in determining the halal and haraam food. Allah Almighty says:

الله الذي جعل لكم الأرض قرارا والسماء بناء وصوركم فأحسن صوركم ورزقكم من الطيبات

It is God who made the earth for you a place to settle and the sky as a roof, and then you form your shapes and member smarten your sustenance with most goodly [al-Mukmin/40: 64].

Allah Almighty says:

ويحل لهم الطيبات ويحرم عليهم الخبائث

And in (the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) to justify them good and forbids all those bad things [al-A'raf / 7:157].

Let us note that it has been concluded kaedah Shaykh Salih al-Fauzan regarding the methodology of Islam that justify and demonstrate forbid one of the beauties of Islam: 'Any item that Tahir (holy opposed unclean), which contains no danger at all, such as grains, fruits, animals lawful. And every unclean items, such as carrion and blood, or goods mutanajjis (exposed to unclean) and any item containing madharat (hazard) and other toxins such as haraam (consumed) '(al-Ath'imah p. 28).

It appears that what is lawful good things, and that is forbidden is bad stuff and dangerous.

Postulate that indicates the inclusion of sanctity (not filthy) goods consumed word of Allah Almighty:

حرمت عليكم الميتة والدم ولحم الخنزير

Forbidden to you (take) carcasses, pork blood [al-Maidah / 5:3]

Blood and pork carcasses is unclean Essence goods, and goods are unclean khabîts (bad). [6]

While among the arguments that require independent consumer goods from the dangerous elements of the word Allah Almighty.

ولا تلقوا بأيديكم إلى التهلكة

And do not your own hands into destruction [al-Baqarah / 2:195]

Allah Almighty says:

ولا تقتلوا أنفسكم

And do not kill yourselves [al-Nisa / 4:29]

These verses show that everything khabîts or endanger forbidden consumed and utilized. [7]

Thus manhaj penghalalan and prohibition something like manhaj of Islam in all aspects of life that puts the welfare and protection of the life, body, mind. While in the period of Ignorance, the determination of lawful and unlawful refer lust and blind imitation of the teachings of the ancestors. So it is with Christianity, halal and haram based on the will of their religious leaders.

From here, a believer must prioritize and prioritize the provision of Allah Almighty and His Messenger when dealing with customs or cultural provision that forbids something that is permitted by Islam, or otherwise justify something that is forbidden by Islam. Therefore, in principle, the establishment of lawful and unlawful is the right of Allah Almighty. Those who forbid the lawful and justify the unlawful per se has positioned itself as an ally of Allah Almighty in tasyri rights' (the establishment of the Shari'a). Therefore, Allah Almighty denouncing the Jews and the Christians because of their excessive devotion to their religious leaders, to justify and forbid what is said by their religious leaders. With this, they have made it as pastors counter-counter Allah.

Allah Almighty says:

اتخذوا أحبارهم ورهبانهم أربابا من دون الله

They make people alimnya and their monks as lords besides Allah [at-Tawbah / 9:31]

Similarly, Allah Almighty mushrikeen denounced during which justifies the carcass of ignorance which has prohibited Allah Almighty and outlawing some types of animals are lawful by Allah Almighty, because it follows the cultural heritage of the ancestors and their passions.

Allah Almighty says:

ما جعل الله من بحيرة ولا سائبة ولا وصيلة ولا حام ولكن الذين كفروا يفترون على الله الكذب وأكثرهم لا يعقلون) 103 (وإذا قيل لهم تعالوا إلى ما أنزل الله وإلى الرسول قالوا حسبنا ما وجدنا عليه آباءنا أولو كان آباؤهم لا يعلمون شيئا ولا يهتدون

Allah never been prescribed any absence bahirah, sâibah, washîilah and ham, but those who disbelieve invent lies against Allah, and most of them do not understand. When it is said to them: "Come, follow what Allah revealed and we follow the Prophet, they said, It is enough for us what we found our fathers doing it". And if they follow their ancestors ancestor although it does not know anything and not (also) get a clue? [Al-Maidah / 5:103-104].

Consumption goods both kosher and positive effect on the liver and the granting of the prayer clarity and acceptance of worship by Allah Almighty. Instead, unclean food will hinder acceptance of prayer and worship. Almighty Allah said about the Jews.

أولئك الذين لم يرد الله أن يطهر قلوبهم لهم في الدنيا خزي ولهم في الآخرة عذاب عظيم) 41 (سماعون للكذب أكالون للسحت

They (the Jews) are the ones whose hearts Allah does not want to purify them. they may be humiliation in the world and in the hereafter they may be a great torment. They are the people who like to hear a lie, a lot of eating haram [al-Maidah / 5:41-42].

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: O people, verily Allah is All-Good, did not receive good except (only), and verily Allah commanded the believers are enjoined by the apostles. Allah says: {"O apostles, eat from the good food, and serve good works. Indeed I am acquainted with all that ye do "} (al-Mukminûn/23: 51). Allah says: {"O you who believe, eat of the sustenance which is good that we have given you"}. Furthermore, he tells of a man who traveled far, in a state of unkempt hair, dusty, he lifted his hands towards the sky (while praying) yes rabbi, rabbi yes, yes rabbis, while the food haram, his drink unlawful, his clothing unlawful and and her dinutrisi with unclean, how his prayer answered? ". [HR. Muslim no. 1015]

Having ordered his servants to obey His commands because it will bring good to them, Allah forbid they follow the steps of Satan. The definition of the steps devil is in every way and vicious attempts to mislead his followers, the whole immoral which he commanded as kufr, fusûq act) out of obedience to Allah Almighty) and kezhaliman act contrary to obedience to Allah Almighty. [8] Among the examples is a vicious step bahîrah forbid, sâibah and washîlah [9] and others.

It is based on the hadith 'Iyâdzh Himâr bin al-Mujâsyi radi anhu from the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, he said:

كل ما نحلته عبدا حلال وإني خلقت عبادي حنفاء كلهم ​​وإنهم أتتهم الشياطين فاجتالتهم عن دينهم وحرمت عليهم ما أحللت لهم

Allah says: "Surely every treasure that I gave to my servant, then it is lawful for them. And I created my servants in the state of nature upright (straight). Then he came to them, and dragging (distort) them from their religion (straight), as well as against those who forbid I made lawful for them ". [HR. Muslim Hadith no.2865]

Furthermore, Allah Almighty tells us all the reasons that steps away from the devil because it is the real enemy of the Faithful. Vicious hostility of the Faithful is very clear. Satan does not want unless they cheat and make the inhabitants of hell Sa'ir. Here, Allah Almighty forbids not only to follow the steps of demons, but also mention the enormous hostility to us to beware and explain that everything ordered and whispered matters devil is the worst and most severe harm. [10]

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "Satan, the enemy of yours, tell you to do bad deeds. Even more heinous (worse than that), told to do faahisyah (indecency) as adultery and other. And (told) is even worse than that, that says something about Allah Almighty without basic knowledge (of Him). Including those who say about Allah Almighty without basic science (carelessly) is any disbelievers and those who commit heresy ". [11]

Shaykh 'Abdur Rahman as-Sa'di rahimahullah invites us all to introspection. After mentioning that Allah Almighty commanded only justice, goodness, and give the relatives and banned from doing cruel, unjust and kezhaliman he said, "Should a person sees himself, whether he wants to follow the call of Allah, the eternal goodness and happiness for himself in world and the hereafter, or follow the call demons are a human enemy who only wants her ugliness and strive with all her might to destroy the world and the hereafter? ". [12]

1.Kewajiban looking for halal sustenance, and limit themselves to him alone in life.

2. Legal origin of food and drink is ibâhah (allowed) to be consumed or used, until there are special restrictions.

3. Kosher is all that is permissible by Allah Almighty and the forbidden is forbidden by Allah Almighty. In this issue, reason has no role at all.

4. There are two types of illicit goods: goods that are forbidden dzatnya, something khabiits (obvious ugliness), thayyib opposed, or forbidden, because it deals with the violation of the rights of Allah Almighty as obtained through unlawful means or violate the rights of fellow human beings because they are derived from another person by force, for example.

5. Mandatory stay away from all things bad and vile prompted by the devil.

6. Illegitimate demon follow the steps that include any beliefs, actions and words are prohibited Shari'a. Allah knows best.

[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 02/Tahun XVI/1433H/2012M. Publishers Foundation Standing Committee Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]