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Dr. Shaikh . Su'ud ash- Syuraim - hafidzahullah -

Muslims rahimakumullâh
Know , O my brothers , real piety to Allah Almighty is the best provision for every person who hopes his mercy . With piety , someone will get sustenance from unexpected directions and he will get the ease after hardship , and spaciousness after narrowness . Allah Almighty says .

ألا إن أولياء الله لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون ) 62 ( الذين آمنوا وكانوا يتقون

" Remember the true guardians ( the lovers ) of Allah that there is no concern to them and not ( also ) they grieve . ( Namely ) those who believe and they are always devoted . [ Yunus/10 : 62-63 ]

Muslims rahimakumullâh
Indeed human knowledge , desire , and their character is different even though they are from the same father and mother ( ie Adam and Eve ) . And in fact this is a test , as the word of Allah Almighty :

وجعلنا بعضكم لبعض فتنة أتصبرون وكان ربك بصيرا

And we make some of you a trial for others . Will you be patient ? and your Lord is All-Seer . [ al-Furqân/25 : 20 ]

Some people there are personality wise , wise and full of tolerance . He was not an easy emotion with a few sentences that he heard .

Some are , some are careless , reckless , gullible , impatient , easily ignited and then applies a silly word . Oral and his actions preceded his wits .

Muslims rahimakumullâh
A believer is a great peacemaker , who could muster not to divide , the fix is not destructive ; Wise in reconciling the conflicting parties . And as a reward behind it , many people are praying for him and praised him for the kindness he has reconciled and saved from disintegration .

People who pay attention to the reality of the moment, he will see the cracks scratch purity of love and brotherhood braid . It is apparent from the passions are to be followed , stinginess and greed that followed , and pride to their own opinion .

It was truly the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam when he said:

إن الشيطان قد أيس أن يعبده المصلون في جزيرة العرب , ولكن في التحريش بينهم

Indeed devil had despaired of ( getting ) the worship of the people who pray in Arabia , but he would always play off of them . [ HR . Muslim no. 2812 ]

When there is contention and conflict , then peace becomes a very commendable . If the dispute is ugliness , bickering and infighting is a disgrace , it is the opposite , peace and reconcile business is a mercy . Despite dissent in humans is outlined by Allah Almighty as his word :

ولو شاء ربك لجعل الناس أمة واحدة ولا يزالون مختلفين

If your Lord had willed, He would have made ​​mankind one people , but they always disagree . [ Hud/11 : 118 ]

But Allah exclude from it those who got his grace.

إلا من رحم ربك

Unless people are given the grace by God. [ Hud/11 : 119 ]

Peace embodied in the people will make it beautiful , but if it is lost then the bad variety will be unavoidable .

Allah Almighty says :

والصلح خير

And peace was better [ al-Nisa / 4:128 ]

Almighty Allah also says :

فاتقوا الله وأصلحوا ذات بينكم

Therefore bertaqwalah to Allah and reform the relationship between neighbor . [ al - Anfal / 8:1 ]

لا خير في كثير من نجواهم إلا من أمر بصدقة أو معروف أو إصلاح بين الناس

There is no good in much of their promptings except the promptings of the person who sent ( men ) give to charity , or kindness done or make peace among men . [ an- Nisa / 4:114 ]

إن طائفتان من المؤمنين اقتتلوا فأصلحوا بينهما

And if two parties of believers fight then make peace between them . [ al-Hujurât/49 : 9 ]

إنما المؤمنون إخوة فأصلحوا بين أخويكم

Indeed the believers are brothers . [ al-Hujurât/49 : 10 ]

And it does not exist in the world peacemakers class with the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . He reconcile the tribes , between individuals and groups of people . He also reconcile the couple , two people who owe debts , and also a peacemaker in the enforcement of property rights , lives and honor . How not , when he himself said :

ألا أخبركم بأفضل من درجة الصيام والصلاة والصدقة ? قالوا : بلى , قال : صلاح ذات البين ; فإن فساد ذات البين هي الحالقة

Will I tell you the things that are more important than fasting , prayer and alms ? The Companions replied , "Yes O Messenger of Allah . " He said , " That reconcile disputes among you , because the destruction of peace among you is the shaver ( destroyer of religion ) " . [ HR . Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi ]

Mentioned in a hadith :

عن سهل بن سعد رضي الله عنه أن أهل قباء اقتتلوا حتى تراموا بالحجارة , فأخبر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم بذلك , فقال : اذهبوا بنا نصلح بينهم

From Sahl ibn Sa'd radi 'anhu that the population Quba ' have clashed to throwing stones , then the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wasallam said to about the incident , then he said: Let us go to reconcile them . [ HR . Bukhari ]

O Muslims , may Allah always keep us all .
Indeed peace among causes the emergence of a sense of love and adhesive cracks . Sometimes peace is better than a judge decides the law . In peace , there is a reward from Allah Almighty and no sin is abolished . These include , dissension in the household .

However, to our collective conscious , that all peace efforts would not be realized unless accompanied by a strong desire real and sincere intention of all the parties , the arbitrator and are reconciled . Because Allah Almighty associate peace with the good will of all parties . Allah Almighty says :

إن يريدا إصلاحا يوفق الله بينهما

If both justices intend to repair it , surely Allah gives taufiq to the husband - wife . [ an- Nisa / 4:35 ]

Once, Imam Hasan al Basri rahimahullah was visited by two people from the warring Tsaqif . Then the Imam said , " You two are still one group and the relatives , ( why ) is still fighting ? " They said , " O Abu Sa'id , we just want peace . " He rahimahullah said , " Yes . Then you talk ! " But both are actually throwing false accusations to his opponent . Seeing this , the Imam replied , "By Allah ! You lie ! Not that you want peace , because Allah Almighty says :

إن يريدا إصلاحا يوفق الله بينهما

If both justices intend to repair it , surely Allah gives taufiq to the husband - wife . [ an- Nisa / 4:35 ]

Therefore fear Allah , O servants ! Got it and stop it quarrels and disputes , particularly those caused by trivial matters .

Allah Almighty says :

فمن عفا وأصلح فأجره على الله إنه لا يحب الظالمين

So whoever forgive and do good then reward top ( dependents ) of Allah . Surely He does not love those who do wrong . [ asy-Syûrâ/42 : 40 ]

May the Almighty Allah bless you all with me and the Koran and pour the contents of the benefits of the verses and lesson the Supreme Wisdom. That's what I say , if it is true then the truth of Allah . If something goes wrong then from myself and from the devil . And I forgiveness to Allah , verily He is Oft-Forgiving .

( Friday Khutbah Shaykh Dr . Su'ud ash- Syuraim - hafidzahullah - with the title " al- Khair Shulhu ( Peace It Better ) " , at the Grand Mosque on 12-02-1433 H )

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Saheeh al - Bukhari in VIEWS ULAMA

Ustadz Kholid Syamhudi Lc

The phenomenon of the emergence of the people who claim to be reformers and intellectuals who sued and degrading position Saheeh al - Bukhari , coupled with the ignorance of some Muslims to the great referral sources in the know Islam is very necessary to make the issue presented to the public . Moreover, the spread of the Shiite religious sued and questioned many hadiths in Sahih al - Bukhari did not even acknowledge its existence .

POSITION Sahih al-Bukhari
Book which has the full name of al - Jami ' al- Saheeh al - Musnad Min hadith Rasûlillâh sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam wa wa Sunanihi Ayyâmihi of al- Imam al - Bukhari is known by the general public Saheeh al - Bukhari . This book has a high and important position and has a specificity that no other written works . Almost all the places touched preaching Islam there must exist Sahih al - Bukhari .

This book is an important driver for the Muslims vol dubbed him with the title of Commander of the Faithful Imam Muhadditsîn and in the hadith . No work of a ulamapun are getting rave reviews as the virtues and Sahih al - Bukhari 's .

Abdussalam al - Shaykh rahimahullah Mubarakfuri this book qualifies his statement may Allaah have mercy , " al - Jami ' al- Saheeh is a book that if we tried to make the history and explain it from all sides , it will require a thick volumes of his book . [ Sirah al - Imam al - Bukhari , p. 159 ] .

So high and the importance of Saheeh al - Bukhari is that al - ' Allama Ibn Khaldun rahimahullah states , " Behold, I have heard our teachers - Rahimahumullâhu - states , " Sharh ( explanation ) is the book of al - Bukhari debt guaranteed by these people . [ Muqaddimah Ibn Khaldun 3/1142 Quoted from Sirah al - Imam al - Bukhari , p . 159 ]

Ibn Khaldun is an expert on the history of the 8th century , who died at the beginning of the 9th century and completed in the year book Muqaddimahnya vol 779 H. He delivered this statement in accordance with that knowledge to him . Therefore imam Abul - Sakhawi vol Khari as one of the imam Ibn Hajar rahimahullah when commenting on the book Fathul Bari Sharh Saheeh al - Bukhari states , "If Ibn Khaldun who stated that Sharh Saheeh al - Bukhari today is debt guaranteed by these people read this book will certainly be pleased and acknowledge ( debt ) that has been tertunaikan and quite " [at - Tabar al - Masbuk , p . 231 . See the book of Ibn Hajar wa Dirasatuhu , by DR . Shakir Muhammad Abdulmun'im , p . 323 ]

Thus Sahih al - Bukhari is getting rave reviews from Muslims . This book has previously been criticized and scrutinized by the Ulema a lucid he was alive and after his death vol . Among the scholars who criticized the hadith in Saheeh al - Bukhari , al - Imam ad- Daraquthni in the book at - Tatabbu ' wal Ilzâmât . But eventually Muslims accept as the most saheeh book after the Qur'an .

Imam an- Nawawi rahimahullah said, " The scholars have agreed - rahimahumullâhu - book states that most Saheeh after al - Qur ` an is ash - Shahîhain ; Saheeh al - Bukhari and Sahih Muslim . Ummah has received both well . Sahih al tershahîh - Bukhari is that of the two and contains more avail and knowledge , both visible and still vague . indeed true that the first Muslim imams including the taking avail of al - Bukhari and acknowledge that al - Bukhari Hadith unparalleled in science . All we have stated in the form Tarjih Sahih al - Bukhari was selected schools that became the majority opinion of the expert scholar and expert in matters of detail hadith . [ al - Minhaj Sharh Sahih Muslim, 1/14 . rates Propagation Fiqhud min saheeh al -Bukhari , 1 / 28 ]

Statement imam Nawawi rahimahullah is enough to show how high and important position Saheeh al - Bukhari .

This position in addition to the permit and the grace of Allah Almighty , is also not free of causes piety and prudence he rahimahullah in the hadiths enter into this book . He rahimahullah did not include a hadith except after a bath and pray two rak'ahs . It was delivered Abul Haytham al - Kasymihani after hearing Muhammad ibn Yusuf al - Farabri t stated , " al - Bukhari t ever say, ' I do not put a single hadith in the book as- Saheeh unless I take a shower before and pray two rak'ahs . [ Hadi as- SARI , Prolegomena Fathul Bari , p. 489 ]

Abdussalam Sheikh al - Mubarakfuri vol deliver western orientalist statement also named Thomas William Bill which states , " Saheeh al - Bukhari glorified exceed any book after the Qur ` an and relied upon in matters spiritual and the mundane . "

Thomas also stated , " This book not only contains the revelation that down to Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , inspiration , his actions and words , even with the majority interpretation also contains the hard part in al - Qur ` an . [ See Sîratul Imam al - Bukhari , p. 163 ]

FUTURE preparation
Al - Imam al - Bukhari rahimahullah has compiled his book seriously and thoroughly for sixteen years to become as we see and read today . Seriousness and thoroughness is delivered solely by priests al - Bukhari and also from the other Ulema .

Al - Waraq priest delivered a statement of al- Bukhari , " I'm stacking the book al - Jami ' of six hundred thousand hadith in sixteen years . " ( Prolegomena Fathul Bari , p. 489 ) . Also Ibn ' Adi deliver news from some of his teachers that imam al - Bukhari compiled shahihnya chapter title in the grave of the Prophet to his pulpit and he prayed two cycles for each chapter headings . [ Prolegomena Fathul Bari , p . 489 ]

Similarly, al - Waraq relates that a priest when he shared al -Bukhari when he was compiling the book at - Tafsir ( one title in shahihnya ) and he dapati imam al - Bukhari prayers in one night up to fifteen to twenty times .

The news showed his seriousness and concentration Shahihnya rahimahullah in preparing this book . After he composed vol menyampaikanya not forget to teachers to be seen and corrected him and take their direction and guidance .

Abu Ja'far al - ' Uqaili said , " When al - Sahih Bukhari compiled , he handed it to Ali Ibn al - Madinis , Ahmad ibn Hanbal , Yahya ibn Ma'in and others . Then they receive the book properly and ensure keshahihannya except four hadith . " al - ' Uqaili stated , " The truth of the matter is the opinion of al - Bukhari and Sahih hadith is four . [ Prolegomena Fathul Bari , p. 489 ]

Urgency Sahih al - Bukhari is so clear , so that the scholars long ago gave great attention , both by reading and teaching it , summarize or write an explanation ( Sharh ) her .

All of this is evidenced by the many writings about Sahih al - Bukhari . Among them are :

1 . Those who summarizes Sahih al - Bukhari :
• Jamaluddin Ahmad ibn Umar al - Ansari al - Qurtubi , died in 656 AH in the book Mukhtasar Saheeh al - Bukhari

• Zainuddin Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn al- Syarji Abdillathif az - Zabidi , died in 894 H in the book at - tajrid ash - li sharih ahadith al - Jami ' al- Saheeh

• Abdullah ibn Sa'd ibn Abi al - Azdi Jamrah , died in 675 H in the book 's fi - Nihayah Bad `i al - Khair wal ghayah

2 . Those who mensyarah crosshead ( Tarâjum al - Bab ) , Among them :
• Imam Ahmad bin Nasir al - Munayyir in the book of al - Mutawâri ' ala al - Bukhari Tarâjum .

• bin Muhammad bin al - Mansur al - Maghribi Hamamah in the book of al - Bukhari Fakku Aghrâdhi Mubhamah fil al - Hadeeth Jam'i Bainal wat Tarjamah

• Abu Abd Allah ibn Rashid as- Sibti in the book Turjamân at - Tarâjum

• Ash- shah - Dahlawi Waliyullahi ad in the book Sharh Tarâjum Saheeh al- Bukhari Abwâb

3 . Those who mensyarah Sahih al - Bukhari , including :
• Abu Sulayman Hamd ibn Muhammad al - Busti al - Khathâbi ( d. 308 H ) in the book as- Sunan I'lâm

• Muhallab Shafrah ibn Abi al - Azdi ( d. 435 H ) in the book Sharh al - Muhallab

• Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Khalaf al - Murâbith ( d. 485 H ) dalal book Sharh Mukhtasar al - Muhallab

• Abdilbarr Abbu Umar Ibn Yusuf bin Muhammad bin Abdillah bin Abdilbarr ( Died in 463 H ) in the book of al - Ajwibah ' ala al - Masa ` il al - Bukhari Minal Musta'ribah

• Abul Hasan Ali bin Khalaf bin Abdilmalik Ibn Bathâl ( d. 449 H ) in Sharh Ibn Bathâl

• Abu Hafs Umar ibn al - Hasan ibn 'Umar al - ' Auzi al - Isybili ( d. 460 H ) in the book Sharh Saheeh al - Bukhari

• Shamsuddin Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Ali al - Karmâni d. 786 H in the book of al - Kawâkib ad- darari

• Sirajuddin Umar ibn Ali ibn Ahmad ibn al - Mulaqqin d. 804 H in the book Syawâhidut Taudhîh

• Burhanuddin Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al - Ajmi halabi Sibthi Ibni l' d. 837 H in the book at - Talqîh li Saheeh al- Qari Fahmil

• Al - Hafiz Ibn Hajar al - Asqalani d. 852 H in Fathul Bari Syarhu Saheeh al -Bukhari

• Abul Hasan Ali bin Husayn ibn ' Urwah al - Mushili d. 837 H in the book of al - Kawâkib as- Sari fi Syarhil Jami ' al- Saheeh Bukhari lil

• Badruddin Ahmad ibn Mahmud Abu Muhammad al - ' Aini died tahun855 H in the book ' Umdatul Qari

• Syihabudin Ahmad ibn Muhammad al - Khathîb al - Qusthalâni d. 923 H in the book Irsyâdus SARI

Scholars such attention briefly to Sahih al - Bukhari . Hope can motivate us to learn more and learn it .
Wabillahitaufiq .

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 01/Tahun XVI/1433H/2012M . Publishers Foundation Standing Committee Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196 ]


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