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Determined phenomenon Repentance When Interlocking adulterous

Determined phenomenon Repentance When Interlocking adulterous

There is the phenomenon of ' odd ' in some people . When will commit adultery , have been implanted to repent after the bad things he did . In his heart he whispered , "Later, after I did this immoral , I will repent " .

It is true , the door will remain open repentance before the sun rises from the west . Anyone repent to Allah with repentance is real ( repentance NASHUHA ) from shirk and other deeds lower him , Almighty Allah will accept his repentance .

NASHUHA repentance is repentance which includes several aspects which stops from sin , repent of sin is done and determined to not repeat as the realization of his fear of the Almighty Allah , pengagungannya to Allah Almighty and for the hope of His forgiveness and mercy .

Terms validity repentance increased to four when the errors associated with the right one neighbor (others ) . That is to surrender the rights of the person taken by wrongdoers , either property ( stolen ) or ask to be released ( lawful ) from him . It is based on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من كانت له مظلمة لأخيه من عرضه أو شيء فليتحلله منه اليوم قبل أن لا يكون دينار ولا درهم إن كان له عمل صالح أخذ منه بقدر مظلمته وإن لم تكن له حسنات أخذ من سيئات صاحبه فحمل عليه

Those who never do injustice to his brother on his honor or the other , henadaknya ask that person to justify the mistake of acts of persecution today before coming days no dinar and dirham . If he has a kindness , then some good will be taken from him comparable to act kezhalimannya ( to be submitted to the persecuted ) . If it does not have the merit , then the sin will be taken and transferred to her brother [ HR . A - Bukhari no. 2269 ]

Determination to repent of sin are entitled to goodwill appreciated . But when the whisper of " repent " is actually prompted him to initiate a plan repentance with immoral acts , is to watch . If this happens , no doubt , this includes deceit devil in a human being to ease the sinner with excuses later on he will repent after sinner . Do not worry about the offender himself ? It could be Allah Almighty makes it difficult for him to repent way , so will have no remorse and sadness about immeasurable remorse when no longer useful .

The obligation of a Muslim is to avoid shirk and dragging things to him and avoiding the whole immoral acts . Therefore , he could have tried to wallow in vice , but do not get taufik to repent . Therefore , he should always stay away from the entire lawsuit is forbidden by Almighty Allah and invoke His salvation , not persuasion demons obeyed , so dare to commit adultery with insert intention in the heart to repent before.

Consider the words of Allah Almighty that contains the following command to always feared him , a threat to anyone who is desperate sinner , and the ban following the promptings of the demon of lust and seduction . Allah Almighty says :

وإياي فارهبون

and just to me the one you should fear ( subject ) [ al - Baqarah / 2:40 ]

In another verse , Allah Almighty says :

ويحذركم الله نفسه

And Allah warns you against yourself ( punishment) of his [ Ali ' Imran / 3:28 ]

In another verse , Allah Almighty says which means :

يا أيها الناس إن وعد الله حق فلا تغرنكم الحياة الدنيا ولا يغرنكم بالله الغرور ) 5 ( إن الشيطان لكم عدو فاتخذوه عدوا إنما يدعو حزبه ليكونوا من أصحاب السعير

O mankind , indeed the promise of Allah is true , then not ever let life of the world beguile you, and let not demons at all that clever trick , deceive you about Allah . Verily Satan is an outright enemy to you , so treat her enemy ( mu ) , for verily demons invite only party so they will be the dwellers of hell burning [ Fâthir/35 :5 - 6 ]

( Adapted from Fataawa wa Majmu Maqâlât Mutanawwi'ah , Shaykh Bin Baz , 5/410-411 )

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 01/Tahun XIV/1429H/2008M . Published Istiqomah Standing Committee Foundation Surakarta , Jl . Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-761016 ]

Towards a Conscious Bersyari'at

Ustadz Zainal Abidin bin SYAMSUDIN Lc

There is no doubt that the blurring and burial laws of Allah Almighty that do not apply to life in general is a major disaster that cause a variety of damage , tyranny , and humiliation in the face of the earth . Instead enforcement Allah Almighty as a form of grant to the call of Allah Almighty and His Messenger, the source of justice , tranquility , security and stability of the growth progress and awakening people . Allah Almighty says :

يا أيها الذين آمنوا استجيبوا لله وللرسول إذا دعاكم لما يحييكم

O ye who believe , fulfill the call of Allah Almighty and the Apostles when the apostle calls call you to a life-giving to you . [ al - Anfal / 8:24 ]

This is an overview of the results or consequences of ( grant to ) all calls Almighty Allah and His Messenger ; It also forms an explanation will benefit and a lesson , because his heart and it was only with the spiritual self servitude to Allah Almighty alone , constantly obedient to Him and obey His Messenger . [ 1 ]

Know, O my brothers , may Allah Almighty bless us always just pure Shari'a - rejection comes from following the passions that resulted in the growth of heresy in the world and have an impact on the torment in the hereafter . Allah Almighty says :

فإن لم يستجيبوا لك فاعلم أنما يتبعون أهواءهم ومن أضل ممن اتبع هواه بغير هدى من الله إن الله لا يهدي القوم الظالمين

So if they do not Answering ( challenge ) know that what they just follow their lusts ( mere ) . and who is more astray than one who follows his desires to not receive instructions from Almighty Allah at all . sesung were virtually Almighty Allah does not guide the unjust people . [ al-Qashash/28 : 50 ]

Ibn Qayyim rahimahullah said , " When a man does not want to apply the rules of the Qur'aan and Sunnah and do not want to make it as a legal reference , ( or ) even believe that the Qur'an and the Sunnah alone is not enough , he eventually replaced it with ra'yu ( opinion) , qiyas , istihsan , and the idea of ​​character , then ( something like this ) will definitely cause damage in their nature , murky in their understanding , anomalies in their mindset . [ 2 ]

Enforcing the law of Allah Almighty is the most noble branch of monotheism and monotheism consequences rububiyah Allah . So the application of the law of Allah Almighty be evidence that the power and settings Allah Almighty walk normally and absolute , then the case is lawful what is lawful Almighty Allah and His Messenger and the case is unlawful what Allah has forbidden , and religion is which disyareatkan Allah Almighty and His Messenger , and no one should get out of it even following it absolutely mandatory . Allah Almighty says :

اتبعوا ما أنزل إليكم من ربكم ولا تتبعوا من دونه أولياء قليلا ما تذكرون

Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord and do not follow the leaders apart from Him . Very few you take a lesson ( from it ) . [ al - A'raf / 7 : 3 ]

Instead collapse of the law of Allah Almighty and the demise of law as a form of deprivation rububiyah Allah Almighty and harassment of rights Rab universe . It all becomes a source of harm , tyranny and the tailgate to cultivate the attitude of the Book , as the word of Allah Almighty :

اتخذوا أحبارهم ورهبانهم أربابا من دون الله والمسيح ابن مريم وما أمروا إلا ليعبدوا إلها واحدا لا إله إلا هو سبحانه عما يشركون

They make people alimnya and their monks as a god but Almighty Allah and ( they also deify ) the Messiah son of Mary , when they were just told to worship the Lord is One, there is no Ilah ( entitled diibadahi ) but Him . Glory to Allah Almighty from what they associate . [at - Tawbah / 9:31 ]

Adi bin Hatim radi - one anhu Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam - thought that deify or worship of learned men and their monks were only realized with the filing because the vow , slaughtered , prostration , bowing and semisalnya . Z so he said to the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , " We were not worship them . " The Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam asked , " Are not they forbid the lawful Allâh , then you also mengharamkannya and they justify what Allah has forbidden , then you also mengharamkanya ? " He radi anhu said , "Yes . " the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said , " That's their form of worship to the them ( the monks ) . [ 3 ]

Ibn Qayyim al - Jauziyah rahimahullah said , " Verily Allah Almighty has improved with the arrival of the messenger earth and religion and ordered ( the creatures in order ) prohibiting tauhid and make mischief in the earth with shirk and opposition to the Sunnah of His Messenger . Anyone who contemplate the state of hosts are both sure he will find the conclusion that peace on earth due to the establishment of monotheism , worship of Almighty Allah and obey the Apostle ; While chaos on earth in the form of slander , famine , enemy occupation and various kinds of disasters as opposed to the teachings of the Apostle and took apart ( teachings ) of Allah Almighty and His Messenger . " [ 4 ]

Abandonment , disfigurement and humiliation of Islamic law occurred in nearly all parts of the Islamic world both in the west and in the east even Islam slowly off piece -by- piece from the loss of self Muslims like dry twigs or leaves from the collapse of a dry tree. Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam in his saying illustrates this situation sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

لتنقضن عري الإسلام عروة عروة فكلما انتقضت عروة تشبث الناس بالتي تليها فأولهن نقضا الحكم و آخرهن الصلاة

Indeed Islam strap will detach a piece -by- piece , as apart of the human race sent the next straps hold the case the first time ( religious affairs ) apart is the law and the last is the prayer . [ 5 ]

This phenomenon resulted , mankind sinks and confused in the darkness of positive legislation man-made , so that justice objective , fair judgment and punishment just a rhetoric . That happened , in the completion of the legal case for a fair and civilized seekers of truth just a fantasy . Law enforcement officials did not hesitate to make treason in a case as long as there is a lubricant . They play well together overturning the truth , so that the laws and judicial decisions filled with engineering . Ironically , word processing intelligence and argue that Allah Almighty bestowed not only to change the truth , but is used to change the laws of Allah Almighty , so that they take human treasures vanity that led to the wrath of Allah Almighty and the fires of hell , The Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

إنكم تختصمون إلي ولعل بعضكم ألحن بحجته من بعض فأقضي له بنحو مما أسمع منه فمن قضيت له بشيء من حق أخيه فلا يأخذ منه شيئا فإنما أقطع له قطعة من النار

Surely you complain ( legal issues ) to me , it could be any of you who are smarter than others about the bush , so I decided based on what I heard then who I 'll get him on the right of his brother so do not take it because I had taken her actual pieces ( treasure ) hellfire . [ 6 ]

Thus , the conditions of life , the law enforcers are not powerless in the face of power and wealth , so that legal decisions tricked and trafficked . Justice just for people with money and power. Very sharp sword law for weak people but dull for the affluent criminals and enthroned , as the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

أيها الناس ! إنما أهلك الذين قبلكم أنهم كانوا , إذا سرق فيهم الشريف تركوه , وإذا سرق فيهم الضعيف أقاموا عليه الحد ; وايم الله لو أن فاطمة ابنة محمد سرقت , لقطعت يدها

O people , the real people before you perish , because if there is a thief among respectable , then they leave and when there is a thief among weak , then they enforce judgments on , for the sake of Allah Almighty suppose Fatima bint Muhammad stole it I would cut her hand . [ 7 ]

In our beloved country , this phenomenon rife , when the small people who commit crimes , the law of the sword is really sharp . But if that does conglomerates , distinguished officials or the rich even if they exhaust their State property or crimes shook the world then they are punished very light , can escape even with no impunity .

DISCLAIMER doubtful Shari'at
The enemies of Allah Almighty has embarked on a wide variety of business and exert all the strength and thought to bury the law of Allah Almighty in every Muslim country . They rolled out and spread the misguided opinion on the issue of Islamic law , especially slanted qishas law , flogging , amputations , stoning and that they see the savage and inhuman . They alleged polygamy as a form of harassment of female self-esteem , a violation of the rights of women , does not recognize gender equality and an insult to a woman 's personality . The division of inheritance in Islam was not separated from their poor judgment . They lack respect for gender equality vote , form tyranny in the name of religion and the neglect of women's rights . All opinions of this , they spread in order to extinguish the light of Allah throughout the Almighty. But their efforts will never succeed . Allah Almighty says :

يريدون أن يطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم ويأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره ولو كره الكافرون

They wished to extinguish light ( religion ) of Allah Almighty by mouth ( sayings ) of them, and Allah Almighty does not want other than perfect His light , though the disbelievers dislike . [at - Tawbah / 9:32 ]

They alleged that Islamic law only to meet the spiritual needs not to set Muamalat , judicial , political and criminal . They manipulate the law to regulate the life of the world with their artificial Act . In fact, the Qur'an contains the rules and regulations of government and trade -related issues , the war , the spoils of war and prisoners of war even many clear texts that discuss the inheritance law , qisas , amputations , stoning and flogging as well as other legal related to human benefit .

Whoever thought that Islamic law dealt only worship mahdhah ( pure ) , marriage , divorce , departure pilgrims and the maintenance of the body of course then he had fetched big lie and act on behalf of Allah Almighty. Because people who do not arbitrate with the law of Allah Almighty in all aspects of life , in fact they are in grave danger . Because one's faith is not considered properly before he deny being the person taghout arbitrate to other than Allah Almighty legal means have arbitrate to taghout . Allah Almighty says :

ألم تر إلى الذين يزعمون أنهم آمنوا بما أنزل إليك وما أنزل من قبلك يريدون أن يتحاكموا إلى الطاغوت وقد أمروا أن يكفروا به ويريد الشيطان أن يضلهم ضلالا بعيدا

Have you not seen those who claim to be faithful to what has been revealed to you and what was sent down before you ? they want berhakim to Evil , And they have ruled taghout deny it . and the devil intends to mislead them ( with ) that as far as misdirection . [ an- Nisa ' / 4:60 ]

Shaykh Bin Baz rahimahullah said , " There is no faith for those who believe that man-made law and the idea of ​​being better than the law of Allah Almighty and His Messenger , or equal it , or like it , or allow the law of Allah Almighty be replaced by the law positive or man-made laws , although he believed that the law of Almighty Allah better , more perfect and more equitable . [ 8 ]

No doubt kufr people who think that the law or man-made laws that are more suitable or more wise to human life than the law of Allah Almighty. Even among them there were angry when told her neighbor k God's law on a particular issue . This attitude can be found in some people who are blinded and deafened her hearing from the truth .
Allah Almighty deny the faith of a person until he receives the totality of sharia being taught by the Prophet as the word of Allah Almighty :

فلا وربك لا يؤمنون حتى يحكموك فيما شجر بينهم ثم لا يجدوا في أنفسهم حرجا مما قضيت ويسلموا تسليما

Then, by your Lord , they are ( in fact ) do not believe until they make you judge in that case they can not agree , then they do not feel in their hearts something challenge to a decision that you gave , and they receive the fullest. [ an- Nisa ' / 4:65 ]

Rahimaahullah Shaykh al-Islam said , "It is understandable based on an agreement with Muslims that are required to make the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam as a legal reference in any dispute , both in religion and world affairs , both in the subject matter of religion or branch . Compulsory for them when he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam decide a law to not have the feeling of a lump and they should accept it wholeheartedly . " [ 9 ]

A Muslim who follow and obey the law or man's law is contrary to the Shari'ah of Allah , looked better or menghalalkannya , meaning it has fallen into shirk as the word of Allah Almighty :

وإن أطعتموهم إنكم لمشركون

And if you obey them , Thou surely become idolaters . [ al - An'am / 6:121 ]

O people of understanding , intellectuals oh , how you can set with man-made laws , while making it equivalent to or lower than you guys or very likely they were wrong . Even the possibility of a greater or never true at all except when they want to take away from the Qur'an and the Sunnah , either directly or through ijtihad . They decided the law to prosecute you , either associated with blood , treasure , honor , family and all your rights to the law made ​​by them. Are you willing they made ​​laws mengadilimu with them while they rejected the law of Almighty Allah and His Messenger that never contain errors and was never hit by evil . [ 10 ]

Arbitrate with a man-made law is a violation and disobedience to Almighty Allah and His Messenger . Allah Almighty says :

ومن يعص الله ورسوله ويتعد حدوده يدخله نارا خالدا فيها وله عذاب مهين

And whoever disobeys Allah Almighty and His Messenger and violate the terms of his , undoubtedly Allah Almighty put it into the fire of hell to abide therein being ; and her humiliating punishment . [ an- Nisa ' / 4:14 ]

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab rahimahullah said , " Whoever believes that in addition to the instructions of the Prophet more perfect or better as any other kind of law that is more favor among law above the law taghout Allâhk then he is a disbeliever . [ 11 ]

Even the law prioritizes Evil is a form of harassment against the Shari'ah and could lead to kufr as the word of Allah Almighty :

إنما النسيء زيادة في الكفر يضل به الذين كفروا يحلونه عاما ويحرمونه عاما ليواطئوا عدة ما حرم الله فيحلوا ما حرم الله زين لهم سوء أعمالهم والله لا يهدي القوم الكافرين

Indeed postpone - delay the sacred months it is adding disbelief . misled the people who disbelieve the cause - delay the postponement of that, they menghalalkannya mengharamkannya in a year and in another year , so that they can mempersesuaikan with numbers that Almighty Allah forbid , they justify what Allah has forbidden . ( Satan ) made ​​their deeds that they look bad , and Almighty Allah does not guide the disbelieving people . [at - Tawbah / 9:37 ]
Indeed manmade laws form a new religion imposed Islamic law instead of beautiful . They hold seminars and conferences , writing Ilmiyah work , create workshops or training , and establishing institutions actualization and socialization in order to instill a love of and loyalty to the law ; In fact they glorify and sanctify legislation contains many flaws and kerancauan because sabyektif made ​​by human weaknesses , fraud and limitations . Supposedly the Shari'ah of Allah Almighty be legal and a single law that control human life .

Quite a lot of disasters and calamities that befell the nation of Indonesia began Tsunami in Aceh GCC claimed hundreds of thousands of lives , successive floods , terrorist bombings , and the earthquake that rocked almost all the motherland which resulted in lives lost and property worth billions of dollars sold . That should have been the subject of contemplation that can arouse awareness for bersyariat and getting closer to Allah . Because man is a clever man who could take a lesson from the tragedy of others, while the man is the new moron could take a lesson after he affected .

It is not a disaster and torment befall a people or country except as a result of ignorance and tyranny that they do , while there is no greatest tyranny unless the violation and desecration of Islamic law . Allah Almighty says :

ومن لم يحكم بما أنزل الله فأولئك هم الظالمون

Whoever does not judge by what Allah revealed , then they are the ones who do wrong . [ al - Maidah / 5:45 ]

While kedzliman in any form , including as desecration and denial of the law of Allah Almighty surely bring disaster and torment as the word of Allah Almighty :

وكذلك أخذ ربك إذا أخذ القرى وهي ظالمة إن أخذه أليم شديد

And That doom of thy Lord , when He punishes the people of the country who do wrong . His doom it is very poignant and strong . [ Hud/11 : 102 ] .

Natural disasters can happen to anyone because it works well tyrannical form of shirk , kufr , kebid'ahan , wickedness and immorality are sown in the earth so that Allah Almighty gave warning in his words :

أفأمن أهل القرى أن يأتيهم بأسنا بياتا وهم نائمون ) 97 ( أوأمن أهل القرى أن يأتيهم بأسنا ضحى وهم يلعبون ) 98 ( أفأمنوا مكر الله فلا يأمن مكر الله إلا القوم الخاسرون ) 99 ( أولم يهد للذين يرثون الأرض من بعد أهلها أن لو نشاء أصبناهم بذنوبهم ونطبع على قلوبهم فهم لا يسمعون

So if the population of these countries feel secure from the coming of Our wrath to them at night when they are sleeping on ? Or whether the population of these countries feel secure from the coming of Our wrath to them at the time the sun rose sepenggalahan when they are playing ? Do they then feel secure from the punishment of Allah Almighty ( the unexpected ) ? No one was safe from the wrath of Allah Almighty except the ones who lose . And is it not clear to those who inherit the land after the ( lost ) population , that if We willed We doom them for their sins ; We lock and seal upon their hearts so they can not hear ( another lesson ) ? [ al'Arâf / 7:97-100 ]

Hence , all the people have to come to eradicate ignorance , tyranny , misguidance , disobedience , desecration of the Shari'ah , and the abuse of God's law . If not , then Allah Almighty will destroy the righteous along with the wicked and tyrannical as the word of Allah , which means , " And guard yourselves from the torment that not only affects people who are wrongdoers among you . and know that Allah Almighty Amat harsh punishment. [ al - Anfal / 8:25 ]

Abdullah bin Umar anhuma said , " Never Messenger of our faces and said , ' There will be five calamity that will befall you and I seek refuge in Allah Almighty I hope you do not find it ; are not an abomination ( adultery ) spread in a country but Almighty Allah will inflict disease outbreaks and thaun that has never happened in the previous race ; 's not holding back ( not issued ) charity pedestrian but Almighty Allah will withhold rain from the sky , were it not for the animals will not be relegated to the rain them, they is not fond of reducing the dose and scales , but they will be overwritten disaster drought , economic hardship and evil rulers ; 's not a promise they violate Allah Almighty and His Messenger, but the promise of Allah Almighty be upon them authorize the invaders and seized most of their wealth and their leaders do not arbitrate with the Book of Allah and do not choose the best of his law , but his people continually dogged by the conflict . [ 12 ]

Almighty Allah explains that arbitrate the legal ignorance and turn away from Allah Almighty's law is the cause of the disaster and the wrath of Allah Almighty that is irreversible . Almighty Allah says , which means , " And you shall decide the case between them by what Allah revealed , and follow not their desires . And beware you against them , so that they can not turn you from what sebahagian have been derived unto Allah Almighty . If they turn away ( from Allah laws that have been passed down ) , then know that Allah Almighty will bring misfortune to require them due sebahagian their sins . , and in fact most people are the ones who wicked . Is Ignorance of law they want , and ( legal ) who is better than the ( law ) of Allah Almighty for the people who are sure ? [ al - Maidah / 5:49-50 ]

Tyrannical attitude and beyond due to the growing wealth proud , arrogant with the status of the world , dazzled by the material and stupid against Islamic law . They ignored the law of Almighty Allah and violate religious norms . Almighty Allah says , which means , " And when they forget the warnings that had been given to them , We then opened all the doors of pleasure to them, so if they are happy with what they have been given , We seized them suddenly , then when it is their silent despair . then the people who do wrong was destroyed up by the roots . praise be to Allah , bb worlds. [ al - An'am / 6:44-45 ] .

Thus , there is no solution and a way out most places except enforce shari'ah , apply the law of Allah Almighty in the middle of life , revive the Sunnah of the Prophet and repent to Allah Almighty as the word of Allah Almighty :

وما كان الله ليعذبهم وأنت فيهم وما كان الله معذبهم وهم يستغفرون

And Allah Almighty will never punish them , while you were among them . and not ( also ) Allah Almighty will punish them , while they beg for mercy . [ al - Anfal / 8 : 33 ]

Therefore , consider Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullah description in linking between earthquakes with human sin , "When the wind blew hard and into the cavity of the earth will cause the hot gas produces an air pressure but because the wind is not blocked then sometimes Allah Azza Exalted allow breathing then there was a big earthquake . such is to grow within themselves the servants of Allah Almighty fear , Inabah ( repentance ) , detach himself from sin , surrender to Him and repented of his sins . therefore Scholars of the Salaf said in part , " In the event of an earthquake means that your Lord has rebuked you . When an earthquake then Umar radi 'anhu preaching and advised the Muslims with his words radi ' anhu , " If an earthquake happens again then I do not want to stay with you in this place ( Medina ) . [ 13 ]

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 03-04/Tahun XVI/1433H/2012 . Published Istiqomah Standing Committee Foundation Surakarta , Jl . Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-761016 ]
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