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Indeed it is in Heaven there is a door that is named ar-Rayyan. From the door of people who fasted will enter on the Day of Judgment later.

Indeed it is in Heaven there is a door that is named ar-Rayyan. From the door of people who fasted will enter on the Day of Judgment later.

Fasting virtues and its secrets

Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Ath-Thayyar

Fasting is a training place for every Muslim to establish himself, in which each work practice that can improve life, ennoble, motivated to get things that are praiseworthy and keep away from things that are destructive. Also strengthens the will, the will to straighten out, enhancing physical, cure diseases, as well as bring a servant to his Lord. With him are various kinds of sins and mistakes are forgiven, various goodness will be growing, and the position would be even higher.

Allaah has made obligatory for the Muslims for fasting during Ramadan, the month is sayyidusy syuhuur (prince of the other months), her decline began al-Qur-an. The month of Ramadan is the month of obedience, self approach, virtue, goodness, as well as the month of forgiveness, mercy and good pleasure. Lailatul Qadr him anyway artifacts that night better than a thousand months. About the primacy of this month and the month of fasting has been mentioned in many hadith, and that among them we can mention:

1. From Abu Hurairah radi 'anhu, that the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

"الصيام جنة فإذا كان أحدكم صائما فلا يرفث ولا يجهل وإن امرؤ قاتله أو شاتمه, فليقل: إني صائم (مرتين), والذي نفسي بيده, لخلوف فم الصائم أطيب عند الله تعالى من ريح المسك, يترك طعامه وشرابه وشهوته من أجلي, الصيام لي وأنا أجزي به, والحسنة بعشر أمثالها. "

"Fasting is a shield it. Therefore, if one of you fasting, then he should not speak too dirty and not a fool. If there are people who fight or chided him, then let him say, 'Surely I am fasting' (twice). For the sake of the Lord my soul is in his hands, the smell of the mouth of a fasting person is more fragrant Allah Ta'ala than the scent of musk oil, in which he left the food, beverage, and lust syahwatnya for I (God). Fasting is for Me and I will reward accordingly and the kindness was rewarded with ten times as much. "[1]

2. Hadith narrated by Hudzaifah radi 'anhu, he said, "I heard the Messenger sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

"فتنة الرجل في أهله وماله وجاره تكفرها الصلاة والصيام والصدقة."

"Mistakes on one's family, possessions and neighbors will be eliminated by prayer, fasting and charity." [2]

3. Hadith narrated from Sahl radi 'anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

"إن في الجنة بابا يقال له الريان, يدخل منه الصائمون يوم القيامة, لا يدخل منه أحد غيرهم يقال: أين الصائمون? فيقومون, لا يدخل منه أحد غيرهم, فإذا دخلوا أغلق, فلم يدخل منه أحد."

'Surely it is in Heaven there is a door that is named ar-Rayyan. From the door of people who fasted will enter on the Day of Judgment later. No one who went through the door besides them. Asked, 'Where are those who fasted?' Then they stood. No one who went through the door besides them. If they have entered, then the door will be closed so that no one was coming in through the door. '"[3]

4. Hadeeth narrated from Abu Hurayrah that anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

"إذا جاء رمضان فتحت أبواب الجنة."

'When Ramadan comes, the gates of Heaven opened.' "[4]

5. Hadeeth narrated from Abu Hurayrah that anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

"إذا دخل شهر رمضان فتحت أبواب السماء وغلقت أبواب جهنم وسلسلت الشياطين."

'If the month of Ramadan has been entered, the doors of heaven are opened and the gates of Jahannam will be closed and the devil-devil was shackled.' "[5]

6. Hadith is also narrated from Abu Hurayrah that anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

"من قام ليلة القدر إيمانا واحتسابا غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه ومن صام رمضان إيمانا واحتسابا غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه."

'He woke up in the night Lailatul-Qadr with faith and expecting reward fully, it will be given to him for his mercy is past. And whoever fasted Ramadan with full faith and expecting reward will be given to him for his mercy is past. '"[6]

Fasting is the most powerful tool to help combat the passions and lust as well as suppress the purification of the soul and a means of dismissal on the limits of Allah, the Exalted, where he will hold his tongue from vain talk, criticize, and attack the honor of others, trying to spread backbiting (to tell the ugliness or disgrace) and namimah (pitting) into their midst, fasting also can subdue deceit, betrayal, cheating, deception, and prevent attempts heinous acts, devour usury, bribery and consuming human treasures by means of a false and various scams. In addition, fasting also encourages a Muslim to work as soon as possible good deeds, be it prayer or charity in the correct manner and distribute to the parties who have been prescribed by the Shari'ah. He also will try to issue a charity and do things that are useful, hard to obtain good luck wishes kosher and avoid sin and evil. [7]

Thus, in the fasting that contained a lot of very great virtue. It also has a variety of great secrets, some of which have been known by many people, while others are not known.

And among the secrets and benefits of fasting is most evident is the following:

Among the great benefits of fasting are as a means of preparing a Muslim with a force that makes it able to make changes to himself. He can do the exercises daily through fasting so that he may refrain from any thing that he liked and loved. And the ruler of passion and lust, he would say, "No."

What a great answer if it is in the pleasure of Allah. If a Muslim is able to say that, it means he has succeeded in realizing a high honor and a notch above the lust and greed. Whereas those who are not fasting is a person who has never been able to control their mental turmoil, even they are always subject to lust and desire. They are abject slaves, even worse than human slaves. A penya'ir has been revealed: [9]

"If it were not for the difficulty, surely mankind's
overall will be honored,
Generosity increasingly scarce
and courage means war. "

HOW FAST AS ARMY penggemblengan
Military life to all things diharuskannya, whether it be violence, rudeness, stubbornness, submission to orders, and discipline on the commander directives. And we can get the practical realization of the fast.

That is because fasting is a means of physical force penggemblengan that requires the perpetrator to take the manhaj (method) of its own in his life, in which the beams in the form of kink, prohibition, and patience over the bitter bitter taste of hunger and thirst, heat, physical exhaustion in control of himself as well as abstinence and curb his desire, as if a Muslim is fasting it is a soldier who is ready to hear and obey and execute orders his Lord without refusal or disobedience.

If a soldier was subject to and adhered to the command and run it under the supervision of the commander, the fasting person (was) running the command without the supervision of one but of God himself Mahaberdiri Mahahidup again, that will never be off guard and bed, Glory be to Allah Supreme again.

It can strengthen the desire, willingness to encourage, teach patience, help clear the mind, turn of thought, and inspire intelligent opinion if someone can step up to the fast phase of relaxation (relaxing), and forget the various obstacles that arise as a result of free time and sometimes despair, and when a person has a strong desire that he was able to say to the perpetrators of misguidance, "This is evil." He could also face all kinds of negative things in society. So therefore, he has become a member of a dynamic community, which would build and not destroy, and make improvements and do not do the destruction.

When a nation has a strong desire and great, then he will not allow the aggressor or invader to set foot into the soil or interfere in determining the course of his life. With these powers, he also will be able to achieve victory in battle against ignorance, backwardness, against lust, and can penetrate any obstacles of development and progress.

Shaykh ad-Dausari rahimahullah said, "Building a strong desire within yourself is not an easy thing. Various circles, both associations (organizations) as well as the military has been trying to build a strong desire to society today. In fact, Islam had preceded them in the last 14 centuries. Enough of the needs of a Muslim, especially to have a strong desire and strong will. Therefore, Allaah commanded to fight against the pain from hunger and thirst during fasting.

Therefore, it is fitting for a Muslim who fasts for not doing things that undermine this strength after breaking, isolate or humiliate it so that in the evening he will destroy the strong desire he had to get up at noon. [10]

Fasting is self penggemblengan place for people who run it to form a noble character, moral piety, benevolence, kindness, caring, helping others, compassion, love, patience, and other noble character built by fasting in people who run it.

Fasting can form muraqabah (taste is always in the eyes of Allah) for the culprit. For him there is a common guard always watching him so that nothing that comes from him is contrary to the shari'ah. It was he who membinanya of him appearing in that outward deeds are subject to this scrutiny.

Have you ever seen people who fasted with honesty and sincerity to his Lord to lie to others? Have you ever seen it run fast is to put it mildly and then do the hypocrisy in society? Indeed it is the sincerity of the whole part that is not possible dipisahpisahkan, where the peak is sincere to Allaah. Therefore, whoever sincere for Allaah, then it is impossible for him to commit fraud, cheating or betrayal. Therefore, fasting is one of the basic factors simultaneously deepening of character, at the same time building its formation to take one amaliyah properties (deeds) which are all gathered in the fruit is quite clear that being warned by Allaah in His Book: ( لعلكم تتقون) "To you be cautious."

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said, "Fasting has a very strong influence in maintaining limb that is outward and inner strength as well as protect it from pollution factors that damage. If the pollution factors have mastered him, then he will be damaged.

Thus, fasting will maintain clarity and health care at the same limbs will restore everything that has been successfully usurped by lust. Fasting is the greatest helper in the realization of piety ... "[11]

Upheaval will run continuously between the soul told to do evil to do good soul sent. Any disobedience committed by a Muslim is the result of mastery do soul who ordered the crime. While every effort approach to God is done by a Muslim is a powerful weapon used by mental command to do good.

Therefore, fasting will build the power of the soul, strengthen and establish the law to carry his message and functioning role in maintaining peace and tranquility in a person. The critical role of the mental powers were briefed by the harsh criticism and rebuke every time a mental disorder sought to invite the evil, deceiving him or trap him into submission. Thus, the various battles lurking in the soul and the various strengths goodness will prevail, which further peace and security will menyelimut in life, then switch to whole body so that the other part also enjoy a sense of security and tranquility. Finally, all the goodness is realized for every Muslim who runs fast.

Fasting is one manifestation of UNITY OF MUSLIMS
Fasting is a practical sightings of various apparitions unity of the Muslims, equality between the rich and the poor, the ruler and the people, the elderly and young children, as well as men and women. They fasted for their Lord, while begging His forgiveness by refraining from eating at one time and one time breaking in as well. They are both experienced hunger and are in the same prohibition in the day, as they have the same position in the hoist-syi'ar syi'ar other with regard to fasting.

Thus, the fast realization of a kind of unity of purpose, sense, conscience, and place it back in the community who are fasting.

Overall, the Muslims stand in a line at a particular season every year and in some particular day in one of mankind's. He is the liaison between the rows of powerful nations, between the components of the Muslims as a whole, even though they are far apart and residence are in a bond that was placed in front of an experience, which has an influence on the appearance and togetherness.

Thus, their hearts and minds will become increasingly close and intimate that it becomes the heart that leads to life with a view.

This is a good example for unity between the various communities of the people, even as an ideal role model for any entity in this life. Therefore, it is the unity that comes from the conscience and create the future and place back and evoke the glory of the self that are outwardly visible, so that the realization of the word of Allaah:

وإن هذه أمتكم أمة واحدة وأنا ربكم فاتقون

"Surely (the religion of monotheism) is the religion of all of you, one religion and I am your Lord, so fear Me." [Al-Mu'minun / 23: 52]

Unity embodied by a unitary fasting beginning, because it is the fruit of genuine worship.

Unity of conscience, because he comes from a feeling of deeds that are based on human life planning.

Unity of place again, as he led the race as a whole to a place that ends her back and dwell there, that piety which Allaah has made as a result of fasting.

Sense of unity, because it unites the taste and feeling of the people on one goal and put it in one way.

Unity 'aqidah, because he comes from faith and belief and in the air perch piety and worship. [12]

In his appearance is quite impressive, this unity gives a true picture of the great unity of the people who are treating all members although there are differences in the type, color, and nationality. If you want to prove this, please navigate your views at the time of breaking in a safe state, in the House, to see hundreds of thousands of people who break the fast together at one time. Have you ever witnessed a more clear view of the unity of this? In essence, it is not a blind eye, but the heart is in the chest.

Indeed the fasting that contained large health with all its meaning, good physical health, emotional, and spiritual.

Thus, fasting can renew one's life with the renewal of cells and the removal of cells that are old and dead and diistirahatkannya stomach and digestive organs. Fasting can also provide protection to the body, cleanse the stomach of food scraps that can not be digested and also of moisture left by food and drink.

Many of the doctors mentioned the various benefits of fasting, among them that fasting can retain moisture and cleanses the digestive incidental of toxins caused by unhealthy foods, and reduce fat in the abdomen is very harmful to the heart, which is the same as exile horse he would be able to add its power to move and run.

While the spiritual health posed by the fast form of guidance is given to people who fast for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, determine the purpose of their creation, they prepare to take on all means of self-restraint that will protect him from humiliation, humility, and losses in world and the hereafter. In the end they became survivors of heart disease and diseases doubtful lust that has been affecting many people.

Shaykh 'Abdul' Aziz bin Baaz has said, "In it there are many benefits of fasting and great wisdom, which are cleansing, encouraging and purification of the soul from the despicable morals and vices, such as greed, greedy and miserly, and then familiarized with a noble character like patient, polite, generous, generous, and deployment of the soul to do all the things that God approves and can draw closer to Him.

Other benefits of fasting is to make a slave can understand himself and his needs, weaknesses and needs of his Lord himself will also remind myself of the majesty of God's favor given to him, and reminded of the need for brothers and sisters who live in poverty, thus requiring him to grateful to Allah SWT for help once so delegated various pleasure to obey Him and to love his brothers who live in poverty as well as to do good to them.

In addition, the benefits of fasting also can rid the body of bad pollution and give health and strength. It has been recognized by many doctors. In fact they have many treat their patients using this fast. "[13]

[Copied from the book Achieving Perfect Fasting, Translated from the book Ash-Shiyaam, Ahkaam wa Aa-Daab, by Dr.. Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abdullah ath-Thayyar, translators Ghoffar EM Abdul, Ibn Kathir Publisher Reader]
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