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Benefits holy book of Al-Quran and Al-Hikmah (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

Benefits holy book of Al-Quran and Al-Hikmah (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

Allah Subhana Wataala (SWTT said, and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sollalahu Aalaihi Wassalam (SAW) said if you want benyak menfasirkan kandunagan content that is in the book Al-Quran, surely if you save a sea pen ink sa mu surely will not be enough.

Some of the content content of AL-Quran is the history of human life since the first mnusia ANabi Last Prophet Adam to Muhammad SAW.

For example the story of King Pharaoh (ramses II) which dengna army chased Moses at the Red Sea, Pharaoh king who calls himself God, died at sea tellan Merrah that divide and menngulung Ramses II and his armies.

Ramses the two mentioned in the Qur'an dying acknowledge God had called Moses, but God in his Word does not accept the repentance of Pharaoh, because like in dal Al-Quran and Hadith mentioned banyahalak Allah would not forgive someone if his Repentance is up in the esophagus (the Angel of Death already in the process kill us).

Whereas Allah is Forgiving and Merciful and will receive Repentance Servant while still alive, despite the sin of any kind.

Ramses two bodies were later washed up on the shores of the Red Sea coast of Egypt were later found folk, who menenali if the bodies washed up on the shores are iu Ramses II, then his body was put in a hole dimumi and pyramid tomb wall

The scientists in the 20th century, such as the French marine bioda expert Prof. .. Dr.. Maurice Bucaille examined the bodies of the two who had been at the Ramses mummy was the result of scientific research confirming that Ramses two died due to drowning in the Red Sea.

So Al-Quran and Hadith is contains historical and petu Njuk for humans so that we could live happily both in this temporal world and in the hereafter.

Al-Qur'an memiinta us to use our brains to think, which is why the human mind can make sense aircraft, aircraft roared anngkasa human hinngga can menjelaji Moon, and could make medicines to cure those who are sick.

Position of the Qur'an Human

Muslim cleric Abu Ismail Atsari

Allah Almighty has reduced al-Qur'ân as a guide for mankind. With al-Qur `an Allah Almighty opens the closed heart, blind eyes, and deaf ears.

Wonders al-Qur'ân never run out, never worn though often repeated throughout the day and night.

Tadabbur (attention) al-Qur'ân will give birth to a lot of science and useful. With it will be distinguished between the truth with falsehood, faith with disbelief, the benefits madharat, false happiness with true happiness, prospective residents of heaven to the dwellers of the Fire, and so on. Hence Allaah commanded His servants to mentadabburi his verses. He Almighty says:

كتاب أنزلناه إليك مبارك ليدبروا آياته وليتذكر أولو الألباب

This is a book which We have sent down to you full of blessings that they may heed His verses and that those who have learned the lesson of the mind. [Shâd/38: 29]

Imam Ibn Jarir Tabari rahimahullah said, "Allah Almighty said to His Prophet (Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam),' Al-Qur'ân is this is a book which We have sent down to you, O Muhammad, full of blessings so that they pay attention to his verses, so that they pay attention to proof-proof of Allah Almighty and Shari'ah Shari'ah-defined therein, then they got a lesson and practice it. '" [Tafsir Tabari, 21/190]

Anyone who followed al-Qur'ân, Allah Almighty has promised guidance and security, instead of people who turn away from it will get lost and damned. Allah Almighty says:

قال اهبطا منها جميعا بعضكم لبعض عدو فإما يأتينكم مني هدى فمن اتبع هداي فلا يضل ولا يشقى ومن أعرض عن ذكري فإن له معيشة ضنكا ونحشره يوم القيامة أعمى

Allah said: "Get thee down both (Adam and the Devil) from heaven together, one of you an enemy to some others. Then, if it comes to you guidance than me, and anyone who followed my instructions, and he would not go astray will not hurt. And whoever turns away from My reminder, verily for him is a narrow life, and We will menghimpunkannya on the Day of Resurrection in a state of blind ". [Thâhâ/20 :123-124]

In the above verse Allah Almighty said to Adam, Eve and Satan, "Get thee down from heaven all together, one of you an enemy to some others," that Adam and his descendants would be the enemy Satan with his offspring.

Word of Allah Almighty, "So if it comes to you guidance than me", meaning the prophets, the apostles, and explanation. Word of Allaah, "And whosoever follow my instructions, he would not go astray and will not harm," that would not go astray in the world and would not harm in the afterlife. Word of Allaah, "And whosoever turns away from My reminder", meaning menyelisihi my commandments which I command the apostles down to me to turn away from it, forget it, and follow the instructions in others, "And verily for him is a narrow life", meaning in the world, he does not obtain peace and tolerance, a narrow chest, shortness due to apostasy; though he was having fun in lahiriyah, dressing, eating, and living will. However, as long as his heart did not reach the confidence and guidance, then he is always in anxiety, confusion, and doubt. These include the narrowness of life. Similarly, including a narrow livelihood is punishment of the grave.

Word of Allaah, "We will menghimpunkannya on the Day of Resurrection in a state of blind," that is not no proof in the presence of Almighty God, or he would dibangkitkaan and driven to hell in a state of blind eyes and his heart. [See Ibn Kathir tafseer, Surat Taha, verse 123-124]

HELL FOR PEOPLE who would deny
True happiness will be achieved by those who follow al-Qur'ân. Conversely, those who deny it, Allaah threatened with hell, and hell is the worst of places to settle. Allah Almighty says:

ومن يكفر به من الأحزاب فالنار موعده فلا تك في مرية منه إنه الحق من ربك ولكن أكثر الناس لا يؤمنون

Is (the infidels is equal to) the people who have real proof (al-Qur `an) from his rabb, and followed by a witness (Muhammad) from him and before al-Qur` an is have no books of Moses that guide and a mercy? That they believe al-Qur `an. And whoever among them (Quraish) and its allies who reject the al-Qur `an, then the Fire that threatened her place, because it do not be hesitant to al-Qur` an that. Indeed (al-Qur `an) it is really from your Lord, but most people do not believe. [Hûd/11: 17]

Imam al-Baghawi rahimahullah said, "Word of Allah Almighty," And whoso disbelieve him ", referring to Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, there are also told al-Qur'ân," and its allies ", ie from among the pagans of all faiths, "So the Fire that threatened her place". [Tafsir al-Baghawi 4/167]

Turning from AL-QURAN like a donkey
Allah Almighty likening unbelievers turning away from al-Qur'ân as the donkey turned and fled from a lion! It would be bad for them permisalan it!! Allah Almighty says:

فما لهم عن التذكرة معرضين كأنهم حمر مستنفرة فرت من قسورة

So why do they (the disbelievers) turn away from (God)? as if they were wild donkeys that run startled, fled from a lion. [Al-Muddatsir/74 :48-50]

That is, why the unbelievers who are in front of you turn away from what you exciting and warn them, "it is as if they are running wild ass shocked, running from a lion", meaning, and berpalingnya run them from the truth as if the wild donkeys that will run from a lion hunt or of a hunter. [See the commentary of Imam Ibn Kathir on this verse; Prolegomena interpretation Adhwâul Bayan]

Allah Almighty also explained that the people who turn away from Al-Qur `an, then he will assume that he is a very heavy burden. Allah Almighty says:

من أعرض عنه فإنه يحمل يوم القيامة وزرا خالدين فيه وساء لهم يوم القيامة حملا

Surely We have given you from Us a warning (al-Qur `an). Whoever turns away from al-Qur'ân, then surely it will bear great sin in the Day of Judgment. They will abide in that state, and so Evil sin as a burden to them at Judgment Day. [Thâhâ/20 :100-101]

CAUSE OF GLORY and humiliation
Verily Allah Almighty glorify some people with al-Qur'ân and degrading others. Allah Almighty says:

فذرني ومن يكذب بهذا الحديث سنستدرجهم من حيث لا يعلمون وأملي لهم إن كيدي متين

Then Commit (O Muhammad) unto me (business) people who reject these words (al-Qur `an). Later, we will withdraw them gradually (towards destruction) of the direction that they did not know. And I give respite to them. My real plan is very strong. [Al-Qalam/68 :44-45]

Al-Qur'ân is the perfect book. The last book of the sky fell from Lord of hosts. Behold, all goodness is to follow al-Qur'ân and all evil is to turn away from it. Al-Qur'ân can be a proof that will defend a servant. However, it can also be a blasphemer for him. So happy are the first, and unfortunately it would be the second person. In the al-Qur `an, there is great promise for the good of the faithful, and a strong threat for those who sin. Allah Almighty says:

ولو جعلناه قرآنا أعجميا لقالوا لولا فصلت آياته أأعجمي وعربي قل هو للذين آمنوا هدى وشفاء والذين لا يؤمنون في آذانهم وقر وهو عليهم عمى أولئك ينادون من مكان بعيد

And if we make the al-Qur `an is a reading in a language other than Arabic, they would have said:" Why are not its verses explained? " If (worth al-Qur `an) in a foreign language is being (Acts is the) Arab? Say: "Al-Qur` an and it is the bidder instructions for the believers. And those who do not believe, there is a blockage in their ears, while al-Qur `an is a darkness to them. They are (like ) is called from a distant place ". [Fushshilat/41: 44]

Although the position of al-Qur'ân so great, but the majority of Muslims all over the world in this age of tadabbur turned towards this noble book, no matter the words of their Creator, not taking the adab-adab adab that is taught in al-Qur 's, and not having good morals teachings with al-Qur'ân. They look for the laws in the misguided legislation that menyelisihi al-Qur'ân. Even people who try to manners and morals al-Qur'ân humbled and humiliated.

So O my brother, do not let many people away from the book of Allah Almighty that keep you from him, and not to many people who denounce the practice of al-Qur'ân that make you insulted. Know, verily a smart, intelligent again it will not matter to criticism crazy people. Then go forth to the book of God, read, fahamilah with the guidance of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah. Hopefully where your return is Jannah. Amen.

(See: Prolegomena Adhwâul Tafsir Bayan, by Shaykh Muhammad al-Amin al-Syinqîthi)

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