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Shaikh Ali bin Hasan bin Ali bin Abdul Hamid al-Halabi Al-Atsary

Every person who studied the Qur'an and Sunnah of course know that the learning goals and objectives of the peak of the Muslims are embodied in him and among humans is worship of God alone.

There is no way to free the worship of any disgrace that mess except by knowing really tauhidullah.

Preachers who realize this will certainly face major difficulties in applying it. But anyway this difficulty does not make it recede into the back. Because every time preaching resemble sayings of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

"Meaning: The most hard cobaannya are the prophets, then most resemble (they were) and most like it anymore." [1]

How not, he was always pursuing his path, like his sirah and follow the course? Al-Amtsalu thumma al-amtsalu are righteous people who follow the path of the prophets of God in preaching keapda, called on tauhidullah as they did, purify worship only Him and get rid of shirk. They are facing such distractions and temptations faced by peers, the prophets.

Therefore many preachers who shun the path is difficult and full of obstacles. Because seoarang preachers who pursue a path that will confront the father, mother, siblings, colleagues, loved ones, and even he had to deal with people who hinder, hostile and hurt.

They better get out to the sides established Islam, which is not despised those who believe in Allah. On the sides of this they will not face difficulties, violence, ridicule, and interference, especially in Islamic societies. Usually the majority of people actually want to look like this preacher, and honor him flatter and not ridicule or even bother, unless they oppose the rulers and threatening their position. If such is the case, surely the authorities would crush them by force, as represented quell political parties who want to target the power chair. Therefore, the authorities in this matter can not be asked to compromise, be they relatives or colleagues, both Muslims and infidels.

However we feel the need to say the preachers, that even though they still have to menyaringkan voice the name of Islam, yet they still have to love himself. Because they are out of the manhaj of God and His ways are straight and clear, which had passed the prophets and their followers in preaching to tauhidullah and purify religion just for the sake of Allah. Whatever business they do for the sake of propaganda, yet they still have to think about the ingredients before the goal. Because how many trivial means jeopardizing the goals to be achieved and it becomes a big consideration.

Even the way many preachers who impose their own making and does not want to follow the methodology of the Prophets in preaching to tauhidullah under slogans glamorous, but ultimately only deceive ignorant people, so they take it as a methodology of the prophets.

Because Islam has several branches and distribution, then there should be focusing on this most important issue, then followed with a significant other. First time proselytizing faith should be prioritized in the arrangement. Tells how to purify worship of Allah alone and prohibits associating something to him. Then commands establish prayer, zakat issued, carrying out various duties and leave the things that are forbidden, such as the way in which all the prophets. Word of God.

"Meaning: And verily We sent messengers to every nation (to call): 'Worship Allah (alone) and juahilah Evil'." [An-Nahl: 36]

"Meaning: And We did not send any Messenger before you but We revealed to him, that there is no god but Me, so worship ye all of me." [Al-Anbiya ': 25]

In sirah Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and the manner in which he embodied a good example as well as the methodology of the most perfect. Until a few years he was just calling people to monotheism and prevent them from shirk, prior to sending establish prayer, perform zakat, fasting, pilgrimage, and before they do prohibit usury, adultery, theft and murder soul unjustly.

So the most basic principal is to bring worship to God alone, as his word.

"Meaning: And, AKu not created man and jinn but to worship Me." [Adh-Dzariat: 56]

It can not happen except by knowing tauhidullah, both science and practice, and the everyday realities of jihad.

You can see how many Muslim preachers and congregation-Islamic congregation who spent his age and energy spent to enforce Islamic law or demanded the establishment of an Islamic state. They do not know or pretend not to know, they forget or pretend to forget that the enforcement of Islamic law will not be realized in this way. That goal will not be realized except by a manhaj done slowly-slowly, requiring long, grounded to a clear rule, must start from planting creed and turn on Islamic education and stresses the moral issue. Path length slowly and this is the closest and the most that can be taken quickly. Because to be able to apply order of Islam and Shari'a law of God is not a goal that can be done spontaneously and in a hurry. Since this can not be achieved except by overhauling the public, or a group of dignitaries and weighted at the center of human life in general is ready to provide the correct understanding of Islamic theology, then step to the establishment of Islamic order, despite having to spend a long time [2 ]

In conclusion, applying Shari'a law, enforce hudud, establish Islamic rule, keep the things that are forbidden and implement the things that are required, all of which complement and accompanying monotheism. Then how could concomitant gets top priority, while the roots are ignored?

We saw many pilgrims lunge manhaj that violates the apostles in preaching to God this happened because of their ignorance towards this manhaj. But those who do not deserve to be ignorant preachers. Because the most important terms in missionary activity is a science, as it was spoken about His Prophet.

"Meaning: Say: 'This is the way (religion) I, I and the people who follow me invites (you) to Allah with tangible proof. Glory to God, and I'm not including those idolaters." [Yusuf: 108]

Thus, the expertise of a preacher is the most important science.

Then we saw the congregation-worshipers who attribute themselves to this mission mutually different. Each congregation creates a pattern that is not the same with other pilgrims and pursue his own way. This is a result of the action that violates the methodology of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam. Because his manhaj only one, undivided and not at variance with each other. Word of God.

"Meaning: Say: 'This is the way (religion) I, I and the people who follow me."

People who follow the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was on the road on this one and not at odds with each other. But those who do not follow him necessarily at odds with each other. Word of God.

"Meaning: And, that (which we ordered) this is My straight path, so follow it and do not follow roads (the other), because the roads that have driven you out of His way." [Al-An `am: 153]

So monotheism is the starting point to God's mission and goals. There is no point in preaching to God except this monotheism, even though he was attached to the brand of Islam and is attributed to him. For all the apostles, especially their cover of preaching, Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam starting tauhidullah and once it did its final destination. Each apostle definitely say for the first time as described God.

"Meaning: O my people, worship Allah, never is no god other than Him." [Al-A'raf: 59] [3]

It is the goal of most Muslims living high, that for which he spent in middle age while working on human life and strengthen it in between them.

Khaliq who has provided nothing to support the benefit of life his world, he is also the setting for their religious law and maintain sustainability. God always keeps Islam, because Islam is the purpose of the creation of the world for humans, then they were given the duty to serve and strengthen monotheism, as reflected in the word of Allah Ta'ala.

[Copied from the book Ad-Da'wah ilallah Bainat-tajammu'i-hizby Wat-Ta'awunisy-Syar'y, Sheikh Ali bin Hasan bin Ali bin Abdul Hamid al-Halabi Al-Atsary. Indonesian Edition: The existence of Jamat-Jama'ah Sues Islam. Translators: Kathur Suhardi, Publisher, Reader Al-Kauthar. Cet. First, September 1994; p.38-44]
[1]. Reported At-Tirmidzy, hadith number 2400, Ibn Majah, hadith number 4023, Ahmad 1/172, from Sa'id ibn Abi Waqqas, with a hasan isnaad.
[2]. Limadza a'damuni?
[3]. Mukaddimah Manhajul Anbiya '


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