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Two Business That Can not biting

Two Business That Can not biting

My brother Muslims! Indeed the rules in this noble Islamic law has covered all aspects of human life and provide the best solution for the individual and society. Shari'ah also regulate how humans should interact with Allâh, berintraksi with others. All rules and solutions presented in the Shari'ah is not out of bounds halal or permissible that disyari'atkan case, which was always maintain the rights, welfare and maintaining rid danger and damage.

Mensyari'atkan Islamic Aqeedah as the true and glorious worship that can connect a servant to his Lord, if practiced according to the instructions of al-Qur'ân and Sunnah, Islam has also outlined a set of straight manhaj muamalah (intraksi) among humans. A methodology of which is set by the rules of adab-adab Sharai and should be used as guidelines in bermu'amalah. Thus, there is no mess, no action wrongdoers, hostility, beyond, rob, cheat, absent of debt, cheating and other bad actions. That there is only justice, mutual respect, honesty, transparency and safeguards for the rights of others.

Allah Almighty says in the letter-Nisa / 4:29-30

يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تأكلوا أموالكم بينكم بالباطل إلا أن تكون تجارة عن تراض منكم ولا تقتلوا أنفسكم إن الله كان بكم رحيما) 29 (ومن يفعل ذلك عدوانا وظلما فسوف نصليه نارا وكان ذلك على الله يسيرا

O ye who believe, do not you guys eat each other with a neighbor's property except by way of a false sense of trade that is based on consensual among you, and you do not kill yourself akalian. Seseunggunya Allah Most Merciful to you. And those who do so in an illegal manner and will dzalim We admitted him to hell. That is easy for Allah.

Almighty Allah also says:

ولا تأكلوا أموالكم بينكم بالباطل وتدلوا بها إلى الحكام لتأكلوا فريقا من أموال الناس بالإثم وأنتم تعلمون

And do not you eat the treasure of you with a false way, and you do with the treasure to bribe the judges with the intention that you can eat some other people's property by way of sin when you know. [Al-Baqarah / 2:188]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said in a sermon at Arafat:

إن دماءكم و أمولكم عليكم حرام كحرمة يومكم هذا في شهركم هذا في بلدكم هذا (رواه مسلم)

Truly your blood upon you as his illegitimate bastard today, this month and in this country [HR. Muslim and others]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also said:

إن الله طيب لا يقبل إلا طيبا وإن الله تعالى أمر المؤمنين بما أمر به المرسلين, فقال:) يأيها الرسل كلوا من الطيبات و اعملوا صلحا إنى بما تعملون عليم (وقال :) يأيها الذين آمنوا كلوا من طيبات م رزقناكم (ثم ذكر الرجل يطيل السفر , أشعث أغبر يمد يديه إلى السماء يا رب! يا رب! ومطعمه حرام ومشربه حرام و غذي بالحرام فأنى يستجاب لذالك

Verily Allah is good and does not accept except good. Verily Allah commanded the believers as Allah commanded His apostles. Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam reading (word of Almighty Allah which means): "O Apostle! Eat of the (food) are good and serve virtues. Behold, I am aware of what kaalian do "(al Mukminûn/23: 51). And Allah says (which means): "O you who believe! Eat of the good fortune that we provide to you and be grateful to Allah, if you only worship Him ". (Al-Baqarah / 2:172). Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam tells the story of a man who was doing the journey away, her hair disheveled and dusty feet, he cupped his hands to heaven, he prayed: "O Lord ... Yes Lord .., Though forbidden food, his drink unlawful, his clothing unclean, and he grew to something forbidden, then how could do'anya be granted?! [HR. Muslims, no.1015]

It is the duty of a Muslim when bermuamalah (as in buying and selling, debts, liens and commerce) to be valid in accordance with the shari'ah of Allah Almighty. Because everything has been set in our Shari'ah. How many people are lost because the limit is only in understanding dien worship alone. They separate the religion from real life and with the rules in bermu'amalah. So they imposed a treasure entrusted Allah Almighty will. They do not care, whether their property from the business halal or haram? They tried not to shy away from muamalah or unlawful means to obtain wealth. Love the world have mastered their souls. They terfitnah with treasures. They leave their religion for the sake of the world that very few achieve. Na'udzubillah. They forget the obligation to account for deeds before Allah Almighty. They are not afraid to risk their bad behavior. Allah Almighty says:

وسيعلم الذين ظلموا أي منقلب ينقلبون

.. And people are wrongdoers will know where to place them will be back. [Ash Syu'arâ / 26:227]

Truly good and bad work done by the person would pose a commensurate effect on self-offender himself, if both the good effect and vice versa. In a history mentioned:

كل لحم نبت من سحت فالنار أولى به

Any meat that is not halal grows from, the more mainstream hell for him. [HR. Ahmad 3/321, Tirmidhi, no. 614, Ibn Hibban, no. 1723, and Mu'jamul Thabrani in al-Kabeer, 19/136 of Jabir bin 'Abdullah and Ka'b bin' ujrah radi anhuma]

Imam Ahmad Baihaqi rahimahullah also Syu'abul Faith rahimahulla in bringing history with hasan isnaad from Ibn Mas'ood radi 'anhu, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

ولايكسب عبد مالا من حرام فينفق منه فيبارك له فيه ولا يتصدق به فيقبل منه ولايتركه خلف ظهره إلا كان زاده إلى النار إن الله لا يمحو السيء بالسيء ولكن يمحو السيء بالحسن إن الخبيث لا يمحو الخبيث

There is no person who acquires wealth by unlawful means and diinfakkan then endowed, or wherewithal and received alms, not only in death but he will be closer to hell. Verily Allah does not erase the ugliness with ugliness, but Allah will remove evil with goodness. Verily evil is not biased remove ugliness [Musnad 1/387 and Faith Syu'abul 5524].

By this we know the business and muamalah bahwasa haram is the cause of evil, turmoil and slander in the world and torment in the Hereafter. Eligible a Muslim who heard the threat and know the dangers then he does not care about his business? If yes, then in addition to showing that religious people are also less disability and inability to contemplate.

Imam Bukhari rahimahullah in shahihnya meriwatkan hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah radi 'anhu, the Prophet said:

يأتي على الناس زمان لا يبالي المرء ما أخذ منه أمن الحلال أم من الحرام

Will come one day to man. When the people no longer cared where they took his property? Whether the results are halal or haram? [HR. Bukhari, no. 2059]

Notice about us! Business unclean and dirty business so much easier to get and even dominate. So many of the Muslims trapped. They tried to reach the treasure by tricking or duty charged betray dipundaknya. For example, an employee who did not carry out their duties earnestly or even absent from duty. This means an employee as having betrayed the trust imposed upon him. At the same time means that he allowed himself threatened an unlawful taking the salary of the task he's working on. Sometimes even with him shamelessly accepting bribes. Again this is a fraud against the Muslims and the betrayal of a leader.

As another example, a merchant doing business by way of usury, which is forbidden in debts, hide defects when selling goods, reduce the dose or scales, or the business of illicit goods, such as musical instruments, drugs, khamer and so forth.

Similarly, people who menzhalimi workers or assistants, by delaying payment of salaries, let alone then do not give them any salary at all.

Including those involved in gambling, lottery and a false insurance. Also people who accumulate wealth by robbing, cheating or lying, lied either individual or agency official.

All that is mentioned is a piece of the many examples of unlawful behavior around us who are not able to mention on the tongues of embarrassment to the Almighty Allah. But the tongue mandate imposed by Allah Almighty to us insist we give a warning to all Muslims to stay away from these illicit practices.

May the Almighty Allah continue to guide our steps so that we do not fall into the puddle and illicit business practices.

This unlawful practice occurs not only in the field of business, even-na'udzubillah-occur also in the institutions which are supposed to be law enforcement. Yes, that's judiciary. Lately we often hear or read about chaotic that hit these institutions, due to act-the act of a traitor mandate in order to win the case merekaya parties fall into error but deep pockets. Their desire to enforce the law to its knees in submission and soul to the material greed. They are deceived by the devil depicted treasures sparkle. Nas'alullah 'Afiyah. May Allah protect us from any actions that could harm or deprive Muslims of their rights.

We should always instill faith in ourselves, in making any action.

O Muslims who become traders! Let you be honest to Allah Almighty and also to humans. Shun all acts of tyranny and deception to man. How lucky and berbahagianya person has good and lawful business! And it would harm those growing body of an unclean. Let them immediately repent to Allah Almighty. May the Almighty Allah is pleased to accept the repentance of us all.

If we want to survive the wrath of Allah Almighty, then we should try to let go and free ourselves from all the rights of other people we've ever come pick zhalimi before death. If the death has been picked as the rights that we have not had time to leave, the only regret would whack us. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

من كانت عنده مظلمة لأخيه, من مال أو عرض فليأته فليتحلله من قبل أن يؤخذ منه, و ليس ثم دينار ولا درهم فإن كانت له حسنات أخذ من حسناته لصاحبه و إلا أخذ من سيئات صاحبه فطرحت عليه

Whoever had done to his brother's tyranny on the property or honor, let him hurried over and asked lawful before life removed. When the dinar and dirham is not there anymore. If it has merit then the goodness will be taken and given to someone who he dzalimi. If you do not have the good, the evil person he dzalimi will be taken later charged him (actor kezhaliman). [HR. Bukhari, no. 2449, 6534 from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah radi anhu])

We pray to Allah, may Allah menganurahkan rizki lawful to us all. O God, our being content with the lawful rizki from you and we do not need to make that illegal.

O Muslims, we should always be pious to Allah and always hold fast to His Shari'ah full of goodness. We should pay attention to halal and haram. If we get in trouble, then we should ask the scholars. Should we stay away from doubtful matters that (which is not yet clear legal) let alone the haram.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

إن الحلال بين وإن الحرام بين وبينهما مشتبهات لايعلمهن كثير من الناس فمن اتقى الشبهات استبرأ لدينه وعرضعه ومن وقع في الشبهات وقع في الحرام

Surely it is obvious cases halal and haram cases it is clear and between them there are doubtful matters that are not known by many people. Anyone who distanced himself from the case doubtful, indeed he had saved religion and his honor. And those who fall into things that are doubtful, then he plunged into the illicit affair. [HR.Bukhâri, no. 52; Muslim, no. 1599 from Nu'man bin Bashir radi anhu]

We let ourselves with nature mnghiasi honest and trustworthy in every act with sincerity to Allah runway, so what we get to be halal. Because kosher treasure will bring blessings to us, the family and society. Remember, on every dollar you earn will be no question that we must answer, where we memprolehnya and spent on what? Let us be honest in all activities. May Allah k classify us into His servants who are happy and fortunate in the world and the hereafter.

(Appointed by Raditya of Kaukabah cleric, al-Khutabul Muniifah, hlm.317)

[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 03/Tahun XIV/1431H/2010. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]


Shaykh Salih Al-Fauzan Fauzan bin Abdillah

Already a human nature are, if you have an accident or hit, then he will try to save themselves by all possible means done. However, there are also some people who surrender, despair and do not want to find a way out, eventually decay into pungkasannya. There also are not aware of him being in the accident, so it was not moved to seek a solution, ultimately regret is inevitable.

At this time, a lot of dangers that lurk us as preached by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in many hadith about the end times defamation. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as the apostle of loving to his people, not just tell you about this slander, but also tell the solution. Al-Qur'ân and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is a solution that can not be bargained. If not, should woes will befall. Allah Almighty befirman:

فإما يأتينكم مني هدى فمن اتبع هداي فلا يضل ولا يشقى) 123 (ومن أعرض عن ذكري فإن له معيشة ضنكا ونحشره يوم القيامة أعمى) 124 (قال رب لم حشرتني أعمى وقد كنت بصيرا) 125 (قال كذلك أتتك آياتنا فنسيتها وكذلك اليوم تنسى

If it comes to you guidance from Me, then whoever followed my instructions, he would not go astray and not get hurt. And whosoever turns away from My reminder, verily for him is a narrow life, and We will menghimpunkannya on the Day of Resurrection in the state blind. "He said," Yes Rabbku, why have you gathered me in a state of blind, and I was formerly a look? "Allah says," So, has come to you Our Signs, then you forget about it, and so (well) on this day you also forgotten ". [Thaha/20 :123-126]

Now, slanders it has a lot of all around us, ready to pounce on anyone who is negligent. Therefore, we should always be vigilant and take care of myself.

Among the tests is a test property. Narrated from Ka'b bin 'Iyadh radi anhu, he said, "I heard the Messenger sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

إن لكل أمة فتنة وإن فتنة أمتي المال

Indeed each of the people there fitnahnya and slander is the treasure of my people [HR. Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Ibni Hibban in shahihnya]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

فوالله ما الفقر أخشى عليكم ولكني أخشى أن تبسط عليكم الدنيا كما بسطت على من كان قبلكم فتنافسوها كما تنافسوها وتهلككم كما أهلكتهم

For the sake of Allah! Not poverty that I fear upon you, but what worries me is the prosperity of the world as you were never given to the people before you, then you are competing as they are. World so that eventually cause you to perish as they are. [HR. Bukhari and Muslim]

The treasure examination of all sides. Begins when collecting and expanding, this busyness often neglect one of worshiping Allah Almighty. Also penchant accumulate wealth that can never reach the point of climax, reinforced by the behavior of all the methods in order to fulfill his ambition. Treasure also be slander or disaster for the owner of the property currently being spent on the road is not justified shari'ah or be reluctant to spend zakat obligations. As a result, various vices also appear due to the treasure.

In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah radi anhu that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

ليأتين على الناس زمان لا يبالي المرء بما أخذ المال أمن حلال أم من حرام

It's going to come a time, when men were no longer concerned with how what he produces wealth, whether from something that is halal or haram! [HR. Bukhari]

Among the tests that also exist at the moment the ugliness that comes through the electronic media and print media. Misleading writings, photos and pictures of women dressed sexy, song of lust plants, performances which often makes an evil becomes clear even reverse the fact, that bad is considered good and beautiful, everything is there in the media. Sometimes an inappropriate participate aired, such as how stealing or other criminal acts. All this ugliness aired on various TV channels, both within and outside the country and could easily be accessed via the Internet. So how was distressed and violated our hearts to hear a variety of criminal acts committed by students that even among very young they seemed young and could not do the crime if he believed that it should only be done by an adult.

Some people, na'udzu billah, was not quite the variety of evils above, he add it to purchase or rent a porn CD cassette which is not worthy then playing in the middle of her family. Does not he know the ugliness around him have so much even though he did not want the ugliness that came to his house? Or did he feel bad that's not complete yet? na'udzu billah. Where jealousy was dumped? Did not the evil spreading this fear when they are held accountable for a variety of ills resulting ugliness? May the Almighty Allah give guidance to all of us to keep constancy in the street who has set the shari'ah.

Currently, how many houses of the Muslims who should shine with dzikrullah actually hollow from him. The houses were a place in the love and stay away from evil angels of mercy. In fact there are sassy and invite the youth to stay up, or turn on the cultural stage as opposed to religious values.

This is a great fitnah raises concerns that we should be aware. We must keep our children in order not to get caught in the trap of the devil. Let us always ask help from Allah that we diberik strength and patience.

Among the tests that are also very concerned at this time that women posed slander. In a hadith narrated by Usamah bin Zaid radi radi anhuma anhu, he radi 'anhu said, "The Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

ما تركت بعدي فتنة هي أضر على الرجال من النساء

I did not leave the slander is more dangerous for women than men (exams) women [HR. Bukhari and Muslim]

Examination resulting behavior of women in this age getting worse, because the behavior of some women who do not feel ashamed sema once. On the pretext of the times, they wear thin nan tight, so the shape of their body parts clearly visible.

There is also a stall to supplement your income, all done without regard to the guidelines that have been established Shari'ah. As a result, not kindness but otherwise arise. Various media, secant is never empty of crime result of this test. Do not we want to take lessons from this sad event? Will we allow ourselves, or our family relatives caught up in this exam?

Among the test should also watch out for is the test which is the negative effect of the information age. Information flows smoothly and quickly makes the border between the State as no. Sound and images can be transferred in seconds. Faidah lot we can take from it. But we should not be complacent, because the devil and God's enemies never stay silent. They will use all the modern facilities to deploy faulty beliefs and their bad habits as well as to capture prey. May Allah Almighty keep us and our family from all evils and devils spread by the enemies of Allah the Almighty.

But the biggest test and the most dangerous for the Muslims who are always aware that we are liars upcoming exam ahead of the Day of Judgment. Then let us be alert and keep themselves and families. Let us multiply prayers to the Almighty Allah to always keep us from many evils this slander.

الم) 1 (أحسب الناس أن يتركوا أن يقولوا آمنا وهم لا يفتنون) 2 (ولقد فتنا الذين من قبلهم فليعلمن الله الذين صدقوا وليعلمن الكاذبين

ALM. Do men think that they will be left (only) say, "We believe" and they will not be tested? And indeed we have tested those who were before them, then surely Allah knows the right people and he really knows the people who lie. [Al-Ankabut/29 :1-3]

(Adapted from Al-Khuthab Al-Minbariyah, Salih bin Fauzan 'Abdullah al-Fauzan, 2/415)

[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 11/Tahun XIV/1432H/2011. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]


Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Qasim ibn Muhammad

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala created by Qudrah His creatures, then by His grace, God Almighty gives guidance to whom He wills, and by his righteousness, God Almighty pervert what He wills. All this is written in the Lawh Mahfouz. Allah says:

هو الذي خلقكم فمنكم كافر ومنكم مؤمن والله بما تعملون بصير

He it is who created you, then one of you is a kafir and believer of you there are. and Allah doth see all that ye do. "[at-Taghâbun/64: 2]

Allaah has explained the way people get happiness and wretched people. Praised Allah Almighty and the righteous servants who denounce infidels. Allah Almighty also warns His servants so as not talkative mimic the properties of the unbelievers. In al-Qur'ân many explanations about the actions and beliefs damaged infidels and temperament and their properties are bad. Among them, denying the resurrection and consider it impossible, do not believe in fate, complaining and bitching when something bad happens, do not have hope in Allah Almighty, lying, arrogant, turned away from his verses, their hearts full of envy (envy ) against the believers who have gained the favor of faith and their hope was gone favors faith of the Muslims. Envy is what drives them trying to mislead the faithful. Allah Almighty says:

ودوا لو تكفرون كما كفروا فتكونون سواء

They wish that you disbelieve as they have disbelieved, then you become equal (with them). [An-Nisa '/ 4:89]

Unrelenting, pagans make treason and deceive the Muslims, trying to harm and rob the enjoyment of the Muslims. They pretend to be trustworthy, and behave commendable behave in order to take advantage behind this. However, Allah Almighty unload their guise. Allah Almighty says,

يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تتخذوا بطانة من دونكم لا يألونكم خبالا ودوا ما عنتم قد بدت البغضاء من أفواههم وما تخفي صدورهم أكبر قد بينا لكم الآيات

"O ye who believe, do not take those outside your religion to a friend confidence (because) they do not stop (cause) harm you. they liked what was troubling you. has a real hatred from their mouths, and what their hearts are hidden by the greater. "[Ali Imran / 3:118)]

Wrapping lies with honesty, betrayal with trust, often defending falsehood and hide the truth. Despite their deceit of the Muslims which is extraordinary, but God Almighty will not stay silent. Allah Almighty will surely destroy shatters their guile and would degrade and humiliate them.

God told His apostles to obey the disbelievers. Allah Almighty says:

يا أيها النبي اتق الله ولا تطع الكافرين والمنافقين

O Prophet, keep your duty to Allah and do not obey (desire) the unbelievers and the hypocrites. [Al-Ahzâb/33: 1]

Because they are only limited to the world of science. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said, "The whole affair heathen practice and definitely no defects so that the maximum benefit is never." Unbelievers do not know anything about the science of the hereafter. Allah Almighty says:

يعلمون ظاهرا من الحياة الدنيا وهم عن الآخرة هم غافلون

They just know that birth (only) of the life of the world, they are about (life) Hereafter is negligent. "[Ar-Rûm/30: 7]

They live full of confusion and indecision. Goals they pursue in life is always limited to having fun, eating and drinking, regardless of halal and haram.

Infidels was always hinder good deeds, can not thank you and consume illicit goods. Allah says:

يعرفون نعمت الله ثم ينكرونها وأكثرهم الكافرون

They know the favor of Allah, then they deny it and most of them are those who disbelieve. [An-Nahl/16: 83]

They live in darkness, heresy and just indulge in lust. Members of the body which should be a means to reach the guidance is not working anymore. Hearts they die, their ears deaf and their eyes blind, do not want to hear and see the truth. Satan led them to engage in immoral and always look for momentary pleasures of lust. So what they do like the flying dust. His good deeds is useless. In the world and in the hereafter they are tired they will be tortured groan. Allah does not love them even mengkhabarkan Allah Almighty that He is the enemy of the unbelievers. If Allaah hate against a servant, He calls Gabriel Alaihissallam, "O Jibril The real I hate so and so, so hate him! And Gabriel hated him. Then Gabriel called on all the people of the sky that Allah Almighty hates so and so, so hate him! Then the sky dwellers hated him. Then set her hatred on earth. "[HR. Bukhari and Muslim]

Heathen souls screaming pain due to the sins he had done and as far away from Allaah, his chest tightened and never taste the sweetness of faith. Curse and wrath upon them. They are the worst creatures of Allah. Allah Almighty says:

إن الذين كفروا من أهل الكتاب والمشركين في نار جهنم خالدين فيها أولئك هم شر البرية

As for those who disbelieve the scribes and the idolaters (will go) into Hell, they will abide therein. They are the worst of creatures. [Al-Bayyinah/98: 6]

A pagan death will cause peace and tranquility to the world population. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, when he saw the group brought the corpse:

العبد المؤمن يستريح من نصب الدنيا وأذاها إلى رحمة الله والعبد الفاجر يستريح منه العباد والبلاد والشجر والدواب

Faithful servant to rest from weariness and suffering world toward God's grace while the servant who fâjir (wallowing in immoral, if he dies-ed) the human, land, trees and the reptile will be free of ugliness [HR. Bukhari]

On the Day of Judgment, unbelievers will be resurrected to be judged with jet-black faces, dusty and surly. Both of their eyes widened in stunned shock and fear; their necks tied with chains as a just reward.

Here are some of his bad traits infidels and their replies they receive. Vices piles endlessly, then let us be careful and keep ourselves from falling into kufr. Pain due to their bad traits, let us make a valuable lesson that are not easily imitate their behavior is sometimes not easy to deceive and agrees sayings and their sweet promises. Remember the words of our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

بادروا بالأعمال فتنا كقطع الليل المظلم, يصبح الرجل مؤمنا ويمسي كافرا, ويمسي مؤمنا ويصبح كافرا, يبيع دينه بعرض من الدنيا قليل

Haste doing righteous deeds before the arrival of slander like pitch black night; someone believing in the morning and the evening becomes an infidel, or the afternoon he mu'min later in the morning to be infidels. He sold his religion with a bit of the world [Reported by Ahmad]

And let us be alert so as not to get caught currents follow the infidels. Let us always follow the path of the righteous. Prayer is a boundary between belief with disbelief, the line between faith and hypocrisy, shall always be maintained and implemented in a way in congregation in mosques. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

العهد الذي بيننا وبينهم الصلاة فمن تركها فقد كفر

Barrier between us and them is prayer. Anyone who leaves the prayer, then he is a disbeliever

After knowing the various vices and evils done dozens of unbelievers, we should do our best to avoid parroting attitude and imitate-imitate them. Generation Companions, tabi'in and tabi'in the early generations of this people is the best generation at the same time, we make hendaklnya role model. Because of physical resemblance or similarity could lead to similarity or likeness of the heart. Therefore we should strive to resemble and mimic the early generations of this people. Religion and morality hopefully little by little we can imitate their morals and religion. Instead, let us not imitate and resemble the appearance talkative infidels. Because the resemblance could drag us to behave badly as they are, at a minimum will cause a sense of love and loyal to them, but we should be fired 'from them and their bad behavior. As a man of faith, we shall endeavor menyelisihi behavior and beliefs of the infidels. Let us not make them as a guardian! Hate them because they are a false belief! And we should be proud of their Muslim and eager to mendakwahi them to Islam.

Let's keep trying mengikhlaskan entire worship only for Allah alone! Expand praising Allah Almighty who has given guidance to us.

Finally, we ask God Almighty, may God Almighty continue to guide us to keep constancy in carrying out all orders and avoid His prohibitions.

(Freely translated by M. Syahid.Ridlo of al-Khuthabul Minbariyyah, p. 62-67 works of Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Qasim ibn Muhammad (Imam and preacher Prophet's Mosque).)

[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 06/Tahun XIV/1431H/2010. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

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