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Bard is one of thee Sunnah-sunnah that in today's much forgotten the Muslims

Bard is one of thee Sunnah-sunnah that in today's much forgotten the Muslims.

 The Muslims in this era more than happy to keep shaving.

 Many of their reasons, ranging from not rapilah, so look seremlah, such terorislah, or whatever they are saying.

 But do thou, O Muslims that beards were compulsory?? do you know that the orders came from the beard glorious oral, oral RasulullahAlaihi Sholatu Wa Sallam??

So where are you deluded way to not call your Prophet???
These arguments explain the necessity of keeping a beard:
God's Word on a greeting devil;
ولآمرنهم فليغيرن خلق الله
"... And I will order them (changing the creation of Alah), and then they actually change it." (An-Nisa ': 119)
And shaving the beard is changing the creation of Allah and obedience to Satan.
The Word of God:
وما آتاكم الرسول فخذوه وما نهاكم عنه فانتهوا
"... And what is given unto the Apostle receive him. And what he forbids you leave ... "(Al-Hashr: 7)

Rasululloh has memerintahakan to ban beards and shave.

Word Rasululloh:
"Cukurlah panjangkanlah mustache and beard, berbedalah with people Zoroastrian." (Narrated by Muslim)

Word Rasululloh:
"Ten cases including nature, namely: shaving mustache, beard, mamakai Siwak, mamasukkan water into the nose (when ablution), cutting the nails, ..." (narrated by Muslim)
Beards are inclusive nature, should not be shaved.

Rasululloh curse men who resemble women. (Reported by Al-Bukhari). Shaving the beard is an act like women, threatened curse of Allah I.

Word Rasululloh:
"But my God commanded me to care for my beard and shave my mustache." (Hasan hadeeth of Ibn Jarir history).

Beard is the command of Allah and His Messenger, and the law is mandatory because Rasululloh r and his companions always do so, in addition to those in the hadith prohibition shave.

It should not be shaving or plucking the hair on the cheeks, because it includes a beard, as mentioned in the book of Al-Qamus.

Medically, it is evident that the beard is a patron of the tonsils sun stroke, can harm the skin being shaved.

Beard is a decoration for men God created him, so different from women. Therefore, when a man who has shaved his beard to enter upon the wife on the wedding night, turn the wife and not interested in appearance unlike before when he saw it.

There are mothers who asked a woman: why did you choose a bearded husband? The answer: because I'm married to a man and not a woman.
Shaving Beard including unjust deeds and should be banned, based on the words of the Prophet:

"Whoever among you see munkar then let change with his hand, if unable then with his tongue, if not able too then with his heart and that is weak-weak faith." (Riwayaat Muslim).

The author asked a man who shaves his beard: "Do you love Rasululloh r? The answer: Yes, very loved. So say the authors to him: "Rasululloh had said:" maintain a beard ... "and the people who love Rasululloh whether to obey or menyalahinya?" Replied: "obey." He also promised to maintain his beard.

If your wife is opposed by the beard, then say to him: "I am a Muslim, fearing that disobeys Allah." And give him a gift, and mentioned to him the words of the Prophet r:

"Not to be obedient to a creature with disobeys (adulterous) to Al-Khaliq." (Shohih hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad).
Excerpted from the book "Islamic Guidance For Personal & Community" by Shaykh Jamil Zainu

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