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BySheikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Qasim

Allāh Almighty has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to all mankind. Pamphlet he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam brought will remain until the Day of Resurrection. This leaflet was revealed by Allāh Almighty to become a guidance to all beings for the sake of reaching happiness in both worlds. Allāh Almighty says:
وما أرسلناك إلا رحمة للعالمين
And We have not sent you except for (a) a mercy to the worlds. [Al-Anbiya '/ 21:107]
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has conveyed his Lord and commanded the Muslims to walk on manhajnya. Missionary guiding followers to worship Allāh Almighty and run over shariah Allāh Almighty is the mission of the Apostles. Allāh Almighty says:
ولقد بعثنا في كل أمة رسولا أن اعبدوا الله واجتنبوا الطاغوت
And Indeed We have sent Messengers to every nation (proclaiming), "Serve you to Allah (alone), and avoid the Evil" [an-Nahl/16: 36]
That gave us a diembankan mission to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, as Almighty Allah says:
يا أيها النبي إنا أرسلناك شاهدا ومبشرا ونذيرا) 45 (وداعيا إلى الله بإذنه وسراجا منيرا
O Prophet! We have sent you to be a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And as a caller to Allah by His permission and as a lamp spreading light. [Al-Ahzâb/33: 45-46]
Order preach and preach this constantly repeated several times in the Qur'an. Allāh Almighty says:
وادع إلى ربك إنك لعلى هدى مستقيم
And call the (religious) your Lord. Surely you're really on the right path. [Al-Hajj/22: 67]
Also saying:
قل إنما أمرت أن أعبد الله ولا أشرك به إليه أدعو وإليه مآب
Say, "I am only commanded to worship Allah and not to associate anything with Him. Simply I call him (man), and to Him is my return" [ar-Ra'd / 13:36]
Preaching mission that is delivering the guidance of Allah Almighty to mankind is also a testament of the Prophets and Messengers to his followers, as the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to his anhu Mu'adh bin Jabal:
إنك تأتي قوما أهل كتاب فليكن أول ما تدعوهم إليه شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله وأني رسول الله
Surely you will come to a people from the People of the Book, so let the first time you call to them is to Syahadah (witness) that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and that I (Muhammad) is the Messenger of Allāh. [Muttafaq upon]
Allāh Almighty has commanded mankind in general to carry out the mission. Allāh Almighty says:
ولتكن منكم أمة يدعون إلى الخير
And there shall be among you a nation who invite to goodness [Ali Imran / 3:104].By And every follower of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam had deserved to imitate He sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam in getting to faith and repentance and invites to practice shariah Allāh Almighty. And the best thing is to take advantage of our age closer to Allāh Almighty and worship by following the instructions of our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam generous in inviting people to preach the religion of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and in performing obedience to Allāh Almighty and help them in menlakukan obedience and avoid acts of disobedience.
OF REFLECTIONFrom the description above, we know how precious and important missionary. But sometimes, there is no problem in implementing it. Here are a few things that could be a material reflection for us to overdriven to preach according to our ability.
First: Best Practices and highest in the sight of Allah is trying to guide mankind from darkness into the guidance of Allah Almighty. By Karen speech to a preachers who preach the way of Allah Almighty is the best word in the sight of Allah Almighty. Allāh says:
ومن أحسن قولا ممن دعا إلى الله وعمل صالحا وقال إنني من المسلمين
Who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah, works Salih, saying, "I am of those who surrender themselves" [Fusshilat/41: 33]
Each charity is done by people who are guided through a preachers then the preachers always get the reward of it without reducing the reward of doing it in the least. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:
من دل على خير فله مثل أجر فاعله
Anyone who shows a good reward his reward as those who follow [HR.Muslim]
Also saying he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
من دعا إلى هدى كان له من الأجر مثل أجور من تبعه لا ينقص من أجورهم شيئا
Whoever invites to guidance, his reward as the reward of those who follow him without the least reward that person. [HR. Muslim]
What was quoted by preachers from preaching a better than jewelry world, as the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
فوالله لأن يهدي الله بك رجلا واحدا خير لك من حمر النعم
By Allāh! Allāh Almighty give guidance (guidance) to a man with perantaraanmu better for you than you get red camels (extremely valuable items). [HR. Bukhari and Muslim]
Second: Fluency and process know-how of words is not a condition in and preach in the way of Allah Almighty. Moses Alaihssallam have difficulty in explaining to his people, until he Alaihissallam pray to God Almighty to his words:
واحلل عقدة من لساني) 27 (يفقهوا قولي
And remove the stiffness of the tongue, so that they understand what I say [Thâha/20 :27-28]
Pharaoh while far more fluent in speaking against Moses Alaihissallam, as told by Allāh Almighty:
أم أنا خير من هذا الذي هو مهين ولا يكاد يبين
Am I not better than this contemptible person and can hardly make (his words)? [Az-Zukhruf/43: 52]
Nevertheless, these conditions are not an obstacle for Moses to deliver leaflets Alaihissallam Lord, until his Alaihissallam He is the second largest community after the ummah of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Therefore, give the knowledge that you have got! As for the ability to manipulate words, then according to your means. Do not feel malumu a barrier to deliver benefits to the people, as God Almighty says:
ولا نكلف نفسا إلا وسعها
We are not a burden greater than according to its capacity. [Al-Mu'minun / 23:62])
Third: One sign of love Allāh Almighty to His servants is in propagating the cause of Allah is not just limited to giving you good advice on the pulpit or at certain festivals only. Someone who denies sin committed by another person in a hidden or confidential, including missionary. The old man and his son who preach missionary can get closer to Allāh Almighty. Finance a good charity and support of others to preach was a missionary too. Thus, all walks of life with different backgrounds cadres professinya are preachers who mendakwahi man to Allah, either the property of, or with oral pen.
Four: In mendakwahi family, the people around you and the servants of God, we must completely cover ever traveled by way of the Prophets and Apostles in preaching. Early missionary faith they are heading straight missionary. Allāh Almighty says:
وما أرسلنا من قبلك من رسول إلا نوحي إليه أنه لا إله إلا أنا فاعبدون
And We did not send before you any apostle but We revealed to him, that, "There is no god (the truth) but I, therefore serve you to Me." [Al-Anbiya '/ 21:25]
Berdakwahlah to others in an appropriate manner with the rules of shariah. Do not nodai dakwahmu with acts of disobedience, even imagining you're thinking that the evil actions can attract the attention of many people. Because religion is a great religion is preserved with the help of Allah Almighty. So do not pretend that the evil act of agreeing dakwahi when you preach, because it is desired by most of the perpetrators. Allāh Almighty says:
ودوا لو تدهن فيدهنون
Their desire is that you compromise then they would compromise (also true). "[Al-Qalam/68: 9]
Muslims are obliged to always help each other and help each other and avoid discord and strife. Because only bring disunity and discord jealousy and hostility, while the enemies of Islam laughed happily. In the eyes of non-Muslims, Muslims are the real picture of Islam itself. Behavior of Muslims can be the attraction of interest to convert to Islam or vice versa, make a run and hatred against Islam. Because the people who we would not want to hug dakwahi religious hatred, enmity, discord and mutilate sense. Therefore, let the Muslims are united in the true faith of Islam derived from the Quran and Sunnah. That is the source of goodness and happiness, while division and discord is the initial base of defeat and humiliation. Allāh Almighty says:
وأطيعوا الله ورسوله ولا تنازعوا فتفشلوا وتذهب ريحكم واصبروا
And obey Allāh and His Messenger and do not dispute, lest you lose courage and your strength departs, and be patient. [Al-Anfal / 8:46]
Fifth: Was going sunatullah that the perpetrators be more numerous than those who obey, as saying:
وإن كثيرا من الناس لفاسقون
And indeed most people are the ones that Gentiles [al-Maidah / 5:49]
Also saying:
ولكن أكثر الناس لا يؤمنون
But most people do not believe [Hûd/11: 17]
Also in Surat al-An'am / 6:116:
وإن تطع أكثر من في الأرض يضلوك عن سبيل الله
And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you from the Path of Allah
Therefore, let us not be pessimistic about the human mendakwahi to guidance (guidance), although many are turning away from these indicators. Do not give-up in dakwahmu path, despite the stronger kebathilan. Fudhail bin 'Iyadh rahimahullah said, "Do not you be fooled by kebathilan although many damn people therefore, and be not afraid of choosing the right path through if even a little."
Tegarlah on the truth because you are on the right path. Ibn Mas'ud anhu said, "You are the people, even if you are alone."
Sixth: Do not you see the results dakwahmu significantly following, because opening one's heart is the unseen, while delivering explanations are limited by your labors and preaching. Thou art not to give guidance and enlightenment. Allāh Almighty says:
ما على الرسول إلا البلاغ
Duty messenger is only to convey [al-Maidah / 5:99]
You are just clarify and Rabblah a guide:
وما رميت إذ رميت ولكن الله رمى
And you did not smite when you threw, but Allah who threw [al-Anfal / 8:17]
However efforts of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallamuntuk circumcise his uncle Abu Talib, but wishes are not met. Allāh Almighty says:
إنك لا تهدي من أحببت ولكن الله يهدي من يشاء
Surely you can not guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He [al-Qashash/28: 56]
And among the prophets are earnest in his mendakwahi for years, but they do not get a response. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, that is to say, "were presented to the people of the former, then I saw a Prophet and a few followers, and a Prophet with one and two of his followers, and there is no way the Prophet had his [HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim]
Bekalilah yourself with knowledge and follow the path of wisdom and good admonition in dakwahmu mission!
Seventh: Do not feel heavy to preach at all times and conditions. Sometimes, a speech will bring happiness to you all the time. See, Noah advocates Alaihissallam day and night, both secretly and openly. Alaihissallam though Joseph was in prison, he called to repentance. Allāh Almighty says which means, "Which is better, the gods of the variance, or Allah the One, Almighty?" [Yûsuf/12: 39]
People who have been obliged to obtain guidance light guiding others to light hidayahnya. The father should be the one to mend his preachers in the family! And let the wives perform its obligations in educating children! Ciptakanlah conducive environment that supports to always obey Allāh Almighty! Preserve them from all who invite the wrath of God Almighty. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:
ما من عبد يسترعيه الله رعية ثم لم يحطها بنصيحة, إلا لم يدخل الجنة
Any servant who is given the responsibility of leadership, then he never kept them with good advice, but forbidden to enter Paradise. [Muttafaq upon]
Eighth: Some signs honesty and seriousness of preachers is it mendo'akan didakwahinya guidance for people without the knowledge of the person. How many dipanjatkan prayers at the end of the night the cause of displacement in a more favorable situation. Therefore, perbanyaklah prayers for those who still wallow in sin so that sin rightly!
Al-Muzani rahimahullah said, "Abu Bakr is not anhu superior to the Companions of the Prophet the other by reason of prayer and fasting. But his superior anhu because of what is in his heart. Anhu in his heart there is love to God and love to give advice to others. "
Ninth: Doing good to others we do to attract the sympathy of others to our hearts, so the words and good manners. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is a preachers are reflected in the behavior and interactions. There was a young Jew who became an assistant of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. One day, he was ill, so the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam menjenguknya and sat near his head, and said, that is to say, "In Islam had you!' The young man turned to his father. (Seeing) the father said, "Obey Abu'l Qasim (the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam)! Then the young man converted to Islam. Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallamkeluar and said, "Thank God (Praise belongs to Allāh only) Which was rescued from the fire." [HR. Al-Bukhari]
Imam Ibn Qayyim rahimahullah said, "Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah Syaikhul maximal work in meeting the needs of the Muslims."
History has proven that conquered many areas with good words and behavior.
Tenth: obedience to God Almighty is the emitted light in the chest that can move the heart to celebrate missionary call. Therefore, the O preachers, perbanyaklah worship and humble ourselves before God Almighty. Reason, it will be the first vehicle to achieve what we want. And let the preachers multiply dhikr and recitation of the Quran and prayer night. If the heart is pure, it will emit a good influence, and vice versa when the liver is dirty, it will cause bad influence. Dukunglah do'amu to humble ourselves before God Almighty so that what you do endowed by God Almighty.
May Allah Almighty and do not straighten your step depends only on the reasons (effort) that saw it, and perbanyaklah praised Allāh Almighty has chosen you from so many people to uphold the apostles preaching, and to make a key guidance of His creatures, while others can not like you.
(Taken from al-Khuthabul Minbariyyah, Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Qasim hafizhahullah, Imam and Khatib Masjid Nabawi Medina, p. 146-151)
[Copied from the Sunnah magazine XV/1432H/2011 07/Tahun Edition. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondangrejo Purwodadi Selokaton Km.8 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

ByAl-Ustadz Yazid bin Abdul Qadir Jawas

HIS NAMEHis name was Abu 'Abdillah Muhammad bin Isma'il bin Ibrahim bin al-Mughira bin Bardizbah al-Bukhari Ju'fi Allaah (died th. 256 H). Allaah He is the Imam, Islamic Syaikhul, al-Hafiz, the Commander of the Faithful in Hadith. He may Allaah have many very useful paper for the people. He was born in the month of Allaah Syawwal year 194H and died in 256H. [See, Siyar A'lâmin Nubala ', XII/391]
BOOK NAMEScripture he is well known among scholars and in the middle of Sahih Bukhari Muslim. The full names are as mentioned by Imam Yahya ibn an-Nawawi rahimahullah Neural namely al-Jami 'al-Musnad ash-Saheeh al-Mukhtasar min Umûri Rasûlillâh sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam wa wa Ayyâmuhu Sunanuhu. [See, Tahdzîbul Asma 'wal Lughât, I/77]
TOTAL hadithTotal hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari Book that is seven thousand two hundred and seventy five hadith. This includes several hadith which brought over. When repetition is not counted, then the amount of four thousand hadith. "[The above excerpt can be seen in Tahdzîbul Asma 'wal Lughât, I/77-78, works of Imam an-Nawawi rahimahullah]
Chapters found in Sahih al-Bukhari show fiqh (understanding) Imam al-Bukhari and sometimes He rahimahullahmengulang a hadith in several chapters as many benefits.
SCHOLARS OF PRAISE TO HIM AND His• Nu'aim bin Hammad al-Khuza'i Allaah (died th. 229 H) said, "Muhammad ibn Isma'il (al-Bukhari) is the faqih (religious knowledge to understand) from this race. [Siyar A'lâmin Nubala ', XII/419]
• Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal rahimahullaah (died th. 241 H) said, "There has never been in Khurasan who give birth as Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-Bukhari. [Siyar A'lâmin Nubala ', XII/419]
• Abu Hatim ar-Razi Allaah (died th. 277 H) said, "No one comes out of Khurasan much memorized from Muhammad ibn Isma'il (al-Bukhari), and no one came to Iraq a more 'pious from Al-Bukhari rahimahullah. [Muqaddimah Hwy Fat-Bari, p. 484, cet. Darul Fikr]
• Abdullah bin Abdurrahman bin Fadhl bin Bahram ad-Dârimi Allaah (died th. 255 H) said, "I see scholars in Haramain, Hijaz, Syria, and Iraq. And there's no more perfect (ajma ') from Muhammad ibn Isma'il. He (al-Bukhari) is the most 'pious among us and the faqih and the most students. [Fat-Hul muqaddimah Bari, p. 484]
• imam imams, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Khuzaimah Allaah (died th. 311 H) said, "Nothing under heaven is the more 'pious about hadith of Muhammad ibn Isma'il. [Fat-Hul muqaddimah Bari, p. 485 and Sharh ilal at-Tirmidhi, I/494, works of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali]
• Muhammad ibn 'Isa son of Allaah Saurah at-Tirmidhi (d. th. 279 H) said, "I do not see in Iraq and Khurasan people more' pious about 'illat-illat hadith, date and chain-chain from Muhammad ibn Isma' il al-Bukhari. [Sharh ilal at-Tirmidhi, I/494, works of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali and Hul muqaddimah Fat-Bari, p. 485]
• Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani t (died th. 852 H) said in early muqaddimahnya in Fat-Hul Bari, "Really I have seen that Abu' Abdillah al-Bukhari in the Jami 'Shahîhnya had taken the setting and taking the law from the beautiful light-that al-Qur-an and Sunnah-, taking and quoting from a source, and he was blessed to have good intentions in collecting hadiths, so the people who menyelisihi and agree to admit, even to receive his trial in Shahîhnya ... "[muqaddimah Fath Bari, p. 3]
• Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir rahimahullaah (died th. 774 H) said, "The scholars have agreed to accept-that-Saheeh Al-Bukhari and authenticity of all that is in it, as well as all Muslims." [Al-Bidâyah wan Nihâyah (XI/250, Cet. II, th. 1431 H, Daar Ibn Kathir]
• Imam Abu Nashr Tajuddin Abdul Wahhab bin Ali bin Abdul Kafi as-Subky Allaah (died th. 771 H) said, "As for his book (Al-Bukhari) Al-Jami 'as-Sahih Muslim is the most glorious book after Qur'aan." [Thabaqâtus Syâfi'iyyatil Kubra, I/424, Cet. Pole Daarul al-Ilmiyyah, th. 1420 H]
• Abu 'Amr ibn Shalah Allaah (died th. 643 H) said that after he mentioned that the first time is organizing the book Saheeh Abu' Abdillah Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-Bukhari, al-Ju'fi, then after it was Abul Husain Muslim bin an-al-Hajjaj al-Qusyairiy Naisaburi, Muslims took hadith from Bukhari narrated and benefit from it and also narrated from syuyâkh many (the teacher) Imam Bukhari. "The Book of the two is the most saheeh book after the Noble Qur'aan ..." Then he said, "Verily, al-Bukhari is the most saheeh book between them and the most beneficial." [Muqaddimah Ibnus Shalah fii 'hadith Ulûmil , p. 19, Cet.1, Daarul Pole al-'Ilmiyyah, th. 1416 H]
• Neural Imam Muhyiddin Yahya ibn An-Nawawi rahimahullaah (died th. 676 H) said, "The scholars have agreed that the most saheeh book after the Qur'an is Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Muslim, and mankind has been accepted, the book Al-Bukhari is the most Saheeh from them and the many benefits, knowledge of hidden or visible, and also that Sahih Muslim is the one who took advantage of al-Bukhari, he also admitted that he was not equal (by al-Bukhari) in knowledge of hadith. "[Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi, I/14, cet. Daarul Fikr]
• Imam al-Hafiz Jamaluddin Abul Hajjaj bin Yusuf al-Mizzi Allaah (died th. 742 H) said, "Abu 'Abdillah al-Ju'fi owner Bukhari Sahih books are priests in this case, which should be followed, and his book a reference to the Islamic nation. "[Tahdzîbul asthma-ir fii Kamal Rijal, XXIV/431, cet. 1, Mu-assasah Ar-fliers, th. 1422 H]
• Syaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah (d. th. 728 H) said, "Including that Saheeh is what has been accepted by the community, and allowed by the Ahlul-'Ilmi who understand the hadith, such as the hadiths of al-Bukhari and Muslim, because all Ahlul-'Ilmi who understands the whole authenticity of hadith hadith set in the second book (Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim), and all the people followed them in identifying hadith, the ijma' Ahlul-'Ilmi in the hadith is true that newspapers like the consensus of fiqh that is lawful or unlawful act or mandatory. If Ahlul-'Ilmi has berijma' (consensus) on something, then all the people following them. Ijma 'they are ma'shûm, can not berijma' (consensus) of the offense. "[Majmu 'Syaikhul Islamic Fatawa, XVIII/17]
• Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah Syaikhul also said, "There is no heaven beneath the surface of this book more after the Qur'an Saheeh of al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim." [Majmu 'Syaikhul Islamic Fatawa, XVIII/74]
• Syaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said, "Even the book Sahih al-Bukhari is the most precious books written in this chapter. Imam Al-Bukhari and God being the most know about hadith and 'illat-' illat (the diseases) and he had the most faqih. Imam At-Tirmidhi even mention that he had never seen anyone else know about 'illat hadith from him. [Qâ'idah Jalilah fit Tawassul wal Wasilah, p. 171/no. 500, tahqiq Shaykh Rabee 'bin Hadi al-Madkhali]
• Imam Muhamamd ibn 'Ali ash-Syaukani Allaah (died th. 1250 H) said, "Know that anything that comes from hadiths in Shahîhain or one of these arguments can be made without having to be scrutinized, as both have agreed keshahihannya and community have received it. "[Nailul Authâr, I/119, Cet.1, Daar Ibn al-Qayyim, th. 1426 H]
• Shaykh al-'Allama' Abdul 'Aziz bin Baz rahimahullaah (died th. 1419 H) said, "In a nutshell, that what is narrated by Syaikhân [Al-Bukhari and Muslim) have been accepted by the community, then no one's heard more talks who denounced them, may Allah bless them, other than those described by the Ahlul 'Ilmi as of old, wallahu waliyyut taufiiq. [Majmu 'Fataawa wa Mutanawwi'ah Algebra book, XXV/69-70]
• Shaykh Muhammad al-Albani rahimahullah Nashiruddin (died th. 1420 H) said, "... What is the book Shahîhân while most Sahih after Al-Qur'an-an agreement pursuant to the Muslims scholars from other members and their hadith. The second book is different from the books of the Sunnah of the other, as both aloof (focus) in collecting the hadiths Sahih, remove hadiths dha'if and material-material that does not fit with the material Qaeda and conditions. They have agreed a deal in this case with a very powerful, there is no such consensus after them from people who follow their lead in Saheeh hadith collection, such as Ibn Khuzaimah, Ibn Hibban, al-Hakim, and besides them, until it becomes habit general that the hadith narrated by Syaikhân or if one of them has passed the barrier and enter the Saheeh and safe way, there is no doubt in it, and that's our tree. "[Syarhul 'Aqeedah at-Thahâwiyyah, p. 22, takhrij Nashiruddin Shaykh Muhammad al-Albanian, cet. 9th, al-Maktab al-Islamiy, th. 1408 H]
Wallaahu Waliyyut Taufiq.
[Copied from the Sunnah magazine XV/1433H/2012 01/Tahun Edition. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondangrejo Purwodadi Selokaton Km.8 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

ByUstadz Abu Minhal Lc

Allāh Almighty preserve and keep faith with those who bring mentajdid His religion and keep atsar-atsar His Messenger, and hoisted the banner of Sunnah. He decides beings selected 'uduul, which turn the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, defend and propagate it in the middle of the community. They become a lamp unto the people, and illuminate the hearts of the Mslimin with the inherited knowledge, good advice presented, a practiced moral ethics, and worship ditekuni.
About priorities scholars, Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar rahimahullah said in Muqaddimah book about Imam Shafi'i rahimahullah biography titled Tawali at-Ta `sis li Ma'ali Muhammad ibn Idris (hlm.25):" Praise be to God Almighty who made the stars of heaven, a guidance for those who consternation towards the land and sea for the night, and make the stars of the earth - that is, the scholars - leads from darkness Jahl (stupidity), and prioritize some of them on some others in understand and level and intelligence, as He Almighty prioritize some stars on the other stars in the beauty and luminosity. " [Quoted from al-Imâmu durûs al-Albani wa wa Mawaqif 'ibar, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sadhan p. 8]
The portrayal of the history of the scholars are very beneficial for the future generations to be able to emulate the latter figures such people. Ibn Khalikân rahimahullah said in al-A'yân Wafayâtu (1/20): "I mentioned (biography) the amount of people I saw them live and I collect news about them, or the people that live in my time, but I do not managed to find their purpose so that people (generation) comes setelahku can find out (preferably) their condition ". [Quoted from al-Albani durûs Mawaqif wa wa 'ibar hlm.7]
Thus, identifying tarjamah (biography) of the scholars very useful for the people, especially the thullâbul 'Ilmi. When a Muslim studying the biography of a noble people, the knowledge that will help straighten out the way of life and thus as a lack of self introspection to find out on his own. Through the history books that the scholars were alive and present in the moment now because one can mingle and deepen their life. The show's gone back, as stated by Imam as-Sakhawi Allaah says:
من ورخ مؤمنا فكأنما أحياه
"Whoever wrote the history of a believer, as if it is alive (back to the real world)" [Excerpt from muqaddimah Adhwâul Bayan, "Salim Athiyyah p. Xii]
Consanguinity COMMANDER OF THE FAITHFUL IN hadithField very quickly get great attention and tercurahkannya the ability it - after Qur'aan - is Hadith-Hadith the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Reason, security safe from error obtained by maintaining and preserving Qur'aan and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, as stated by the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam:
تركت فيكم ما إن تمسكتم به لن تضلوا بعدي كتاب الله وسنتي
I leave in the middle of memeganginya you if you will not get lost, that Qur'aan and Sunnah [HR. Al-Hakim, al-Mustadrak 1/93 from Abu Hurayrah and validated by al-Albani in ash-Shahîhah no.1761 and Shahîhul Jami '1/39]
Among the more prominent figures in khidmahnya prominent in the field of hadith, that Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Ismail, commonly known by the name of Imam al-Bukhari. A highly recognized name in the history of Islam, especially by people who have been in the field of hadith.
He is Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Mughira bin Bardizbah. Born in Bukhara after Friday prayers, exactly on 13 Shawwal 194 AH Imam al-Bukhari's father, a righteous and pious, could learn from Allaah and meet Malik Hammad ibn Zayd and Ibn al-Mubarak. But He wants mewafatkannya Imam al-Bukhari was still a child. Therefore, he grows and develops in the mother tarbiyah and upbringing.
In childhood, Muhammad bin Ismail could suffer blindness One night, the mother saw Ibrahim al-Khalil Alaihissallam and said to his mother, "Dear woman, Allāh has restored vision to thy son cried a lot because (many say)". In the morning, his son returned to normal vision [1]
PHYSICAL FORM OF IMAM AL-BUKHARIImam Ibn 'Adi Allaah says,' I have heard Hasan bin Husayn al-Bazzaz said, 'I saw Muhammad bin Ismail, a thin, not tall and not (too) short'. [2]
LEARN SINCE YOUTHImam al-Bukhari rahimahullah literary journey started since childhood. He had memorized al-Qur `an early age as well. This is one of the factors that led him
Allāh Almighty inspired to Muhammad ibn Isma'il small to memorize pleased hadiths of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah recounts, "I was given the idea to memorize the hadith since I was in madrasahs. At that time, about 10 years of my life, until I got out of the madrassa at the age of 10 years. I'm starting to learn to ad-Daakhili and other scholars. One moment, he read a hadith in front of people (with chains of) Sufyan, from Abu Zubayr from Ibrahim ... So I said to him, "Truly, Abu Zubair did not narrate (the hadith) of Abraham". It even menghardikku. So I said, "Try to pay attention to detail back original book." It shall enter the house and check the back, then go out and ask, "How young oh explanation?". I said, "(The meaning) is Zubair bin 'Adi from Ibrahiim ..". He thus took penaku and proofread his book, and said, "You're right".Abu 'Abdillah once told, "I've learned to Marw jurists. At that time I was still a child. If I come to attend them, I'm ashamed to say hello to them. One of them asked me, "How many (hadith) which you write?". I replied, "Two (hadith)". Those present was laughing. And one shaykh said, "Do not you guys laughing at him. It could be that one of these days he is precisely the laugh guys ".
Such representation has its science talent appears. At age 16, he had memorized the book of essays Imam Waki ​​'and Ibn al-Mubarak. Then at the age of 17, he was believed by one teacher Muhammad ibn Salam al-Biikandi to proofread essays-essay.
Mom and brother, at the age of 18, Muhammad ibn Isma'il hajj to Mecca. He still survive in the holy city to continue deepen mutual hadith scholars there, while his family home.
Gain knowledge TEACHER WITH MORE THAN ONE THOUSANDFirst, the Imam al-Bukhari gain knowledge of local scholars. He studied with Muhammad bin Salam al-Biikandi, Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Ja'far bin al-Ju'fi Yamaan al-Musnidi, and other scholars. Subsequently, he left his hometown and came to a lot of travel to deepen knowledge of hadith.
The city of Balkh, Naisabur, Ray, Baghdad, Bashrah, Kufa, Mecca, Medina, Egypt, Syria, he was approached in order to find and come to Shaykh-Sheikh Mumpuni in hadith. Inevitably, Sheikh (teacher) he shall amount to much, but he himself expressed it, "I write (history) of Sheikh thousand more. Sheikh From all that, I write ten thousand history even more. Naught hadith me unless I say the chain is (also) ". [View as-Siyar: 12/407, al-Bidâyah 11/22]
Before his death, Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah once said, "I have written (hadith) of 1080 people. All are Ahlul hadith. They all believe, 'Faith is qaul and charity, and reduced berrtambah'. [As-Siyar: 12/395]
He entered Baghdad to eight times. And every step in, he met and gathered by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. Imam Ahmad organizing her to reside in Baghdad alone, not in Khorasan.
In the name of great scholars who became his teacher: Imam Ishaq bin Rahuyah, Imam Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Firyaabi, Imam Abu Nu'aim Fadhl bin Dukain, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Imam 'Ali ibn al-of civil, Imam Yahya bin Ma' in, Imam al-Makki bin Ibraahim Balkhi, bi Abdaan Utsmaan, Imam Abu Ashim an-Nabiil, Muhammad bin 'Isaa ath-Thabbaa', Khalid ibn Yazid al-Muqri `disciple of Imam Hamzah, and much more. [3]
Not surprising when the number of his teachers very much. It appears that a large number of teachers is due to two factors: (1) Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah lmiahnya since he started traveling and (2) Much of that he approached for a noble purpose.
STRENGTH memorization BukhariStrength memorization of Imam al-Bukhari was terakui by scholars at the time. Even many who deliver directly if he memorized a book just to read it once.
Hasyid bin Isma'il never mentioned, "Before Abu 'Abdillah together we came Bashrah teachers. At that time it was still in its youth, and not (appear) to register what has been heard. It was held a few days. We asked him, "Are you joining us listen hadith, without annotate. What do you do exactly?. Sixteen days later, the Imam Al-Bukhari rahimahullah finally said, 'You guys have always asked and mendesakku. Try Teach what you write '. Then we produce what we have amounted to more than 15 thousand hadith. Furthermore, it mentions entirely by rote, until we finally fix the entries hafalannya us through. Then he said, "What you expect me to be with you just in fun and not forsake my days?!" So, we are already aware, no one is beyond it '. [4]
Memorization prowess when Ulema he also seemed to be coming of Baghdad heard Abu 'Abdillah to their city. Intentionally, they were preparing one hundred hadith and then convert and transform the material and the chain. They changed the material of the chain with the other hadith text, and vice versa. Each person held onto ten hadith which will later be thrown into Abu 'Abdillah hafalannya as a test of strength.
The people had gathered at the ceremony. The first person asked the Imam al-Bukhari hadith which he had ten individually. Each time asked Imam al-Bukhari said, reaching the tenth hadith, "I know recognize (the hadith with sanad mentioned). The scholars who present each other even turned to another and said, "This man (really) understand". While people who do not know the purpose of the ceremony was in assessing the Imam al-Bukhari as the weak hafalannya.
Then tampillah the second, do the same. And each time listen to one hadith, he commented the same, "I do not know him". Come further until the final third person. And he shall no more comments from the speech, "I do not know him".
After all finished reciting hadith-hadith, Imam al-Bukhari turned to straighten while the first, "the first Haditsmu properly so, the second so it should, so it should third, to allow the hadith of the tenth. Each hadith he merged with the right material-substance. He does the same to the 'pengujinya' on the other until the last one. Eventually, people even really acknowledge the greatness of his memorization. [5]
In Samarkand, he was facing the same thing. Four hundred hadith scholars to test his hadiths that chain-chain and name Rijal (the narrator) who were mixed, put into chains Syrian population chain Iraqi population, putting the material is not in the chain hadith. Thus, they read hadiths plus chain-chain is that it's a mix of forward Bukhari rahimahullah. With alacrity, he corrects all the chains and the hadith and hadith with the chain uniting all true. The scholars who saw it, could not find a fault in material placement or placement of the narrator's position. [View as-Siyar 12/411, al-Bidâyah 11/22]
These two events are very pretty as a guide in the strength and solidity of memory of Imam al-Bukhari, because without the slightest preparation and not knowing what will it have, it turns out he was able to pass 'test' is.
Abu Ja'far Abu Abdillah have asked, "Did you memorize the whole (history) that you enter in kitabmu?". "There is no blur on (rote) my whole". [As-Siyar: 12/403]
Abu Abdillah never talks about himself, "(one point) I keep thinking about students narrator. In brief 300 terbetik in my mind. "
On how to produce a strong memory, he did not regard the availability of food or drink to be consumed one to strengthen hafalannya. Says he:لا أعلم شيئا أنفع للحفظ من نهمة الرجل ومداومة النظر
I do not know anything more beneficial (strengthen) the memorization of the strong desire of a person and often studying (writing) '[6]
How many hadith which BELIU MemorizeTitle Commander of the Faithful in the field of hadith attached to Imam al-Bukhari background will certainly share the depth - which topped-of hadith and other sciences related thereto; understanding, memorization and related specialty degrees Rijalul hadith (the hadith narrators ). Many aspects of his memorization of hadith already certainly very striking. It is already recognized and described by his pupils as well as other scholars.
Buat yg msh pada many saheeh hadeeth that he memorized, Imam Al-Fallas t up to say, "Every hadeeth which is not recognized by al-Bukhari, Saheeh hadith rahimahullahbukanlah". [7]
Not only that his hadeeth saheeh just memorize, hadith-hadith saheeh not even be his attention. Rahimahullahpernah Imam al-Bukhari said, "I memorized a hundred thousand hadeeth saheeh, and two hundred thousand hadith which is not saheeh". [8]
BETWEEN SCIENCE AND CHARITYImam al-Bukhari rahimahullahjuga be exemplary in behavior as a form of worship and practice knowledge. Every night, the night he was working on a total of 13 rak'ahs of prayer, and every night in the month of Ramadan, his recitation of reading al-Qur `an. He berinfak and charity in the day and night.He was known as a daredevil, forgiving, lots Path, well-behaved noble, ascetic of the world and be careful in talking. Including when doing jarh, he uses subtle expressions to evaluate troubled narrator or berderajat weak.
Rahimahullahpernah Imam al-Bukhari said, "I hope to meet with God Almighty, without a single person because I have backbites menuntutku".
PRAISE FOR SCHOLARS Imam Al-BukhariSeeing his reputation, he won praise pantaslah. Flowing praise of Imam al-Bukhari from the scholars at the time, either from teachers or friends. Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (one of his teachers) say, 'State Khurasan never produce like him'. This is obviously a shahada (testimony) that is very special because narrated by Sunni Community.
Imam Ishaq bin Rahuyah (teacher) said, "If he (Al-Bukhari) lived in the Hasan al-Basri surely people need it because mastery and understanding of the hadith".
Muhammad bin Basysyaar (teacher) said, "Huffaazh (The Hadith) in the world are four: Abu Zur'ah from Ray, ad-Daarimi from Samarkand, Muhammad bin Ismail from Bukhara and Muslims from Naisabur".
Qutaiba priest said, "If Muhammad lived among Friend then it is a miracle".
Imam al-Haafizh King said, "It is one of the revelations of God walking on earth".
Imam Ibn Khuzaimah Allaah (one of his disciples) said, 'I have not seen under the sky who knows hadith the Prophet, stronger hafalannya from Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-Bukhari ".
Imam At-Tirmidhi Allaah (one of his disciples) said, "I have not seen in Iraq, nor in Khorasan, a greater understanding of the 'ilal, the date and the knowledge of hadith chains than Muhammad ibn Isma'il".
Muhammad bin Munir, one of his teachers, but admits, "I find the students of Muhammad ibn Isma'il (al-Bukhari). She is a teacher ". [As-Siyar: 12/415]
BECOME A TEACHER OF IMAM hadithMastery of Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullahyang deep knowledge in hadith, it stands out since he was a teenager. Lots of people have been flocking he came good at the event as well as in other places.
Ever, the wise men from the city of Basra walked behind him to listen to hadith and finally they can stop him in the street. Thousands of people had gathered near her. Most of them write narrations from him. At that time, he was still a teenager who has not grown jenggotnya. He dminta to sit in a street and announces hadith narrations.
Depth of knowledge in the field of hadith and supported by intelegensi remarkable memory, and understanding of the content and mastery rijaalul hadith hadith and Illah-illahnya form hadith he became a leading specialist of all time. These advantages are clearly of interest to science students to attend his knowledge.
Famous names decorated the list of people who studied at the Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah. Among them is, Imam Muslim, Allaah, Allaah Imam at-Tirmidhi, Imam Abu Hatim Allaah, Allaah Imam Ibn Abi Dunya, Imam Ibrahim ibn Ishaq al-Harbi Allaah, Allaah Imam Ibn Khuzaimah.
Efficacious prayerImam Ibn Kathir in al-Bidâyah (11/24) mentions that Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullahtermasuk the mustajâbu da `wah, his prayer is granted. Dence, the governor of Bukhara expelled him from the city. Not based on the expulsion of the Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullahpun pray. Have completed a month running, the governor dismissed and imprisoned in Baghdad until he died in it. Those who follow the eviction berpran Imam al-Bukhari also affected by disasters.
He was already moving toward an area called Khortank, staying with some relatives there.
Imam Al-Bukhari rahimahullah diedDone filling the days of his life in the busy spreading the knowledge (Hadith), which was determined to invite death of Imam al-Bukhari. He could ill before his death. Died on Saturday night, the night of Eid, the year 256H at the age of 62. His body was covered with three sheets of white cloth, without imposing qamis or Imamat, as the content will pass before he died. When the funeral hearse, spread more fragrant aroma of fragrant oil from the grave and could Misk scent for several days.
Lots of useful knowledge which he bequeath the whole of the Muslims. His knowledge is not broken, still running on good efforts that have been put in to his life. As narrated by Imam Muslim, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:
إذا مات ابن آدم انقطع عمله إلا من ثلاث: (منها) علم ينتفع به
If the son of Adam dies, then cut off deeds except from three things: (some of) the beneficial knowledge
Books that he bequeath to the Muslims that is Saheeh al-Bukhari, al-Adabul Singular ash-at-date Shaghir, at-Tarikh al-Kabir, at-Tarikh al-Ausath, Khalqu Af'ali al-'Ibaad, juz fi al-Imam khalfal Qira `ah.
CONCLUSIONThis bit of history of the Mu `Minin berjuluk Commander in hadith. An amazing human history again loaded with 'ibrah (education) After he's people.Shaykh 'Athiyyah Rahimahullah Salim said, "I really believe that the biography of the scholars are madrassas (of construction) for the next generation, that through the knowledge and those who stand side of life" [Bayan Adhwâul 1/xii].
May the blessings of Allah Almighty always tercurahkan on the entire Muslim Scholars in every time and place. Allah knows best
[Copied from the Sunnah magazine XV/1433H/2012 01/Tahun Edition. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondangrejo Purwodadi Selokaton Km.8 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]_______

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