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Where Muslims departure Money?, Our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam below. كلوا واشربوا والبسوا وتصدقوا, فى غير إسراف ولا مخيلة "Eat and drink, dress and bersedekahlah, without any superfluous attitude and arrogance" [Reported by al-Bukhari]

Where Muslims departure Money?, Our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam below.
كلوا واشربوا والبسوا وتصدقوا, فى غير إسراف ولا مخيلة
"Eat and drink, dress and bersedekahlah, without any superfluous attitude and arrogance" [Reported by al-Bukhari]

DR cleric Muhammad Arifin Badri MA

Ramadan is coming soon, and feel of religious worship and the celebration of Eid al-Fitr holiday began to be felt Muslims. The spirit of worship and purity of heart that is always evolving in this holy month slowly but surely began to be felt in the midst of society. Naturally, when, one after another of the various issues related to both start lively discussion.

Muslims enthusiasm is so great for the coming holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr feast day is reasonable. Imagine, this month has thousands of features and bring in millions of blessings.

إذا كان أول ليلة من رمضان صفدت الشياطين ومردة الجن, وغلقت أبواب النار فلم يفتح منها باب, وفتحت أبواب الجنان فلم يغلق منها باب ونادى مناد: ياباغي الخير أقبل, وياباغي الشر أقصر, والله عتقاء من النار وذلك كل ليلة

"When the first night of Ramadan has arrived, all the devils and demons haunting in shackles. All the doors of Hell are closed, no one pintupun is still open. In contrast, all the gates of heaven opened, and no one pintupun covered. Moreover, there is a caller who said. 'O my goodness seekers O seeker of evil make haste and give it up. And on every night of God freed from the threat of punishment of some servant of hell "[HR, at-Tirmidhi and others]

Eid al-Fitr celebrations as though you do every year, but still able to bring happiness that can never be redeemed with any. Therefore you are always looking forward to this opportunity, and willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of feeling the beauty in the midst of the family. Cost, and the fatigue of travel away to face traffic jams, all vanished in a moment when you feel the warmth of Eid al-Fitr succeed in the midst of the people you love.

The big day has never subsided stir longings in your inner peace to their homes and chatting with family. Eid al-Fitr is so special in your life, because it proved able to deliver you to your memories of family life during a small, but the atmosphere and different circumstances. Imagine, once you've managed to achieve some goals and feel the beauty of success in world affairs, wonderful memories of childhood come back up. These conditions certainly feel special, so you are willing to sacrifice it to anything to get it.

Berlebaran beautiful shades in the center of the middle companion taulan beloved at home, already control your feelings. As a result you never Questioning any costs you have any heavy responsibility and you have to struggle through.

This condition not only happen to you one, but it also happens to all Muslims, including the author. However it is inappropriate to make the beauty of the celebration of Eid al-Fitr we are negligent and delirious.

True Islam bless you to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor for one year.

عن عائشة قالت دخل على أبو بكر وعندى جاريتان من جوارى الأنصار تغنيان بما تقاولت به الأنصار يوم بعاث قالت وليستا بمغنيتين فقال أبوبكر أبمزمور الشيطان في بيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وذلك فى يوم عيد فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ((يا أبا بكر إن لكل قوم عيدا وهذا عيدنا))

"Allaah anhuma Aisha recounts: At a feast, my father Abu Bakr Allaah anhu came to my house, whereas now there are two little girls of the Ansar daughters hum slogans (yells) the Helpers in war Bu'ats , but both are not a trained singer. Watching them, my father Abu Bakr rebuked Allaah direct anhu and said, 'There it worth flute flute-devil in the house of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam? Hearing my father's rebuke, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,' O Abu Bakr, every people must have a true day of celebration, and today is the day of our celebration "[Agreed alaih]

However, Islam does not mean you justify that goes beyond the celebration of Eid al-Fitr you loose control and without measure.

One day I read a message that Eid al-Fitr celebrations to welcome the year 1432H, BI set aside cash of Rp 61.36 trillion. But in fact, the predicted BI was not appropriate, even far from reality that occurs in the field. In a span of about four weeks, it turns out the cash that is absorbed by the public, particularly Muslims reached fantastic. Do you know how much is absorbed by the Muslims in a very short time it?

BI Deputy Director of the circulation of money, Mr. Adnan Djuanda explained that until the H-5 Muslim demand for coins has reached Rp. 77 trillion. This figure far exceeds the demand of Muslims in the previous period to reach 54.78 trillion. Thus the demand for small denominations that reflects the values ​​of Muslims has increased spending by 12%

However, are you aware that many of these funds are not flowing into the pockets of Muslims, but flows into the pockets of other people. Please you look at the shopping malls of the most inundated by Muslims during Ramadan, you will undoubtedly get most of them belong to other people.

However, you try to observe the holy days of other people, is there of Muslims who also enjoy the celebration of their blessing?

If so, why all this as if Muslims do not care about this fact?

The figure above, you may never have imagined before, but that's reality. And at the same time, you may be amazed to get the facts that had been forgotten by many people. Ability to spend money so large and so within a short time, is proof that true Muslims are rich

How rich do not, the above figures of Rp 77 trillion is only a rough figure, because it is limited to money that was formally withdrawn by the BI. As a data point, which includes money deposited by the public under the pillow, or personal strongbox, and others no one knows the numbers.

If so the funds are invested in productive projects, would be creating a great job. And if Muslims set aside some funds in the celebration of Eid al-Fitr spend, to sympathize a lot of needy people who can terentaskan of poverty.

You try to think of it, if a fund of (77 trillion) were distributed to the poor who are mostly Muslim majority undoubtedly they terentaskan of poverty.

According to Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the number of poor people in Indonesia in March 2011 was 30.02 million. Thus if the money by 77 billion distributed to them so each one can get at least 2.4 million dollars. Of this much money for the poor is very meaningful and could even be the capital for businesses to connect their family life.

But the fact that these funds are spent in the needs that are consumptive, so not much give a positive value for the welfare of the people. Only a handful of people, the traders who can enjoy the swift flow of funds of the people.

You try again today to remember what you did while celebrating Eid al-Fitr. How many pairs you buy new clothes, shoes or slippers, and what kinds of foods you prepare. At the moment it seems as though you lack the proper clothes to wear, and Eid al-Fitr as if you are not valid if not providing the food and cake are diverse.

Did not you remember our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam below.

كلوا واشربوا والبسوا وتصدقوا, فى غير إسراف ولا مخيلة

"Eat and drink, dress and bersedekahlah, without any superfluous attitude and arrogance" [Reported by al-Bukhari]

More ironically, the celebration of Eid al-Fitr has been converted from a nuanced celebration of worship and thanksgiving for favors implementation of fasting, a showcase. Showing off new clothes, cakes, jewelry, new vehicles and so forth.

Naturally, when the values ​​of faith and gratitude to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala on the feast day of the year to year more and more faded. Advance awareness of the values ​​ubudiyah to God Almighty. Ubudiyah values ​​are reflected in your adherence to refrain from eating and drinking for one full month, then on the holiday you are prohibited from fasting. Compliance is realized in a month you refrain from eating and drinking, and at the feast of sebalikya, you worship with eating and drinking.

Ubudiyah to Allah Almighty is not in amaliyah birth per se, but rather on your adherence to all the commandments and prohibitions, regardless of its form. Ubudiyah could be eating and drinking, as can be realized in the refrain of both.

However, what people might say if it is more emphasis on the appearance of Islam was born, as Eid al-Fitr just having fun with new clothes, and delicious dishes.

My brother! Reflect on the narrative of Umm 'Athiyah, hopefully you can compare Eid al-Fitr celebrations of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and the Shabat with your celebration.

قالت يارسول الله على إحدانا بأس إذا لم يكن لها جلباب أن لاتخرج? فقال لتلبسها صا حبتها من جلبابها فليشهدن الخير ودعوة المؤمنين

"I asked: Messenger of Allah, whether we pray if we do not have a veil, so no Eid al-Fitr prayers attended? Then the Prophet said: Let her friend lend her veil, so that he participated to get good and covered by the prayers of Muslims "[Reported by al-Bukhari]

Thus, they celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the values ​​of their worship is more emphasized, rather than appearance. Feast day has arrived, but there are Companions of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam who have not had a scarf that can be used to close his private parts when out of the house.

While not having the hijab, they are not desperate to join Eid al-Fitr as a worship menyemarakan effort to get the blessings of obedience to God Almighty.

If Muslims in today's re-emphasis on religious values ​​than appearance, surely the potential for wealth and they are not being squandered like this.

My brother! Keep in mind the following Arab proverb:

ليس العيد لمن لبس الجديد إنما العيد لمن طاعاته تزيد

"It is not 'ied it belongs to the new dress, but ied piety belongs to the person who developed distant roar".

Hopefully this simple exposure to arouse your faith, so you do not waste your hard-earned money in things that are less valuable. Hopefully this article to remind you that the results of your sweat running all this time how beautiful if you just leave at the sight of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. How many doors of heaven are open around you, but how little success you achieve with your wealth.

Allaah ta'ala knows best bisshawab

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine XVI/1433/2012M 03-04/Tahun Edition. Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

In view of Ulama Talfiq

Cleric Abu Humaid Arif Syarifudin

In Arabic, the word talfiq (التلفيق) derived from the word (لفق - يلفق - تلفيقا) which means incorporating something else. For example, as the expression (لفقت الثوب) which means, I combine the two ends of the clothes (clothing / fabric), one with another, and then sew it. (Lisanul Arab 10-330-331). Talfiq and discussion will be discussed here is, as much discussed by scholars and jurists regarding ushul bertaklid issues to schools in Islam mujtahid Imams. We lift based on the book of Usul Al Fiqhi Al Islami, the work of Dr. Az Wahbah Zuhaili, Juz II, p. 1171 to 1181.

Talfiq, which brings some way (in worship or mu'amalah) who have never been declared by the mujtahid scholars. That is, bertaklid to schools in Islam as well as taking (combines) two or more opinions in the matter, which has pillars and branches, giving rise to a joint case (assemblies) which was never stated by anyone (from mujtahid Imams ) [1], not by what he used to follow the imam and the priest madzhabnya 'new'. Instead of each of these priests in the worship setting batilnya the merger.

Example, someone mentalak three of his wife. Then the ex-wife married a boy aged 9 years for the purpose tahlil (justify re-marriage with her first husband, Pent.). In this, her second husband bertaklid to ash-Shafi'i madhhab authorizing such marriages, then he had intercourse with the woman and then divorce her to the madhhab of Imam Ahmad bertaklid authorizing the type of divorce that way and without going through the period of 'iddah, so that her first husband may marry again. [2]

Sheikh Ali ash-Shafi'i Ajhuri commented that (example) as it is prohibited in our time, and it should not be practiced as well as unauthorized. Because according to ash-Shafi'i schools, are required to marry a child must be your father or grandfather, and have a fair, and there should be benefit for the child in her marriage. Then the woman must marry the guardian of fair with just two witnesses as well. If there is one condition is not met, then the invalid tahlil, because marriage is not valid.

Talfiq problems as well as the dogmatic issue, its scope is in ijtihadi problems [3] which is zhanni (not the case qathi 'or uncertain, Pent.). As each case is ma'lum fiddin bidhdharurah (principal) in this religion, matters of the law was based on syar'i (definite), which has been approved by the Muslims and infidels pengingkarnya convicted, then there should not be making much less dogmatic talfiq in it.

On that basis, it should not be making that can lead to talfiq pembolehan (penghalalan) cases which are forbidden as The wine (alcohol) and adultery.

That allowed Talfiq
Justification for the notion that it is forbidden talfiq, is what is stated by the scholars of usul as ijma 'which prohibits raises third opinion, if the scholars into two groups disagree about the law on an issue. So, most of them expressed the opinion should not be led to violate the third agreement.

For example, as a matter of 'iddah for a pregnant woman abandoned by her husband's death. In this issue there are two opinions among the scholars. First, it argues bahwa'iddahnya is (a) birth abortion. Second, the opinion that 'iddahnya is the' iddah of the most distant of the two days' iddah [4]. Then it should not bring up a new opinion-for example, by stating that 'iddahnya is only a matter of months (4 months 10 days) alone. [5]

To comment on (refute) this talfiq sleaze claims, get through two methods. 1) Method of rejection (al man'u) or negation (an nafyu), 2) Method of opponents (itsbatul 'AKS). [6]

A. Rejection or Removal methods.
It is clear, because talfiq built on the ideas set forth by the dogmatic clerics muta `akhirin (final generation) in times of decline (Muslims in the diligence, pent.).

Talfiq meaning is not known (no) among the Salaf (predecessors of this Ummah), not in the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and his companions, nor in time of the priests (after them) and his disciples. As in the Apostle sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, then there is no talfiq practice at all, because the era was a revelation that does not allow the delivery of ijtihad.

Similarly, in the friend and tabi'in, the talfiq unknown in their midst. There was just someone who likes to ask the scholars from among the Companions and tabi'in, then he (who were) gives fatwa without requiring him to hold his fatwa, and also without the banned person (requester) is from the practice of fatwa in others, even though he knows the differences of opinion that many of them.

So also in the times of the four priests or other clergy who have entered the category of mujtahid scholars, there is no ban on excerpts of their charity to schools in others. In fact, each is trailing behind other scholars, but each of them know the differences in opinions with others who are zhanni ijtihadi problem (not sure). Then this indicates that the first-person-who requested a fatwa, take the opinions of the scholars into two or more problems, and it does not say that he has done talfiq, or has arrived at a condition that is never mentioned by the fatwa giver. It was only counted as a form of mutual mixing of the opinions of the fatwa givers in those who ask for a fatwa had been no intent (to confuse the opinion of one another). Similarly, the mutual mixing of languages ​​with each other in Arabic, for example.

And the rest, their opinion that the act prohibits talfiq, can lead to a ban bertaklid, which basically require their own imitation is for ordinary people [7], although most were not a form of imitation talfiq. And this is contrary to the principles that dissent reads the priests are blessing for the people [8]. Also contrary to the principles of ease and grace as well as eliminating the burdensome case and difficult conditions, which is the principle of building the Islamic shariah.

2. His opponent determination method (Itsbatul 'Aks).
Assuming that justify and accept the ban talfiq, behold, the scholars of that provision, that there is no necessity to hold on to certain schools in the whole problem, as already described. And someone who does not adhere to certain schools, it is permissible to talfiq. Otherwise, it will result in cancellation of worship conclusion of ordinary people, because, in fact, we almost did not find a layman working on a service that actually correspond to certain schools. The requirement that they mentioned about the necessity for attention to the difference in traffic schools, if someone bertaqlid to the schools or leave madzhabnya-earlier-in a problem, then this case is difficult, both in matters of worship and mu'amalah. Because it is against the principles of Shari'ah and the looseness and ease with the whole human benefit kecocokakannya

For example, someone who made ablution and wiped his head-to bertaqlid to Imam ash-Shafi'i madhhab, then wudhunya valid. Then, when she touched his cock after that with the schools of Abu Hanifa bertaklid, then his prayer is valid. Because of this bertaklid wudhunya legal person according to the agreement, it is because that touches the pubic does not invalidate wudu according to Abu Hanifah. And this is not to say that wudhunya invalid because it is void by each of the two schools of thought, because the two are separate issues (from one to another). The first was a perfect ablution with bertaklid to ash-Shafi'i madhhab, until then touches his cock and he went on (still in a state have ablution) with bertaklid to the schools of Abu Hanifa. Then to the schools of Abu Hanifa imitation is merely to continue what has been legitimate, rather than at the beginning of worship.

As for the claims of some followers of the Hanafi madhhab [9], that there has been consensus that prohibits conduct talfiq, then maybe just in terms of the agreement of the followers of these schools only (Hanafi), or refer to the majority of scholars, or by what is heard, or just prejudice (zhan) only. Because, if the problem is already a consensus, should the other schools in Islam jurists will also explain the existence of consensus, not enough to silence them and the only possibility. And there is no evidence that shows clearly the strongest about the lack of consensus in excess of the existence of many scholars of dissent against muta `akhirin (talfiq ban). [10]

Al-Kamal ibn al-Hammam in At-Tahrir and followed by his student Ibn Amir Al-Hajj [11] - declared: "Behold a (lay) which allowed for bertaklid bertaklid to anyone who likes [12]. And if a man who lay mujtahid take the opinion of most light for him in any trouble, then I do not know exist or aqli naqli argument against it. And when a person (lay) searched for him the lightest of the opinion of a mujtahid-eligible-diligence, I am not aware of elements of shari'ah is a reproach, while the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam like something that alleviate his people ".

The two priests agreed that the cancellation of the perpetrator talfiq charity, then this is an opinion not supported by evidence. Because people are not bertaklid bertaklid to both the overall charity. But only bertaklid to one of two priests in a certain problem, which in that case, he did not bertaklid to others, then this is not why. While the overall no one charity that requires you to look at it, not in terms of ijtihad and in terms of imitation. But this is only a vulgarized one shariah law from someone who had no right to say it.

Ibn Abidin submit a statement in Al Hamidiyah Tanqih the essence, that the dream of a mufti there are instructions on the legal permissibility of joint, and Sheikh Ath Thursusi also allow it, as well as' Allamah Abu Su'ud memfatwakan As his skill in his fatwa. Similarly, Ibn Nujaim provision in his treatise, entitled Fi Bai'il Waqfi Ghabnin Fahisys Bi, according to the opinion that the schools are doing talfiq permissibility, as quoted from al-Fatawa Al Bazaziyah. While Ibn al-Maliki confirmed Arafat Al Hasyiah skill in 'Ala Ash Sharh Al Kabir. Allamah al-'Adawi and others also memfatwakan skill, because it is a form of leniency. [13]

And Jumhur scholars-among some scholars argue that schools Syafi'iyah-Ijma 'that was quoted by individuals, as claimed for this problem, do not be practiced (because nature is not consensus, Pent.). Moreover, in this case, claiming the ijma 'is prohibited. Because the fact of the scholars have mentioned the presence of reliable differences of opinion in this matter, such as Al Amir and Al Baijuri. And Ash Syafsyawani an issue pertaining to the merger of two or more schools of thought by saying: "Verily, usul experts disagree on this issue, but that is permissible according to the study-is (done talfiq)".

In conclusion, the religion of Allah is easier, not harder, and opinions that allow easy talfiq included in the category of people (especially the ordinary people, Pent.). Allah Almighty says:

وما جعل عليكم في الدين من حرج

He has chosen you and He never laid upon you an hardship in religion. [Al-Hajj: 78].

يريد الله أن يخفف عنكم وخلق الإنسان ضعيفا

God wanted to give relief to you, and man made weak. [An Nisa ': 28].

يريد الله بكم اليسر ولا يريد بكم العسر

Allah desires ease for you and does not want hardship for you. [Al Baqarah: 185].

And the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

((بعثت بالحنيفية السمحة))

I already sent by (brought Islam) are straight again easily. [14]

Prohibited Talfiq
The ability to do this talfiq not absolute, but limited in scope given. Because there is necessarily a form of vanity talfiq according to its shape, as if it leads to penghalalan talfiq matters that are forbidden (by qath'i or exactly) like The wine (alcohol), adultery and etc.. And there are not prohibited by dzatnya, but because there is something that interfere (thus the origin may be, to be forbidden, Pent.). This second type of three kinds. [15]

A. Resort to just searching for the lightest (tatabbu 'ar rukhash).
Ie someone takes what is the lightest of any schools, with no element of compulsion and strong udzur. It is forbidden to cover the streets of the damage in the form of business exemption from the burdens of shari'ah.
Al-Ghazali said, "No person shall falsely take the other schools, and a lay-too-not that he should choose the most delicious of all schools in each issue, then he memperlebarnya (to all the problems with no compulsion, Pent.) ... ... ". [16] And of course, goes into this sort, which is looking for the lightest law to go around and pick up a weak opinion of any schools in order to follow lust and desires.

2. Talfiq which resulted in rejection of the law (statutes or decisions) Judge (government), because its provisions may eliminate the dispute to anticipate the occurrence of chaos.

3. Talfiq that cause someone to leave what has been diamalkannya be dogmatic, or leave the matter as agreed due to the presence of a ditaklidinya case.

The first example of a state. If there is a faqih (the notion of religion) said to his wife "I mentalakmu forever" and he argues that such lafadz-by-three divorces has fallen, so he relates his opinions carry out between him and his wife, and he maintains that his wife had unlawful for him. Then after that he believes that it is talaknya raj'i divorce, but he still thinks the first execute predefined and do not want to return to his wife (who has ditalaknya) as his wife again with her latest opinion. It is forbidden, because he still leaves the first opinion, while he was taking a second opinion in the same issue.

Example of a second state. If a man bertaklid to Imam Abu Hanifa in the opinion of the (valid) marriage without a wali (woman's) [17], then the 'aqad (marriage) is to grant ratification of the fall of divorce, because it is a consequence of legitimate marriage according to the ijma'. Then, if the man's three divorces against his wife, then he wants to Imam ash-Shafi'i bertaklid who argue there is no divorce is falling, due to marriage without the wali (which according to him is not valid, Pent.) [18], then he should not do-talfiq-like that, because he left taklidnya in the case shall have agreed upon. [19]

It was more intended to keep the problem nasab than other aspects. Because, if not so, it will result in consequences that the relationships that have been made (between them) is haram relationships (adultery) and children who were born (of relationship) are the children of adultery. It must be closed any doors that may lead to the engineering effort (superstitions) like that in all the major issues, such as marital problems or in any case the object of discrediting religion as a toy or human harm or damage on the earth.

As in matters of worship and burdens that have nothing to narrow the Shari'ah to His servants, it is not prohibited from doing talfiq, though it will result in abandonment cases that have been practiced or abandonment of the case shall be required for other matters by consensus, as long as do not lead to liberation themselves from the burdens of sharia bonds, or lead to the removal of wisdom by following the enactment of sharia every hilah (engineering) that can alter or eliminate the purpose of shari'ah.

Above has been explained that the scope talfiq only in matters furu '(branches) that is allowed going zhanni ijtihad, namely in matters that allow differences of opinion in it. As for matters related to aqeedah, faith and morals as well as matters of principle of this religion, then it can not be penetrated by talfiq. Because there can be no dogmatic him by consensus of the scholars, nor include the ijtihad which will result in a difference of opinion, which became the basis for imitation and talfiq-.

Talfiq because it is very possible in matters of furu ', then there should be details on the legal issues furu' is. Matters furu 'in Shari'ah is divided into three types. [20]

A. Matters furu 'which builds on the principles of simplicity and spaciousness in all its varieties is due to the diversity of the state of the mukallaf (who saddled shari'ah).
2. Matters furu 'which builds on the principles of prudence and looking for the ultimate survivor.
3. Matters furu 'oriented welfare and happiness of the servants.

The first type, is mahdhah devotions. Allowed to talfiq in it if necessary, because the essence is to carry out the command of Allah Almighty and are subject to Him without any element of narrowness. So it should not be excessive in this manner. Due to excessive behavior (beyond the limit) will plunge to destruction.

The devotions maliyah (with property), then it must be tightened to prudence, because it was feared would abandon the right of the needy. Therefore, someone who wants to give charity should not take the opinion of the weak or incorporate the opinions of any more schools does not guarantee the integrity of the rights of the indigent. In this issue, a mufti (fatwa givers) should issue a fatwa of the most careful (survivors) and the most conducive, keeping in mind the condition of the person who asked for a fatwa (mustafti) and whether he was among those who have an interest (some urgent) or not.

The second type, namely the matters that are prohibited, which is based on prudence (ihtiyath) and take the opinion of most survivors (wara ') [21] (to leave doubtful) as strong as possible. Because God Almighty does not forbid anything, but because of the Awliyaa (danger). Then it should not be given leniency or talfiq in that, except in an emergency (forced) by the shari'ah glasses. For emergency situations (forced) to allow (take) is prohibited. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

((ما نهيتكم عنه فاجتنبوه, وما أمرتكم به فأتوا منه ما استطعتم))

What I commanded let you stay away from (leave) and what I tell you, then let you as hard as you do. [22]

In the above hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam binding orders to the level of ability, while the ban absolutized (not bound), by refusing Awliyaa of the matter is prohibited.

As for not bolehnya talfiq the restrictions that, because of the ban-ban was established on the basis of prudence and looking for the ultimate survivor. It relied on the hadith:

دع ما يريبك إلى ما لا يريبك

Leave what is doubtful to what you do not doubt you. [23]

The restrictions related to human rights, it should not be doing talfiq in it. Because it is based on the principle of maintaining the rights and prevent harassment and persecution (others). Then it should not be doing talfiq in that regard, because it is a form of engineering trickery aimed against the rights of people and hurt them.

While the third type, the type of mu'amalah (interaction between human beings), criminal penalties (hudud), fulfill the obligation of property and marriage.

Marriage and the integral with the law, such as mufaraqah (separation of the relationship between husband and wife), the foundation is to realize the happiness of husband and wife and children. This can be realized by maintaining the marriage bond and the creation of a good life in the family, as defined Koran Al Karim:

فإمساك بمعروف أو تسريح بإحسان

After that, may refer again to the way that ma'ruf or divorce in a good way. [Al Baqarah: 229].

Thus, every case that supports this principle should be practiced, although in some cases will drag the deed talfiq. Only, talfiq should not be used as an object of the game in the affairs of marriage and divorce, with due regard to rules of Shari'ah, namely that "the legal origin of marriage or marriage is unlawful" [24] (except that meets the requirements that have been defined shari'ah, Pent.), in order to safeguard the rights of women and offspring. And if it (the law in the marriage) in the case, then talfiq be banned.

The problem mu'amalah, fulfill the obligation of property, enforcement of hudud (criminal law) and the protection of the blood (human) and other similar issues that concerned about welfare and good of human life, it shall take away from each schools, opinion most priority to welfare and happiness humans, although to do talfiq. For the selection of the opinion that the model will reflect the effort to support the benefit desired by the Shari'a. Plus, because the benefit of human-welfare change with changing times and customs and the development of their civilization. And limits maslahah is, every case which guarantees protection against the five basic principles, namely the preservation of religion, soul, mind, offspring and property; and protection against any kindness that targeted by the Shari'ah, either through the Qur'an, Sunnah or Ijma ' , better known as mashalih mursalah maqbulah (acceptable).

In conclusion, the restriction is permissible or not doing talfiq is, that every case that could disrupt the foundations of Shari'a and may break the rules and wisdom, then it is prohibited, especially if it's just hiyal (fabrication to escape the burden of shari'ah ' at, Pent.). Whereas all things that support the foundation, wisdom and rules of Shari'ah to human happiness in the world and the hereafter, by facilitating the ease to them in matters of worship and ensure any benefit to them in matters of mu'amalah (interaction between them), then it is permissible , even a demand.

In addition, the application talfiq allowed only when needed or in an emergency (forced) only, not intended for the law in religious opinion or seek out the most convenient and lightweight with no maslahah deliberately legalized sharia. And again, and even then limited to a partial observance of law and the nature mu'amalah ijtihadi (which allowed the difference of opinion) and not be qath'i (definitely). And Allaah knows best.

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine X/1427H/2006M 03/Tahun Edition. Foundation published Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondanrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]

Islam is Mercy, Not a Threat

Shaykh 'Ali bin Hasan al-Halaby

I do not forget to mention one thing that will be footing the current theme, namely Islamic mercy and grace of the Prophet of Islam. I really can feel and see no mercy on the Muslims in this good land. They love Allah and His Messenger, and the love of truth which comes from the Lord and His Apostles. This is an unparalleled privilege. An ethic that very few people who adorn themselves with it at the present time. And indeed the further period of time nubuwwah, then the less good.

As said the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

ما من عام إلا الذي بعده شر منه حتى تلقوا ربكم

No single period (which came), but its aftermath is worse of it, until you meet your Lord. [HR at Tirmidhi, no. 2132].

So, I congratulate you all, the ethics of this good, submission to Allah and His Messenger as a sense of reverence to God and His Messenger. And I mentazkiah (praise) you all before God.

I want to say something that churned in the chest. These things seem contradictory, but it is a truth if it is described and explained. It is about Islam is mercy, our Lord is ar Rahim (Merciful) and our Prophet is a mercy to all nature.

As for the kontradiksif that was on my mind, that the above issues including matters badahiy [2], a clear and more clear from the sun during the day. Then, suddenly we have to explain it again as a form of defense against Islam, an explanation for the reversal of the truth about Islam, and an explanation of a current state view of Islam has changed.

No doubt, this is something that is troubling the hearts and minds, we see the contradictory facts to explain a problem that has been diimani, the problem is obvious, that this religion (Islam) is Grace, the Most Merciful Allah and our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also a lover. Therefore, I ask God to deign to help us understand the meaning of this and practice it.

The texts of al-Qur `an and Sunnah Nabawiyah that strengthen and solidify penjelaskan this topic is very extensive, are innumerable. However, we should mention some, to be calm in the heart of truth. And minds and souls to feel happy with the guidance.

Nash is the greatest, characterize God Himself that He is the Essence of the All-Merciful. Properties with this name, is widely available in the Al Qur `an. Suffice it to you, the texts that you read repeatedly in prayer day and night by more than ten times, so that an understanding of the meaning is embedded and embedded in the hearts and feelings. Allah Almighty says:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم {1} الحمد لله رب العالمين {2} الرحمن الرحيم

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of hosts. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. [Al Fatiha: 1-3].

You repeat that in every rak'ah, when reading the second paragraph basmalah and reading (of Surat al-Fatiha), so that the meaning of this picture and also the realization, either scientifically or amaliah can be done (simultaneously) at a time.

God also characterize His Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with the nature of the uterus (loving) it. Allah Almighty says:

بالمؤمنين رءوف رحيم

(Prophet Muhammad) so again loving mercy towards the believers. [At Tawbah: 128].

Our prophet of the uterus (merciful), as well as our Rabb Rahim (Merciful). However, the uterus (of love) was the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam prince of all the Children of Adam, according to the greatness he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and the nature of humanity. While Rahim (merciful) God according to his glory and perfection. So mercy (compassion) is the nature of God and the nature of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Allah and His Messenger wanted this to be a real blessing on earth. Because the din (religion) is a din of grace. Allah Almighty says:

ومآ أرسلناك إلارحمة للعالمين

And We sent thee not, but for (a) mercy for all creatures. [Al Anbiya ': 107].

Allah does not say "... as a mercy to the Believers, "but God says grace for the whole of nature, not just humans; even this was also in the graces of nature, namely the nature jinn and angels.

And the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam delivered on his sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam:

إنما أنا رحمة مهداة

I was a gift of grace. [3]

Many texts of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is clear to the believers, who welcomed the call of Allah and His Messenger, who believe in the law of Allah and His Messenger, and subject to the law of Allah and His Messenger, to be the ones who have a sense of compassion and love each other, so that they will be loved by God Almighty, not just a blessing in the form of wishful thinking that dreamed of by heart and sung by the oral. If it's just, then this can be done by everyone. Allah Almighty says:

ياأيها الذين ءامنوا لم تقولون مالاتفعلون {2} كبر مقتا عند الله أن تقولوا مالاتفعلون

O ye who believe, why do not you say what you do. Enormous resentment in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do. [Ash Shaf: 2.3].

God wants us to be the people who loved and loving, more loved, not just mere words, but the (proven) to the charity, not just a phrase, but the (realized) by the act. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء

People who would love to be loved by the One Merciful. Always treat people who are on earth, He the One who is above heaven (Allah) will love you. [4]

The Prophet also said:

ارحموا ترحموا

Sayanglah do love you, surely you will be loved [5]

Word of his sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

من لا يرحم لا يرحم

People who do not have a sense of love, will not be loved. [6]

All the above texts and others confirmed the meaning of grace, so grounded in the life of the system and implemented; loving one another, each soft-prostrate, mutual help, especially to those who were given taufik by God, and given instructions to convert to Islam and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

This grace can not be properly realized, except with useful knowledge based al-Qur `an and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. The grace without science is based, but based on ignorance, just a feeling that dwell in the chest, sometimes not in accordance with the place; become unclear, and this uncertainty led to large errors.

Therefore, it comes from Ahl Sunnah scholars, as stated by Ibn Taymiyah: "Ahlus Sunnah are the most knowledgeable about al haq (truth) and the affection of the creature".

Flavor of love requires us to give advice to others, prostrate-gently to them, and requires you to give them the opportunity to repent to Allah Almighty, the road back to God before they died.

Flavor of love (grace) it requires you to have a sense of caring (for safety creatures) that you take of the nature of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam given Allaah to his sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, namely:

... حريص عليكم بالمؤمنين رءوف رحيم

... (The Prophet) wanted (faith and salvation) you, again very loving mercy towards the believers. [At Tawbah: 128].

This spirit should be accompanied by tenderness and affection, which is the largest and most majestic feature of din (religion) is, instead of roughness and stiffness, not accompanied by the attitude of extreme or excessive manner, but, with a tenderness that became a symbol of this religion.

So that no one is prejudiced, and suspect that grace (flavor of love) is only for the Muslims only, or applies only among the Muslims (only), thus dragging the sleaze, then I need to mention some of the texts that describe the Prophet's sayings This grace and scope. Grace is not just for Muslims alone, but also for those who disbelieve, not only for humans, but also for the animals though.

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was the leader of the preacher (preacher) and leader of the people who waited upon the various kinds of torments and insults. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to put up with hostility and persecution, and pray for the good of the culprit. When the unbelievers before injuring his head, he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, making him bleed, and when they break the teeth he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did not pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to give something back bad to them, but, he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam just want mercy for them, because he is a blessing. Prophet then prayed:

اللهم اغفر لقومي فإنهم لا يعلمون

Yes, God. Forgive my people, because they did not know. [7]

Though he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was tortured and abused by them. Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

وما أوذي أحد في الله مثل ما أوذيت

No one was hurt in the way of Allah as (for) disorder that happens to me. [8]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with patience sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

لعل الله أن يخرج من أصلابهم من يوحد الله

May God remove the mentauhidkan the God of the backbone (offspring) them. [9]

Patience, he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was instrumental in the spread of this din, occupies a large part in guiding people through a real charity, not just theory, as was said at this time. In fact, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam uterus (have compassion) in situations of war and were dealing with the enemies of Islam. Islam is not a battle in war hostilities, but the war of redemption; war to spread the joints of love. Killing the enemy is not the main goal and the first, but it is the last option. The first bid is the religion of Islam, the second is to pay tribute (payment in exchange for security guarantees), and the third is not to interfere with the Muslims. If the unbelievers do not care about it, still disturb and harm the Muslims, then they must be fought, and this too should be the order of the rulers and the scholars who together shoulder to shoulder in the din Allah help this. However, if the initiative is a war waged by individuals, it is necessary to understand, that the problem of mobilizing the war is not per individual rights. He said:

وقاتلوا في سبيل الله الذين يقاتلونكم ولا تعتدوا إن الله لا يحب المعتدين

Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, (but) do not transgress limits, for Allah loves not the transgressors. [Al-Baqarah: 190].

This is the Islamic din joints in a state of peace and war, while also dealing with the enemy. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam constantly directing his commanders to do mercy (compassion) and to the mercy (compassion). Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Do not kill children, old people who have, do not kill the monks in the church, and you do not break the trees". [10]

Allahu Akbar! This is the character of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, is the character he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam did not commit murder indiscriminately, apatah longer a goal, or to be something popular or that he commanded?

With indiscriminate murder was never blessed by our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. How likely be pleased with? With indiscriminate killings, will only cause problems and the spilling of blood is very regrettable that the human conscience, let alone by Allah and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

With morals and joints, the Islamists are gaining primacy, Islam became the leader and have a role in plugging the foundation, for what they called the voice of human rights and what they call animal rights. Before the progress of science, before Western civilization, and before the means of communication had been developed which is currently perceived by the various parts of the world, Islam first voiced human rights and animal rights. However they tried to precede, trying to favor their civilization and strive to realize the meanings and teachings of this, Islam remains at the forefront.

Islamic leader in instilling noble joints, and then make it happen in real life, in the history of his past, now and in the future, insha Allah Almighty. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

إن الله كتب الإحسان على كل شيء فإذا قتلتم فأحسنوا القتلة وإذا ذبحتم فأحسنوا الذبحة وليحد أحدكم شفرته وليرح ذبيحته

Verily Allah has instructed you to do good to all things. If you kill (execute the law of Qisas), then fix the way the implementation. If you do the slaughtering of animals, then do good in the slaughter. Let one of you sharpen his knife and fun animals sembelihannya. [11]

This character is shown in mu'amalah a Muslim, mu'amalah in Islam, in terms of cutting up animals. Then how in mu'amalah with human nature described by Allah Almighty:

ولقد كرمنا بنى ءادم

And We have indeed honored the children of Adam. [Al Israa ': 70].

Glorify God with what they are? With what they are God's favor? Nothing else, except by showing them to the din of God of truth, give directions to them to be a preacher to the path of Allah Almighty. So that they become a righteous person and make amends for the other. This is a very high award. This is precisely what many, even most of the missing man, but man will confess to God. And this, if God did not give directions, then no one will give clues other than Allah Almighty.

In order for this to be a perfect picture and the truth became clear, I need to remind, that the meaning of mercy (compassion) and gentle is not contrary to the 'Izzah (courage) a Muslim. Sense of love of a Muslim should not be cause it is subject, except to the al-haq (truth) and (not) humble themselves, except to the Muslims. Flavor of love has its own place; as well as the 'Izzah. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

ثلاث من كن فيه وجد بهن حلاوة الإيمان (فذكر منها) وأن يكره أن يعود في الكفر بعد أن أنقذه الله منه كما يكره أن يقذف في النار

There are three things, whoever has these three things, then he will feel the sweetness of faith ... (And he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam mentioned, one of which is) ... do not want to return to kufr after Allah saved him from disbelief, as he did not want to be thrown into the fire. [12]

These include 'Izzah a Muslim by faith, not subject to other than Allah Almighty. And the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also said:

المؤمن القوي خير وأحب إلى الله من المؤمن الضعيف وفي كل خير

A strong believer is better and more loved by God, rather than a weak believer. And each one has a good [13]. Each get a good fit with the power (it has).

So, the power, feeling high, feeling strong, (it) has its own place. Not at all contrary to the submission of a Muslim to his Lord, is not subject to the enemy. The nature of love is not contrary to the commandment of God to His Prophet:

يآأيها النبي جاهد الكفار والمنافقين واغلظ عليهم ومأواهم جهنم وبئس المصير

O Prophet, fight the infidels and hypocrites, and be hard at them. Their place is Hell, and it is an evil place again. [At Tahrim: 9]

Nor is it contrary to the nature of Allah Almighty given to the Faithful, that they were,

محمد رسول الله والذين معه أشدآء على الكفار رحمآء بينهم

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are hard against the unbelievers. [Al-Fath: 29]

Stance, contained in the word of Allah Almighty on having the time and place of its own. As explained earlier, that place is in the third, not first order. Because people are not willing to accept the invitation to Islam, the first stage, and did not heed the warnings, the second order; mean he is reluctant to accept the truth and force arbitrarily against the creature, then he is entitled to a tougher stance. And the stern there is a lesson for other people. Is not Allah Almighty says:

فشرد بهم من خلفهم لعلهم يذكرون

Then the divorce-beraikanlah people behind them (crush) them, that they may take heed. [Al-Anfal: 57].

Thus, this intransigence also contains teaching about mercy (compassion), so that people who quit his arrogant pride. Because the lesson for them is enough to educate the soul.

To clarify, I bring permisalan, and the highest permisalan belongs only to God. Did not you notice, when you teach your child and educate him, if he fails, you give a warning. If he remains as he is, then you will hit it.

Yes, it was a painful beating, however, (it) is for educational purposes, not containing vengeful blow, however, contain a good blow. Similarly, a tougher stance in Islam, he has the time and place of their own containing the compassion and the realization of Allah Almighty says:

ومآ أرسلناك إلارحمة للعالمين

And We sent thee not, but for (a) mercy for all creatures. [Al Anbiya ': 107].

Finally, I ask God Almighty, that makes us as people who are loving and being the people who have compassion, be the one who invites people to the Book of Allah, a man who always follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, (a) persons who hold fast to the rope of Allah, a person who is subject to tauhidNya. For Allah hath power to do it all.

Washallahu 'ala Muhammad wa Nabiyina' ala wa aalihi shahbihi ajma'in.

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine X/1427H/2006 01/Tahun Edition. Foundation published Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondanrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]
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ولقد أوذيت في الله وما يؤذى أحد

And indeed I never bothered in the way of Allah, and no one has ever experienced.

[9]. Similar hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim.

... بل أرجو أن يخرج الله من أصلابهم من يعبد الله وحده لا يشرك به شيئا

However, I hope God out those who worship Allah alone and do not shirk, from the backbone (offspring) them.

[10]. Similar hadith, narrated by Abu Dawud contained in:

... ولا تقتلوا شيخا فانيا ولا طفلا ولا صغيرا ولا امرأة ...

You guys ... and do not kill the elderly, young children and also women.

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Owned Only the triumph of Islam

Shaykh Abu Usama bin Salim al-Hilali Id

Indeed, including a very encouraging, we met again in this mosque, the university, in the middle of our brothers, we are united dikalimat the same, namely the sentence above unity and greatness of Islam. Our theme in this bright morning Hiri is the greatness of Allah and His Messenger and those who believe. That is, the greatness of Islam's just alone.

Arguments show that the glory belongs only to Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims and Islam very much. Word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

ولله العزة ولرسوله وللمؤمنين ولكن المنافقين لا يعلمون

Yet that power is only for God, for His Messenger and to those who believe, but the hypocrites know not. [Al-Munafiqun: 8]

This verse confirms that the glory belongs only to Allah, His Messenger and the believers.

فلا تهنوا وتدعوا إلى السلم وأنتم الأعلون والله معكم ولن يتركم أعمالكم

Do you feel weak and ask for peace, but you're the one above, and Allah (also) with you and he never will decrease (reward)-amalmu charity. [Muhammad: 35]

And already in the know for those who study the Koran, he determined that kalimatullah is highest, while the unbelievers are in a sentence the lowest level. So it's the greatness of Islam in the book of Allah. Likewise, this is stressed by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and the statements of the Salaf generation, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam.

لا ينبغي لمسلم أن يذل نفسه

A believer should not humiliate himself "[Hadith Reported by Ahmad]

This is the argument that every Muslim was glorious with his religion. Because Islam teaches al 'Izzah him.

Consider the dialogue between Abu Sufyan who was still in kekufurannya-it-with padawaktu Umar, when the polytheists get the victory in the battle of Uhud.

Abu Sufyan said: Hubal magnify, then the Prophet ordered Umar to argue with (saying): "God is greater and taller".

This is part of al postulate as the book and the Sunnah which indicates that Izzah (greatness) only belongs to Allah, His Messenger and Islam.

If we have learned that it belonged to the greatness of Islam, what is the Izzah in Islam, and how Islam can remove them from the concept of ignorance towards greatness kosep Izzah believe. Meditate on this verse, we see and compare. "And that power is only for Allah, to His Messenger and to the believers but the hypocrites know not" [Al-Munafiqun: 8]

Look, Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul, chairman of the munafqin Musthaliq sons in the war. Having people come home from the war-including the Prophet, he raised the idea spread hadith ifk (false news). He accused the Mother of Believers Shiddiqah ash ash bin Siddiq ('Aisha) on charges of adultery. Wal iyyadzu billah.

Look, he turned the battle into his house, in his honor. In an atmosphere full of hot issues, maze-laden hoax, these hypocrites want to take advantage of this opportunity, or want to hit him, or want to fish in murky water.

In the situation he said: لئن رجعنآ إلى المدينة ليخرجن الأعز منها الأذل (Indeed if it had been returned to Medina, really strong people who will drive out those who are weak from it). He meant by a strong man is his own. While he's talking about people who are weak Rasullah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

This concept Izzah the glasses of ignorance, pride, pride of social position, with nasab, ancestor, class, number of followers, many treasures, with the rank and wealth. This Izzah by ignorance.

On the issue of false news is, God does not allow any person who denies the spreaders of false news issues. Who denies God is direct. Rehabilitate the good name of the Mother of God Faithful in the first eleven verses of Surat an-Nur. While in surah Al-Munafiqin, God denied Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul (with words).

ولله العزة ولرسوله وللمؤمنين ولكن المنافقين لا يعلمون

"And that power is only for Allah, to His Messenger and to the believers but the hypocrites know not" [Al-Munafiqun: 8]

The Word of God is as if to say, there is no greatness but of God. He is the all-mighty and wise, strong and perkasa.Tidak Maha no greatness, but belongs to God. There is no glory, but with God.

Anyone who depends on the all-powerful, he will undoubtedly be a strong man. Therefore, the Messenger of Allah stick with, so that it becomes stronger. And so it is with the believers, they cling to Allah and His Messenger, they become powerful beings.

This is the meaning Izzah in kosep pious, proud of themselves with religion, with Allah, the Apostle, good deeds, useful knowledge, and mission to God. Look, how the concept of Islam raised men from the earth's surface to an altitude Izzah. Towards high resolution. In spite of their bodies that is in contact with the earth, but their souls are bound by malail A'la (majlis of the most high), with the existing pleasures of Allah. So Izzah belongs to Islam.

Does (the) source?
We said earlier, that there is no greatness but of God. And anyone who along with the all-mighty, mighty, and he became who seek glory by other than Allah, He will humble.

Most of the factors that support this Izzah kukuhnya, is the Islamic Aqeedah. Aqeedah is based on tauhidullah (mentauhidkan God), to dzatNya, action-wa His actions and His nature asthma, None has the right to Essence in worship none but God. Therefore, whoever menyambah God, he became a mighty man. And those who meyekutukan God, will become contemptible human being. Allah is elevating or humiliating someone. God said.

وتعز من تشاء وتذل من تشاء

And You exalt the person who you want, and you despise people who you want. [Ali Imron: 26]

Whoever is consistent in the correct Aqeedah and Tawheed are straight, surely Allah will honor him with faith and conviction and religion. And anyone who deviates from it, should not reproach but themselves alone.

Other factors also can realize the 'Izzah is manhaj. Therefore, Allah says.

ومن أحسن قولا ممن دعا إلى الله وعمل صالحا وقال إنني من المسلمين

Who better words than those who call to Allah, does good pious and said: "I am including lectures those who surrender." [Fushiliat: 33]

Lihatah, after he held with manhaj and propaganda, then have a sense of pride in religion. He echoed his voice, that he is a Muslim, including the bertauhid to God and follow God and His Messenger. Word of God:

ومن أحسن قولا

(And who better words ...), then the answer is, no one better than him. In this verse Allah binding with manhaj propaganda. Only later do righteous deeds. After that, he was finally proud of Islam.

Therefore, the requirement relating to receipt of righteous deeds, there are legal terms and conditions kamal (perfection).

About legal requirements for the receipt of charity is of God and ittiba ikhls' to the Prophet. While charity is the perfection requirement.

First: Someone has to hold his religion by force. God said.

يا يحيى خذ الكتاب بقوة

Hi, John. Take the Book (Torah) that seriously. [Maryam: 12]

He said:

خذوا ما آتيناكم بقوة

"Pegangilah firmly what We have given you" [al-Baqarah: 63]

And is the pride Quwwah is the religion of Islam.

Second: Not lazy urge to perform good deeds and in doing good deeds and obedience.

Another source of Islamic glory, that being a Muslim that has its own characteristics in aqeedah, ways of worship, outward or inward appearance.

In all aspects, a Muslim has its own characteristics. Muslims have a special value to the prominence of his kindness. He said:

كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس

"You guys are the best people are born to human beings" [Al-Imran: 110]

Has its own value as a people just and options. He said:

وكذلك جعلناكم أمة وسطا

"And so (too) We have made us (Muslims), as a people just and selection" [Al-Baqarah: 143]

They became witnesses of God on earth. Look at the special values ​​that Muslims have in verse.

اهدنا الصراط المستقيم صراط الذين أنعمت عليهم غير المغضوب عليهم ولا الضالين

"Guide us the straight path. (It is) the way the people whom You have bestowed blessings to them, not the (path) the wrath of Allah (ie Jews) and not (also road) they are false (ie: Nassara ")" [Al-Fatihah: 6 - 7]

"Guide us, O Lord on the right and straight, not the path of those who incurred the Wrath of God, namely the Jews. Nor was it the way the people are misguided, that the Nassara. A Muslim is different from the Jews and Nassara, religious and class other. Therefore the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa salaam forbade tasyabbuh (berserupa) with unbelievers. ban was contained in the advice he was amazing.

بعثت بين يدي الساعة بالسيف حتى يعبد الله وجعل الذل والصغار على من خالف أمري وجعل رزقي تحت ظل رمحي ومن تشبه بقوم فهو منهم

"I was sent with the sword, when the Day of Resurrection is at hand, so that Allah alone is worshiped. Inflicted humiliation and humility in people who oppose my command. Rezekiku established under the cutting edge. Whoever resembles a people, surely it includes from them" [ Hadith Reported by Ahmad]

بعثت بين يدي الساعة بالسيف حتى يعبد الله

"I was sent with the sword as the Day of Resurrection is at hand, so that Allah alone is worshiped"

This is the 'Izzatul Islam. We fight for Islam to the people to worship their Creator. We strive to remove the people from darkness to light. We fight for Islam with the words, propaganda, with the proof and burhan before entering the fight with a sword, in every place and moment.

Then the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa salaam said:

بعثت بين يدي الساعة بالسيف حتى يعبد الله

(I was sent with the sword, when the Day of Resurrection is at hand, so that Allah alone is worshiped).

So, we fight to the people to worship God, who created them.

وجعل الذل والصغار على من خالف أمري

(Inflicted humiliation and humility in people who oppose my command). So anyone who followed the Prophet's command sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, he will hold Izzah (greatness) and rif'ah (height position). Anyone who opposed the Prophet peace and blessings manhaj 'alaihi wa sallam, it will be overwritten humiliation. After that the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam said. ومن تشبه بقوم فهو منهم (Whoever resembles a people, surely it includes from them). That is, anyone who resembles an enemy, will undoubtedly be insulted. Anyone who dazzled with his enemies, he will get lost. Whoever follows manhaj the enemy, he will be humiliated. However, people who follow the Prophet manhaj, there is no error and no disgrace that has befallen him. In summary, a Muslim identity should be different from others, in terms of aqeedah, identity in every business. An independent human being. Not to the east nor west.

How do we know that Islam is great in the eyes of humans or vice versa? or how do we know that the Muslims were great or weak?

There are some things that indicate that there is the glory of Islam in the lives of the Muslims and the glory of the Muslims there are in the midst of mankind.

The first evidence of the glory of Islam. Splendor and spread the banner of Islam are many.

If you want to know Izzah establishment of Islam in the middle of the Muslims, then consider whether the symbols, religious symbols, such as prayer, prayer, the implementation of the pillars of Islam, kindness injunction prohibiting unjust visible in the middle of the Muslims? Whether the intestate in the goodness and patience in the midst of the Muslims?

If you see the values ​​there, look good deeds, there is useful knowledge. If you see these conditions as there are righteous and moral, human means in good condition, and the religion of Islam is still in a state of glorious.

Therefore, the Messenger of linking the glory of Islam with the implementation of the symbols, symbols of Islam, the development Sunnah among Muslims. And you all know, that people who are fasting, when the sun had set, it should break the fast immediately. Why, hasten breaking the fast is sunnah. The Prophet 'alaihi wa sallam said.

لا يزال الناس بخير ما عجلوا الفطر

"Religion is always going up, as long as people break their fast menyegarakan"

His words of another: "This religion will always be glorious for my people will not wait for the breaking of the fast rising star"

Here, he Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam connect with the growing establishment of religion, symbols of religious symbols. You see there is the emotional spirit of Islam. People still have it, thank God, not yet extinguished. But we want the growth of Islamic symbols, symbols of the Muslims in real life. We want a spirit that is in the hearts of the people are transformed into symbols-symbols of the growth of Islam.

Look, the case of the artist transgress against the infidels when the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa salalm, painting caricatures worse lie is harassing him peace and blessings' alaihi wa sallam. In the east and west, north and south, the people moved to deny. Most of their actions can be justified sharia. However, some others can not be justified by religion. There is a boycott of the heathen nations in the economic field. This means there is still a religious fervor in them. We do not want this course. But with this, we want to uphold the symbols-symbols of religion.

We do love the Prophet with all our feelings. But our defense is essential to defending the Sunnah Prophet, by reviving the Sunnah. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala promised help to those who help His religion.

ولينصرن الله من ينصره إن الله لقوي عزيز

"Verily, Allah surely help those who help (religion) Him. Verily Allah truly is Strong, Mighty "[Al-Hajj: 40]

Any person who helped the religion of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, Allah will defend him. Any person who helped the Apostle, Allah will defend him. God said.

وتعزروه وتوقروه

"And we are all strengthened (religion) and its menghormatiny" [Al-Fath: 9]

According to the majority of scholars interpretations, the third pronoun (in the paragraph above) is the Messenger of Allaah mewaikili 'alaihi wa sallam.

If people want to actually defend the Apostles, it must be consistent with his religion. We support a boycott of products enemy. But before that, we should boycott the enemy of thought, western culture, aqidah enemies, foreign culture. With this, the symbols, religious symbols will appear in the middle of the audience.

Others mark the glory of Ummah.
Namely the existence of an independent attitude, does not depend on other people; as independent people with aqeedah, manhajnya, economy, culture, do not imitate the West, people infidels or other people. Not that we should not take advantage of their sciences products. Astronomy, science and technology, they are not the monopoly of course, belongs to anyone, can be achieved by anyone at it. And Muslims, were ordered to unify the two goodness, the world and the hereafter.

وابتغ فيما آتاك الله الدار الآخرة ولا تنس نصيبك من الدنيا

"And look at what God has given to you (happiness) in the Hereafter, and do not forget your share of (enjoyment) worldly" [Al-Qasas: 77]

Thus, a Muslim charity to akhiratnya, with good deeds, and do good for the world, to build it. Therefore looks back hadith The Prophet slaihi wa sallam. "This religion will always be glorious for my people will not wait for the breaking of the fast rising star."

Who is waiting for the publication of the stars when going broke fast? (They) are: the Jews from pagans and Rafidhah groups (Shiite). That is, the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wa sallam said, if my people will wait for rising stars to break their fast, they have followed the other people who lead the people of this identity becomes weak.

Another sign of the glory of Islam.
People impose sharia Allaah on the pulse of their lives, the authorities set the Qur'an and Sunnah as the rule of law. Because, and obligatory application of shari'ah fard 'ayn for every Muslim. Consider the words of the Prophet.

ألا كلكم راع و كلكم مسئول عن رعيته

"Know that each of you is the leader and each leader was asked about the accountability"

From here, every Muslim is a leader. And as a leader, responsible for implementing the Qur'aan and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah be upon Wa Salaam. So, to enforce God's law as the law is mandatory, fard 'ain appropriate position and responsibilities. God said.

وما اختلفتم فيه من شيء فحكمه إلى الله

"And about the case, whatever you differ, then the decision (up) to God" [ash-Shura: 10]

إن الحكم إلا لله

"Setting the law is only Allah" [Al-An `am: 57]

Thus, the application of sharia, the laws of God and the rule of the Islamic State is an obligation upon Muslims. While disparaging or weak in getting this problem, will not work at all. But in terms of calls to it, shall be in accordance with the method of the Prophet. We called for the specified conditions, religion and law of God by the Prophet. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

ادع إلى سبيل ربك بالحكمة والموعظة الحسنة

'Call (men) to thy Lord street, with a wisdom and a good lesson, and bantahlah them in a good way "[An-Nahl: 125]

قل هذه سبيلي أدعو إلى الله على بصيرة أنا ومن اتبعني وسبحان الله وما أنا من المشركين

"Say: This is the path (religion) me, me and the people who follow me invites (you) to God with real proof. Glory to God and I did not include people who are idolaters "[Yusuf: 108]

So, we called for a proof, burhan, evidence and proof. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam succeeded in establishing an Islamic state, but not with the sword. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam able to enforce it when he managed to instill in people aqeedah. Any people who have successfully mengekkan monotheism and the phrase La ilaha illallah in their life, Allah will establish Islam in their country daulah.

Therefore, when the message of Islam to the Prophet offered the tribes during the pilgrimage season, he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said. "Say a statement! With it, the Arabs will submit to you, and you will master the foreign nation. Say La ilaha Illa Allah, you will be safe ".

So the people who enforce monotheism, upholding the law of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will confers power to those on earth. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

وعد الله الذين آمنوا منكم وعملوا الصالحات ليستخلفنهم في الأرض كما استخلف الذين من قبلهم وليمكنن لهم دينهم الذي ارتضى لهم وليبدلنهم من بعد خوفهم أمنا يعبدونني لا يشركون بي شيئا

"And Allah has promised those among you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will indeed make their ruling on the earth, as He will establish for them the religion which has diridhaiNya to them, and he really will change the (state) them, after they are in fear of being safe Sentausa. They still worship with nothing to associate anything with Me "[An-Nur: 55]

Istikhlaf and Tamkin (power and victory) is a promise of Allah to the believers who strive. Then take a look:

وليمكنن لهم دينهم الذي ارتضى لهم

(He will establish for them the religion that God has for them ridhai)

Before the State to enforce God on earth, God has made faith in the human heart. When religion is embedded in each of our hearts, we are upholding the law of God in their hearts, we have to enforce the law of God in life according to our abilities, Allah will give the gift of Istikhlaf and Tamkin.

Is Islam the Great Will Return As originally?
This case has been let by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in a saheeh hadeeth.

ليبلغن هذا الأمر ما بلغ الليل والنهار بعز عزيز أو بذل ذليل عزا يعز الله به الإسلام وأهله وذلا يذل الله به الشرك وأهله

"This religion will spread as far as distance is reached night and day, with a noble glory and humiliation of people who terhjina; the glory which God will glorify Islam and its adherents, and humiliating kesyirikan and his followers".

(In this Hadith) the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam told that Islam, despite the pressure and weak human life in the soul of some Muslims, (keep it) will come back great, victorious, radiant as mentioned in the hadith the noble Prophet. It also shows, the future belongs only to Islam. No doubt, this is definitely datiang and arrive, can not! Because we believe in Allah and His Messenger. All-True God, nor His Messenger. Events are notified Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam definitely arrived, no one can deny it.

But there are factors that hinder the greatness of Islam and the path leading to it, among the most important thing.

First: Fanaticism Regional and tribalism
In the midst of the Muslims grew appeals to the fanaticism and tribalism. This appeal has been divorced scatters the Muslims. Also the case that suppress and humiliate Arab mereka.Bangsa fanaticism urged the faction itself. Similarly, the Persians, the Turks. Urdu nation to war to fight bigotry and studied them. Muslims share a kind of split into groups. Even in a class apart divorced, appeared many factions. One party to the south and called on other parties urged toward the north. It calls on the west and it calls towards the east, although they originate from the same country, descendants of the same.

Divorced Muslims scattered into various groups and sects, whereas before they were the people that one. When they split, then its power to weaken and become imitators as well as food diperbutkan enemies enemies of Islam. Here is a partial barrier that blocked the road to greatness of Islam.

With an inside edge, we can determine the impact of emerging that mastery of the people do not disbelieve dzati shaped, but is controlled by the nature of the effects of other events. That is, because of the weakness and the weakness of the Muslim faith. We see the supporting factor is the strength of western military and economic strength and political weakness of the Muslims.

If we pay attention to the political power of the west, it turns out their political concepts have been unmasked, uncovered boroknya, which concentrated on political lies, nifak, playing the lame standards, measured by multiple scales, play the two threads. They demanded the application of something, but actually they are mempecundanginya. They demanded that the Islamic countries to implement demokrai, but when the countries of the Muslims won, they would deny it. This suggests that their political lies and falsehood Based, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has unmasked them.

Let's look at the economic power of the west. Their economic power destroyed. They become a powerful economic force because of the nature of power control Islamic nations, plow his fortune. They colonized the Muslim countries. Our oil, they were robbed. Gold-gold us, they steal. Oil and the wealth of our country dredged, sold in the market with a low value. No one except God knows how many.

As their military might, it is Allah who will handle it. Look, at the end of the previous century, there are two forces that rule the world. East force represented by the power of Soviet communism and Western capitalism forces with the U.S. as its leader.

How could the Soviet Union was torn, but have sophisticated weaponry? God came to them from the point that they do not suspect, and cast fear in their hearts. They destroy their homes with their own hands and the hands of the Muslims. Take a lesson from this incident, O men of understanding.

America does not attack the Soviet Union with nuclear (thus destroyed). Destruction of the Soviet Union's strength comes from within. Sedab, the factors that forced him destroyed. Likewise, America was on the verge of collapse from within. Economic weakness, destruction and moral degradation, kekiuatan military defeat. These forces are no longer bertaji. Their power is left is the weakness of the Muslims. Therefore, they are trying to condition that the Muslims in a weakened state. Weak in faith, worldly, thoughts and expectations. If the Muslims back to their faith, undoubtedly will collapse shirk, kufr will disappear. The frightening power of this world will disappear by monotheism kalmatut, La ilaha illallah.

Thus, the greatest barrier to achieving the greatness of Islam is divided dimpled Muslims.

What is the Road to Greatness of Islam?
The concept is that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as stated in the hadeeth of Ibn' Umar anhu.

إذا تبايعتم بالعينة وأخذتم أذناب البقر ورضيتم بالزرع وتركتم الجهاد سلط الله عليكم ذلا لا ينزعه حتى ترجعوا إلى دينكم

"If you were buying and selling by means of 'Inah, holding the tails of cows, and enjoyed farming and abandon jihad, Allah will inflict humiliation on you, it will not pull it out of you until you return to your religion."

If so, the road leading to it, O my brothers, O youth of Islam, my expectations of people, my people are into stock of hope for a brighter future: the road to greatness of Islam is the religion hold us back degan was formerly held that the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam, the Companions and the generation Salafush Salih. When they consistently are above religion, they became the best of mankind, municipal leaders, teachers of mankind, remove the human from the darkness into the light. With the return to our religion, our religion will be great again. Period must be dating, but it requires patience and fortitude.

يا أيها الذين آمنوا اصبروا وصابروا ورابطوا واتقوا الله لعلكم تفلحون

"O ye who believe, be patient and strengthen your patience and remain prepared to stand (land border), and fear Allah, that ye may prosper" [Ali-Imran: 200]

May Allah Al-Aziz Al-Qawiyyu help Islam and the Muslims, Al-Haq and appeared to enforce Islamic country with the Book and Sunnah. God was going to happen and He has power to it.

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine X/1427H/2006 01/Tahun Edition. Foundation published Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondanrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]


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