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Islamic destroyer

Islamic destroyer

Allah Almighty has given a very precious gift to the people. Message of Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam as the Messenger of Allah brought Islam is the great favor . Allah Almighty says :

لقد من الله على المؤمنين إذ بعث فيهم رسولا من أنفسهم يتلو عليهم آياته ويزكيهم ويعلمهم الكتاب والحكمة وإن كانوا من قبل لفي ضلال مبين

Indeed God has given gifts to people who have faith when God sent among them a Messenger of their own class , who read to them the verses of Allah , cleanse ( soul ) them , and teach them al -kitab and al - wisdom . And indeed before ( the coming of the Prophet ) , they are truly in a manifest error . [ Ali Imran / 3:164 ]

Therefore , we must be grateful for , maintain and ask God Almighty that we are protected from anything that could damage the precious favor . As long as we are given the opportunity to live by God Almighty , we do not feel that this favors ( Islam ) will remain there and looked at us . Alaihissallam Abraham , even though he had destroyed Alaihissallam idols worshiped by his people at that time , he resigned his Alaihissallam remains alarming . He Alaihissallam pray :

واجنبني وبني أن نعبد الأصنام

And I put away my grandson with children from the worship of idols [ Ibrâhîm/14 : 35 ]

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam also taught us to pray to Almighty God that we may resolve the above given this great favor . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam used to read the prayer :

يا مقلب القلو ب ثبت قلبي على دينك

O One who flip through the heart , set my heart on thy religion

Especially in times like today , when concern for religion has decreased drastically . While the caller straying at large for peddling misguidance through a variety of media . Heresy - delusion that they are peddling wrapped with beautiful leather dazzle . So it is not surprising , because of ignorance , many people are dazzled and accept this fallacy as truth which is used as a guideline . As a result , the right is considered a false and vice versa , infidelity is considered a progress and applauded . Na'udzubillâh . Islam favors gradually disappear from a person , eventually he apostasy ( leaving Islam ) and the status changes to disbelieve .

The Ulama ' since time immemorial have given more attention to the portion of the problems that can cause a person to become an apostate ( out of Islam) is . They 've compiled the book of the book to explain this problem . They also made ​​a special chapter in the books of fiqh, which they call the " Law of Apostasy Chapter " . In this chapter , they explain and give details about the things that can nullify Islamic law a person and also those who do - canceling canceling it .

Many things can cause a person to become an apostate . Among them , there is a form of words , actions , beliefs and doubts . The words expressed by someone who could sometimes cause her to be infidels when it too . As well as the actions of a person or a firm belief in the heart that are held to tightly or unresolved doubts in his heart can sometimes drag someone into the valley of disbelief . Na'ûdzubillâh .

Shaykh Salih Hafizhahullah Fauzan said , " A person can fall away with words because if he spoke the words kufr or shirk , not in urgent situations , either serious , or joking banter . If there are people who say Kufr , then he is convicted apostate unless he was forced to say it. Allah Almighty says :

ولقد قالوا كلمة الكفر وكفروا بعد إسلامهم

Indeed they have uttered words of disbelief , and has become kafir after Islam . [at - Tawbah / 9:74 ]

About people who insult the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam and the Companions radi' anhum by saying , " We never see the same people with reading experts we ( meaning the Messenger of Allah and his Companions ) , " They are the words lie , think more of the stomach and the most cowardly when they met the enemy , Allah Almighty says :

ولئن سألتهم ليقولن إنما كنا نخوض ونلعب قل أبالله وآياته ورسوله كنتم تستهزئون لا تعتذروا قد كفرتم بعد إيمانكم

And if you ask them ( about what they are doing it ) , they would reply , " We were only joking and playing around . " Say , ' Was it at Allah , His verses and His Messenger you always berolokolok ? "You do not have to apologize , because you have disbelieved after believing . [at - Tawbah / 9:65-66 ]

When he knew the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa salalm receive revelation about their speech , they rushed to the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , to explain and apologize . But the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam did not flinch . " Then Shaykh Salih Fauzan hafidzahullâh concluded , " This suggests that people who say things kufr instead of necessity , could be a pagan , although he considers are playing , joking or after entertain others . It is also a rebuttal to the class Murji'ah found someone who could not disbelieve the words because words alone unless it is accompanied by belief in the heart . " [ 1 ]

Shaykh Bin Baz rahimahullah gives examples of words that could drag someone into the abyss of disbelief that is denounced Allaah and His Messenger as saying , " Allah Almighty wrongdoers ; Allaah hunks ; Faqir Allah Almighty ; Allah Azza Exalted did not know some of the problems , God Almighty can not afford the most problems . [ 2 ]

He rahimahullah also include the words , "Verily, Allaah does not oblige us to pray . " In the words of Kufr . He rahimahullah said , " The man who uttered these words was pagan , out of the religion of Islam , based on ijma ' . Unless he does not know and live in remote areas , far away from the Muslims . People like this should be taught . If after being taught , he is still like that, it means disbelieve him . Whereas if the person who said it, people who live in the midst of the Muslims as well as to understand the teachings of religion , then it is a perversion . This person should be called to repent . If he repents then Alhamdulillah , but if not then he ering the death penalty . " [ 3 ]

Including words that could lead to kufr is praying to other than Allaah , such as saying , "O so and so ! please help me , save me ! Heal me ! "Directed to the person who has died or to the genie , demon or to people who are not in the location request . This includes greeting infidelity . [ 4 ]

These utterances of kufr if forced to say , for example, threatened to be killed or tortured if they will not say it , then when the reciter was not convicted infidel , with his heart condition remained steadfast believe in Islam . As the story of ' Amar bin Yasir radi' anhu who was forced to utter words of Kufr after being forced by the infidels with punishment . Allah Almighty says :

إلا من أكره وقلبه مطمئن بالإيمان

Except those who disbelieve but their heart is forced to remain calm in the faith ( he was innocent ) . [ an-Naml/16 : 106 ]

Shaykh Bin Baz rahimahullah give examples of actions that could lead to the perpetrators fall into apostasy , namely :

1 . Deliberately leave the prayer even though he still believes it was obligatory prayer , in the opinion of the strongest of the two opinions in this matter . This is an act of apostasy . Based on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

العهد الذي بيننا و بينهم الصلا ة فمن تركها فقد كفر

Boundary between us and them is prayer , prayer means whoever left him an infidel . [ Reported by Ahmad , at- Tirmidhi , an- Nasa'i , Ibn Majah with a saheeh isnaad ]

Also the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

بين الرجل وبين الشرك والكفر ترك الصلا ة

Between a man and shirk kufr is leaving prayer . [ HR Imam Muslim in his Saheeh rahimahullah ]

2 . Harassing al - Qur'ân occupied manner , smeared excrement or trampled . The person that did this was an apostate from Islam .

3 . Perform tawaf worship graves ( surround - ed ) with the goal closer or worship graves occupants . While thawaf dikuburan in order to worship Allah Almighty , then this includes actions that could undermine innovation deen someone . It is also one of the doors as shirk . It's just that the culprit was not until an apostate .

4 . Slaughtering for other than Allaah , such as slaughtering animals in order to serve the residents of the grave ; worship the genie and so forth . Meat slaughtered animals was forbidden to be consumed while the law who perform this ritual has lapsed , leaving Islam . [ 5 ]

Fauzan Hafizhahullah Shaykh Salih stressed that people who sacrificed to idols , statues or bow down to him , then he has become a polytheist , even though he was still praying , fasting and pilgrimage . Because Islam has been canceled by reason syiriknya behavior . Na'ûdzubillâh . [ 6 ]

Confidence in one's heart could cause him to live or could otherwise never-ending catastrophe if he died before repentance . Although this belief is not spoken or not able to be realized in the real world . Among the examples of this dangerous belief is :

1 . Believes that Allah Almighty was indigent , wrongdoers have other vices . Although this has not been spoken , people who harbored this belief has come out of Islam according to the ijma ' of the Muslims .

2 . Believes that there is no resurrection after death or believes that it is only an illusion that does not exist in the real world , there is no heaven and hell .

3 . Believes that the last Messenger , Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam dishonest and believes that Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam is not the last apostle . This belief led to infidelity even though people who believe this is not to say it .

4 . Believes that prayer or worship to other than Allah Almighty is okay , such as prayer or worship to the prophet , the sun , the stars or others. Allah Almighty says :

ذلك بأن الله هو الحق وأن ما يدعون من دونه هو الباطل وأن الله هو العلي الكبير

( Power of God ) is such that , is for Allaah , he ( Rabb ) and the fact that the Right what they invoke besides Him , That vanity , [ al-Hajj/22 : 62 ]

And there are many others that convey the same proposition . So people who believe that one should worship to other than Allah Almighty means he is a disbeliever . If this belief means he uttered with his tongue heathen with two because that speech and belief . If nothing like that and he also prayed to Allah Almighty than he meant with the three cause and an infidel , speech , beliefs and actions .

Included in this point , what the current grave worshipers in various regions . They went to the graves of those who are considered righteous or guardian is considered the end they cried to him . People who do this kind means he is a disbeliever with three reasons , namely beliefs, words and actions [ 7 ] .

If there is anyone who doubts the truth treatise brought by Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam or doubt the existence of the day of resurrection after death or the existence of heaven and hell , then this person is a disbeliever . Although he was still praying , fasting or doing various good deeds , as long as his heart still holds doubts he remained pagan . However , we need to remember , that we as human beings can only be Zahir menghukumi alone [ 8 ] .

That is, if we see someone who is Zahir him praying , fasting , hajj , zakat , and so forth , then we menghukumi him as a Muslim and as a Muslim we treat . If he died and was buried , as we shalatkan Islamic law . While the belief that hidden in his heart , he's confident or hesitant , believers or unbelievers , only Allah Almighty knows .

Here are four things that can cause a person to become apostates :
1 . Uttered kufr or shirk , not out of necessity .
2 . Convinced that kufr or shirk a .
3 . Committing kufr or shirk .
4 . Doubt the truth deen brought by Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam

As a Muslim who crave the safety of the world and the hereafter , then we should make every effort to ensure that we do not get to religious belief is not eroded little by little the result of our own actions , which in turn is lost . Na'ûdzubillâh .

May Allah Almighty keep us from everything that could impair or invalidate our Islamic . amen

- Majmu ' Fataawa wa Maqâlât Mutanawwi'ah , Shaykh ' Abdul Aziz bin ' Abdillah bin Baz , ed . Muassasah al - Haramain al - Khairiyyah
- Durûs Fi Syarhi Nawâqidhil Islam , Shaykh Salih bin Fauzan al - Fauzan , ed . Third , Maktabatur Rushd

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 11/Tahun XIII/1431H/2010M . Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondanrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858197 ]

Top Shiite holy city lies Makkah and Madinah

Ustadz Abu Olaya

Is Mecca and Medina, the two holy places are always mesmerizing views of the Muslims . The position of the two holy land into their lovely heart who believes in Allah Ta'ala and emulate the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . The two magnets Haram beat other cities in the world . Evidently, Muslims have always flocked to visit him , either through the Hajj and Umrah .

In addition , these two cities are also a bulwark of faith last . That is when the other places hit by tossing faith . Mentioned in the hadeeth , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

إن الإيمان ليأرز إلى المدينة كما تأرز الحية إلى جحرها

" Verily the faith would return to Medina as a snake returns to its nest hole " [ Bukhari and Muslim ]

Two holy cities are safe from the brunt of vilification Dajjal , when all cities in the world untouched by fitnahnya . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala puts angels to keep the two holy cities . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said tells the Dajjal saying .

فلا أدع قرية إلا هبطتها في أربعيين ليلة غير مكة و طيبة

" ( Antichrist said ) : It is not an area I leave unless I definitely flown in the past forty nights , except Makkah and Thaibah ( Medina ) " [ HR . Muslim ]

Explanation of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam is a role model of the Muslims . But the Shiites have different beliefs .

According to them , the holy city of Qum is glorious . He said the city 's position is higher than the Kaaba , Makkah and Madinah . Against the saheeh hadeeth which asserts the primacy of Makkah and Madinah , they behave as the Jews and Nassara do tahrif ( deflection ) and tamper with , so that the meaning of the hadith is conceived as supporting their lusts .

Shi'i hadith scholars of the hadiths deflect to the " holy city " them , ie Iranian city of Qom in the country . Their contention , the city of Qom that the region will be safe from fitnah of Dajjal , and of lacing havoc and disaster . So it is with people . So according to them is not Makkah or Madinah .

In Bihârul - Anwar ( 57/213 ) , a Shiite , al - Majlisi said : " Indeed , catastrophe deprived of the city of Qum and its inhabitants . Would come a time , when the city of Qum and its inhabitants will be the proof in the presence of all beings . incident took place when our priest ' alaihis - salam still in the hermitage until the moment kemunculannnya . Otherwise , the earth would surely drown its inhabitants . Indeed angels blocking calamities upon the city of Qum and its inhabitants . 's not someone who handed bad faith exception to her iron will be paralyzed by the One who defeated the marauders were and will keep her busy with disaster , catastrophe or enemy . , and God will make the people forget Qum city and its inhabitants , as they have forgotten God. "

Furthermore al - Majlisi says , has been narrated through a chain of transmission from al-Sadiq alaihis - salam , that he tells of the town of Kufa to penuturannya : "The city of Kufa will be empty of the believers . Sciences will be away from him , like a snake away from its nest . Afterwards , science will be seen in an area called Qum . Eventually , he became a source of knowledge and virtue . Till sick persons have no further proof in religion . were it not so , surely the earth would drown its inhabitants and no proof whatever is left . From there ( Qum ) science spread to the whole country in the East and the West . then , proof of God would be perfect in front of the creature , so that no one who was not touched by science and religion in this world . Later , came the priests ' alaihis - salam to incur the wrath and vengeance of God to His servants . Verily Allah does not take revenge on the slave than because they have reneged proof " .

In another part , page 214 , he boasted : " From Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ' Isa from al- Hasan ibn Mahbub from Jamilah Abu Salih al Mufadhdhal son of a man from Abu ' Abdillah ' alaihis - salam , he said : " If the disaster has befallen across the country , then hurry to the city of Qum and places around it and its farthest corners . Indeed rejected havoc in it " .

About the city of Qum , Muhammad Baqir al - Majlisi said in Bihârul - Anwar ( 2/207 ) : From al-Sadiq Ja'far bin Muhammad ' alaihis - salam , he said : My father has told me of my grandfather from his father , he said: The Messenger said :

On the way to the sky ` Isra , Jibril memanggulku over his right shoulder . I watched the red area on high ground . More than za'farân beautiful color , more fragrant aroma than a few drawbacks . Suddenly appeared a frail old - wear burnus .
So I asked Gabriel : " What place is that red is more beautiful than za'farân and more fragrant than musk oil " .
Jibriil replied , " That is where the pembelamu and defenders ' Ali ? "
Then I asked : " Who is the old man who wore burnus ? "
Jibriil replied , " He is a devil . "
I asked , " What did he want from them ( people ) ? "
Jibriil replied , " He wants to turn them from the determination of the leadership of Amir al - Mu'mineen ( ' Ali bin Abi Talib ) , and asked her to do wicked and evil , "
I said , "O Jibril , please put me down to them , " then Gabriel took me to them exceeding the speed of lightning flashes grabbed and views .
Then I said : " Qum ( stand ) , O accursed creature ( Satan ) . Ganggulah their enemies ( Expert Sunnah ) on the treasures , the children and their wives . Indeed the pembelaku and defenders ' Ali , no power over you to master them " .

Since then, he called the city of Qum .

Elsewhere ( 57/207 ) , al - Majlisi said : Ali bin Muhammad al - ' Askari from his father from his grandfather Amir al - Mu'mineen ' alaihimus -Salam , he said : Messenger of Allah said : On my way to heaven Isra ` level four , I saw a dome made ​​of jewels , has four poles and four doors . It appears as if the green silk .

I asked , " O Jibreel , the dome is as beautiful as it is not in the sky I see four ? "

Gabriel said , "O my beloved Muhammad . Was a picture called Qum city . There will gather the faithful servant of God , waiting for you and your intercession on the Day of Resurrection and the Reckoning ... " .
Another lie that tells the history of the city of Qum and the primacy of the population , it is said that history presented al - Hasan ibn ' Ali ibn al - Husayn from Abu ' Abdillah al-Sadiq ' alaihimus - Salam , that there is a man to see him as he asked : "O Messenger of descent , I want to ask you a problem that has never asked anyone else before me and will not ask people after me ? "

He asked , " Is it about the creatures and collecting their resurrection ? "

The man replied , "Yeah right , for the sake of the One who sent Muhammad with the truth as a giver of glad tidings and warnings . Except I do not want to ask about that " .

He explained : " All human beings will be collected in the Baitul - Maqdis , except ( population ) area called Qum . They undergo reckoning in their tombs , and ( after that ) raised to heaven , " then he added : " Citizens of Qum , they are forgiven " .

The man jumped as he said : " O son of the Messenger of Allah , whether it is special for the residents of the city ? " .

He replied , "Yeah , right , for them and the people who believe like them . "

The books of Shiite and major reference books they are loaded with these charges . They assume that the countries of the Muslims and the Arabs is a bad country , and there is no merit at all in it . Goodness only overshadow the territories they occupy , especially the city of Qum .

Their statement can be traced in the main books as the reference Shiites , not the allegations are without excuse . It needs to be known by the Muslims in order to remain aware of how great hatred and malice to the Shi'a Muslims , followers of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam .

Though it is simple if illogical , history presented by the Shia people is contrary to logic and reality. As can be seen since the time of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , the land where the city of Qum Persian is the basis of the Zoroastrian mapped . A nation that does not believe in God . Their god is fire , which is very clearly not comparable with human virtues . There is absolutely no element of monotheism . Mentioned in the hadith , he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam would tell that the Persian defeat at the feet of the Muslims .

Therefore , how could the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam and his descendants flattering Qum city that has a character like that ? It is , certainly different from the Arabian peninsula and Sham which is becoming a place of prophets and messengers of God .
Wallahul - Hadi .

( Adapted from the writings of Shaykh Sa'ad Hatim Jamal , titled Ma DZA Syâ'ah al- Qala 'an expert Haramain wasy - Sham , in Majallah at- Tawheed , pp. 424 . 36 , Rabi al - Awwal 1428 H )

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 11/Tahun XI/1430H/2009M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196 ]

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