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Muhasabah And Muroqobah , Path to Piety

Muhasabah And Muroqobah , Path to Piety

Shaykh Dr . Muhammad Bakhit al - Ujairi

We wasiatkan to ourselves and pilgrims and gentlemen, let us fear Allah Ta'ala . Whoever fear of Allah Ta'ala , he will awake from his punishment and wrath .

God commanded mankind to be cautious with his words :

يا أيها الناس اتقوا ربكم الذي خلقكم من نفس واحدة وخلق منها زوجها وبث منهما رجالا كثيرا ونساء واتقوا الله الذي تساءلون به والأرحام إن الله كان عليكم رقيبا

Hi all people , keep your duty to your Lord who created you from a single self , and of him God created his wife , and of God propagate in both men and women a lot . And fear Allah, that with ( using ) his name you ask each other mutually , and ( guard ) friendship relations . Verily Allah always watches over you . [ an-Nisa ' / 4:1 ] .

Allah commands the believers to be cautious with his words :

يا أيها الذين آمنوا اتقوا الله حق تقاته ولا تموتن إلا وأنتم مسلمون

O ye who believe , fear Allah truth completely piety to Him , and you do not ever die but in a Muslim state . [ ' Ali Imran / 3:102 ] .

Allah commanded His Prophet to be cautious with his words :

يا أيها النبي اتق الله ولا تطع الكافرين والمنافقين إن الله كان عليما حكيما

O Prophet , fear Allah and do not obey ( desire ) the unbelievers and the hypocrites . Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise . [ al-Ahzab/33 : 1 ] .

Piety is God 's will to His servants the first to the last . Piety is a factor that makes humans can gain happiness in the world and in the hereafter . He who fear Allah , then Allah will make for the Furqan . So he will be able to distinguish between truth and falsehood . Whoever is righteous , God will give him good luck from the direction of the unexpected . The righteous will have a secure place in the afterlife . Indeed he is in a glorious place in the sight of Allah Ta'ala .

The nature of piety , we are looking for a shield that could protect itself from the wrath of God . That is the way to run any command of God and stay away from any of his ban . If unable to do so, then we will be a people who fear Allah . For that , we should be cautious in acting , be careful and knowledgeable about halal and haram .

' Umar ibn al-Khattab once asked Abu Musa on the nature of piety . Abu Musa replied : "O Amir al - Mu'mineen , what would you do if you were walking in a place full of thorns ? "

Then ' Umar replied : " I will look to my feet . So I can find out , if I pijakkan upon thorns , or in a safe place " .

This is the essence of piety , to always look our every deed , including deeds blessed is Allah, the Exalted , or vice versa ? When including the hated act of God , then it is obligatory for us to leave . Do not let God see we are in a situation that he does not like.

Therefore , let us always strive to be in a state that approves of him . God is pleased when we include those who maintain prayer , obey his order, filial to parents , and studying diligently . Let us try to do it . Every now and then , let us not leave this kindness . Because God is pleased with us .

Let us always strive to act meniggalkan hated Allah Ta'ala . Do not go to disobedience , leave fornication , stealing , lying , backbiting and namimah . And the greatest of it all , which leaves shirk ; an act of disobedience and actor most hated by Allah Ta'ala . Because God is not pleased disekutukan . God is only pleased , when his servant faith and tawheed Him . So , let us be His servants who believe in Him and tawheed .

God is pleased when we become the people who implement the Sunnah - sunnah of His Prophet . Therefore , let us stay away from acts of heresy , leave every prohibition God . As for obedience to His commandments will be the cause of our happiness in this world and the hereafter . Allah says :

إن الأبرار لفي نعيم ) 13 ( وإن الفجار لفي جحيم

Indeed many people who are truly devoted to gardens of bliss , and indeed the rebellious people really are in hell . [ al-Infithâr/82 :13 - 14 ] .

Al - Abrar ( those who like to do good ) , he will always be in the pleasure given by God in this world and in the hereafter . As for the fajir ( people who love to do evil ) , then they will always be in misery in the world and the hereafter .

Ibn al - Qayyim said , "Whoever would have thought that God would equalize between those who do obey the people who like to commit adultery , then indeed he has been prejudiced against Allah Ta'ala . "

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

أم نجعل الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات كالمفسدين في الأرض أم نجعل المتقين كالفجار

Shall We treat those who believe and do righteous deeds are the same as those who do mischief on the earth ? Shall ( also ) We consider those who fear Allah with those who commit adultery ? [ Shâd/38 : 28 ] .

Is God going to equalize the Ahl-ul -abiding people immoral ? Of course not ! Anyone who believe and fear Allah , then he will get enjoyment and happiness . As for the people who like to engage in immoral , then he will get the distress and hardship . God says .

ومن أعرض عن ذكري فإن له معيشة ضنكا ونحشره يوم القيامة أعمى ) 124 ( قال رب لم حشرتني أعمى وقد كنت بصيرا ) 125 ( قال كذلك أتتك آياتنا فنسيتها وكذلك اليوم تنسى

" And whoever turns away from My reminder , verily for him is a narrow life , and We will menghimpunkannya on the Day of Judgment in a state of blind . " He said : " Yes Rabbku , why have you gathered me in a state of blind , even though I was formerly a look ? " Allah says : " So , it has come to you Our Signs , then you forget about it , and so ( well ) on this day you also forgotten . " [ Thâhâ/20 :124 - 126 ] .

Whoever turns away from remembrance and obedience to Allah Almighty , turning away from useful knowledge , then he is like a blind person . And it will be collected on the day of Judgement in a state of blind . Waiyyadzu billah .

As for those who believe in God , then the condition as stated in His word .

من عمل صالحا من ذكر أو أنثى وهو مؤمن فلنحيينه حياة طيبة ولنجزينهم أجرهم بأحسن ما كانوا يعملون

He who does good deeds , both men and women in a state of faith , verily to him will We give a life that is good and true will We give a reply to them with a better reward than what they have done . [ an-Nahl/16 : 97 ] .

Those who are obedient to Allah Ta'ala will close . They will get happiness in this world and the hereafter . Most of the Salaf said : " Surely there is a garden full of happiness in this world . Whoever does not enter it , then he will not be able to enter heaven in the hereafter " . Park is , happiness is gained by obedience and closeness to Allah Ta'ala .

The Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said ,

ثلاث من كن فيه وجد بهن حلاوة الإيمان : أن يكون الله ورسوله أحب إليه مما سواهما , وأن يحب المرء لا يحبه إلا لله , وأن يكره أن يعود في الكفر بعد أن أنقذه الله منه , كما يكره أن يقذف في النار

" There are three circumstances ; whoever has it , then he will taste the sweetness of faith . ( It is) if he loves Allah and His Messenger more than anyone other than his love for both of them , when he loves another human being is not only because of God , if he felt hate to return to disbelief after Allah has saved him as aversion to be thrown into the fire . " [Agreed ' alaihi ]

So will that we can say for ourselves personally and for my brothers and sisters ; piety to Allah and do good deeds . With both, we will get happiness in this world and the hereafter . We ask Allah , may make us all included in the class of those who do right , and closes with the end of life we khusnul - Khitmah .

Allah Ta'ala has called us all with his words :

يا أيها الذين آمنوا اتقوا الله ولتنظر نفس ما قدمت لغد واتقوا الله إن الله خبير بما تعملون

O ye who believe , fear Allah and let every soul consider what he has done for tomorrow ( Hereafter ) , and fear Allah , surely Allah is Aware of what you do . [ al-Hasyr/59 : 18 ] .

God shows us two things grand . Anyone who implement these two things , then so he was among those who fear Allah .

First , the muhasabah . Namely , let every soul look at what he had prepared for tomorrow . Muhasabah very helpful person to have fear of Allah . Whoever did muhasabah , then he will know the obedience or disobedience that he has done . So , if he did obedience , shall be forwarded . And when did disobedience , then he is obliged to stop and leave .

Muhasabah also helps one to constancy in the way of Allah Ta'ala . So that the Salaf said : " Hisablah yourself before you judged by Allah Taala " . Whoever is judged by Allah Taala , indeed he will get punishment . As the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam to ' Aisha radi anhuma : " Whoever judged by Allah , Allah will mengadzabnya " .

Therefore , let us always corrects itself . When we fall into error , immediately repent to Him . God is very pleased to accept the repentance of His servant . God always opens His hand at night to accept the repentance of people who have made ​​mistakes during the day . Similarly, God always opens His hand by day to accept the repentance of a person who has made ​​mistakes in the night .

Thus , muhasabah is a very important matter . By because they were, the Salaf always bermuhasabah to themselves as people who were involved in the trade . Did he get a profit , or even a loss . So did we , O servants of Allah . Let each self-correction , stock what we have prepared to face God Almighty ?

Once, Sulaiman ibn ' Abd al - Malik Abu Hashim once asked : " Why do we feel hatred towards death and love to the world ? "

So the question is answered : "O Amir al - Mu'mineen , this is because we have damaged our afterlife and beautify our world . Surely someone would not be happy to move from a good home to a house that has been damaged " .

How true ! Many among us are busy with the world and negligent act obedient to God . So he knows , no part at all for the life hereafter . As such , he is hated and feared the death would have delivered it to the afterlife .

As for the people who love , obey and always do the commandments of God , then he is not afraid of death . So it is not surprising , when called upon to fight , the Salaf who said : " Tomorrow will come the death of a loved one ... , " it is because they always do good deeds . With the good deeds that they do not fear death and reckoning . Thus , it is clear to us , muhasabah is a very important case helps one to have fear of Allah Ta'ala .

The second important case , that God show us , namely muroqobah . Namely , the nature of a person who was always seen and watched by Allah Ta'ala . As the word of God at the end of the paragraph .... innallaha khabirum ta'malûn BIMA .

When someone feels reluctant to do obedience , so she began to realize that God sees it . So , he will return to work on obedience to God . When a person's desire to do immoral acts , then he realized that God sees it . So that he will quit his wish and soon returned to his ways .

Thus , muroqobah is very important to help a person to fear of Allah Ta'ala . Therefore , Rasulullah SAW once told Mu'adh bin intestate Jabbal with his saying : " fear Allah wherever you are ... " .

Let us fear Allah every time and in every place . Know that Allah is always watching our every move . Anyone who has had this trait , really helped him in the fear of Allah Ta'ala . We ask God Almighty , that makes us the people who fear Him when in crowds or when alone . God knows best .

( Summarized by Ustadz Abu Maryam , from Friday sermon Shaykh Dr . Muhammad Bakhit al - Ujairi in Ma'had Mosque Imam Bukhari , Solo , Friday , February 8, 2008 )

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Ustadz Arman Amri Lc

Faith in the resurrection has been clearly established by al Qur `an , al Hadith , common sense , and human nature . All prophets agree on a belief in the afterlife . Almost all people recognize the existence of Lord , because it is consistent with the nature of them , except for a small portion of those who do the opposition , such as the Pharaoh . Similarly, faith in the hereafter , many among men who deny it , when the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam as the Seal of the Prophets have been explained in detail , which is not contained in the books of other prophets .

Among philosophers and semisalnya stated , no one explains in detail about the resurrection unless Mohammed . Therefore , they believe , that the statements of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam about the resurrection is an illusion .

Refutation of the philosophers
To refute those who deny the resurrection day , Allah Almighty has told us in His book glorious rebuttal . Although al- Qur `an have clearly explains the rise of the soul ( ruh ) at the time of death and physical resurrection on the Day of Resurrection large , yet people still deny philosopher . Among them said : " No one told us about it except Muhammad , ( and ) that too with the imaginary " .

Such statements are lies , because the real end of it has been known by the prophets , from Adam to Noah , then Abraham , Moses, Jesus , and in addition to those of the prophets . Allah Almighty has told us where the resurrection since lowering the Prophet Adam to the earth with His Word :

قال فيها تحيون وفيها تموتون ومنها تخرجون

In the earth you live and you die in the earth , and from the earth ( too ) will ye be raised . [ al A'raf / 7 : 25 ]

Also in the word of God when Satan tells and replied saying :

قال رب فأنظرني إلى يوم يبعثون ) 79 ( قال فإنك من المنظرين ) 80 ( إلى يوم الوقت المعلوم

My Lord, grant me respite till the day they are raised . Behold ye among those who were given respite , until the time appointed day ( Day of Resurrection ) . [ Shaad/38 :79 - 81 ] .

Noah Alaihissallam , immortalized by the words of Allah Almighty in His Word :

والله أنبتكم من الأرض نباتا ) 17 ( ثم يعيدكم فيها ويخرجكم إخراجا

And Allah has made you grow out of the ground as well as possible , then he turn you into the ground and brought you ( thereof in the Day of Resurrection ) with truth . [ Nuh/71 :17 - 18 ] .

So is the saying of the Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissallam , in the words of God Almighty :

والذي أطمع أن يغفر لي خطيئتي يوم الدين

very ... and I want to forgive my mistakes on the Day of Resurrection . ( asy Syu'ara / 26:82 ) . See also the word of God in Ibrahim/14 and al Baqarah verse 41 / 2 : 260 .

Moses also Alaihissallam , Allah Almighty says when it has been saved :

إن الساعة آتية أكاد أخفيها لتجزى كل نفس بما تسعى ) 15 ( فلا يصدنك عنها من لا يؤمن بها واتبع هواه فتردى

Verily the Day of Judgment will come . I keep ( time ) so that every soul is rewarded for that which he seeks. So you do not ever deluded thereof by people who do not believe in him and by those who follow their lusts , which causes you to be destroyed . [ Thaha/20 : 15-16 ]

Even one of the royal family of Pharaoh who believe in Prophet Musa Alaihissallam know the day of resurrection , as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala in His Word profiled ( Ghafir/40 :32 - 39 ) , to in paragraph 46 ,

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala also describes about the resurrection , as the story of female cattle : And We said : " Hit him with a cow 's sebahagian members ! " Thus Allah revive people who have died , and showed signs of his power to you so that you may understand . [ al- Baqarah / 2:73 ] .

On the day of the resurrection , the apostles charged to explain to his people , as appears from questions to the guardian angels of hell against the inhabitants of hell . That is the word of Allah Almighty :

وسيق الذين كفروا إلى جهنم زمرا حتى إذا جاءوها فتحت أبوابها وقال لهم خزنتها ألم يأتكم رسل منكم يتلون عليكم آيات ربكم وينذرونكم لقاء يومكم هذا قالوا بلى ولكن حقت كلمة العذاب على الكافرين

Unbelievers were taken to Hell berombong - group . So when they get to hell , dibukakanlah the doors , and said unto them guardians : " Do not ever come to you apostles of you who read passages unto your Lord and warning you will be meeting with today? " They replied , " It ( has come ) , " but it has certainly applicable provisions of wrath against those who disbelieve " . [ Az Zumar/39 : 71 ] .

Thus the recognition of a group of pagans who cast into Hell . They acknowledge that the apostles had warned them when in the world of the resurrection day they will encounter as well as punishments for those who have sinned in the world . Similarly, the last apostle , ie n has described the Prophet Muhammad . Many verses of the Qur `an al mention the promise and threat .

Thus , terbantahlah false statements of philosophers who deny the existence of the resurrection by saying simply delusion Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam alone , since the apostles before he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam has also warned their people about it .

There is a classic throw - throw that appear to make ambiguous or undermine the confidence that was already weak . The burst of the form questions , but not to find out , but as a rejection . Among the questions , is it possible they will be resurrected and live again after being scattered bones ? Who will be able to do it ? And when is going to happen ?

All the questions have been answered by God Almighty with a brief but very clear answer . Allah Almighty says :

وقالوا أإذا كنا عظاما ورفاتا أإنا لمبعوثون خلقا جديدا

What, when we are bones and shattered objects , whether we really be raised up as a new creation ? " [ Al -Isra ` / 17 : 98 ] .

وقالوا أإذا كنا عظاما ورفاتا أإنا لمبعوثون خلقا جديدا ) 49 ( قل كونوا حجارة أو حديدا ) 50 ( أو خلقا مما يكبر في صدوركم فسيقولون من يعيدنا قل الذي فطركم أول مرة فسينغضون إليك رءوسهم ويقولون متى هو قل عسى أن يكون قريبا ) 51 ( يوم يدعوكم فتستجيبون بحمده وتظنون إن لبثتم إلا قليلا

And they say : " What, when we are bones and objects are destroyed , what should we really be raised up as a new creation ? " Say : " Be ye stones or iron , or a creature of a creature that is not possible ( to live ) in mind " . Then they will ask : "Who will revive us again ? " Say : " Who has created you the first time " . Then they would shake their heads at you and say : " When it ( will happen ) ? " Say : " Hopefully it is near " , ie on the Day when He will call you , then you obey Him and praise Him while you will think that you have stayed ( in the grave ) but a little while . [ Al -Isra ` / 17:49 - 52 ] .

Consider the answer addressed to the idolaters on the day of resurrection . They said : " What, when we are bones and objects are destroyed , what we really be raised up as a new creation ? "

This question was answered : " If you believe that there is no creator for you , then let you into a creature that would not have suffered death , such as stone or iron , or whatever is conceived in your heart " .

If they say : " We are creatures who have such characteristics that may not live forever in the world , " If , this is the case , then what is blocking between yourselves with the creator ? And what is blocking you to re- created a new creature ?

From the above verse there is another way of determining the existence of the resurrection that is : if they are , the pengingkar are transformed into stones or iron or greater than two , then verily, Allah is able to remove or destroy all of them , and change from one state to the state others . God is able to do anything against the iron , stone , and others , that these objects have been known to loudly , but all can be destroyed by God and so on . Then , if Allah is Able to do that to a well-known objects that hard and a lot , how could God can not do anything against the smaller creatures of the objects ?

Almighty GOD CAN DO IT
Allah informs , that the idolaters ask you one other question : "Who will revive us again after our bodies moulder ? "

Allah Almighty answered his words : Say : " That is the One who has created you the first time " . [ al -Isra ` / 17:51 ] .

When people are faced with the proposition idolaters strong and irrefutable , then they ask other questions : "When is it going to happen ? " And God Almighty give you an answer to His Word : Say : " Hopefully it is near " . [ al -Isra ` / 17 : 51 ] .

Allah Almighty also says :

وضرب لنا مثلا ونسي خلقه قال من يحيي العظام وهي رميم

And he made ​​a metaphor for Us , and he forgot the incident, he said : " Who can turn the bones that have devastated ? " ( QS Yasin/36 : 78 ) . And thereafter until the end of the letter .

If there is one of the most intelligent , most articulate and most eloquent in explaining something , wanted to bring a better argument than this or comparable with it , both in terms of short lafazhnya and in terms of putting the argument and weaken the opponent's argument , then he will not be able to match the word of God .

Allaah begin this argument by bringing exposure to a question posed by dissidents , and those questions need answers . And the LORD said ( which means) : " ... and he forgot the incident, " is a very crushing rebuttal , which contain the perfect answer , establish proof and has eliminated their doubtful . Though it was enough to be the answer , but God Almighty was about to give answer amplifier . Allah Almighty says :

قل يحييها الذي أنشأها أول مرة

Say : " He will be brought to life by God who created the first " -Yasin/36 verse 79 - in this verse , Allah makes His ability to create the first man as evidence in explaining his ability to restore man to his true form after a messy bones . Because any reasonable person would have known , if God can create man for the first time , then he would be able to generate human after death .

The creation of a creature , must meet the following requirements . The first , the ability of the creature creator and the creator of detailed knowledge about the creatures . Therefore , Allah Almighty as the inventor states :

وهو بكل خلق عليم

And Then He knows about every creature. [ Yasin/36 : 79 ] .

If the knowledge and abilities God is perfect , how could God Almighty declared unable to revive the bones that have devastated ? !

Then Allah Almighty give a stronger argument in response to other dissidents question : " The bones that have been crushed , tabi'at back to the original , which is cool yet dry . While life tabi'at that it should include hot and wet , which shows signs of revival " .

Answering these questions can be brought word of Allah Almighty , namely :

الذي جعل لكم من الشجر الأخضر نارا فإذا أنتم منه توقدون

God appointed for you fire from the green wood , then all of a sudden you turn on the fire from the wood . [ Yasin/36 : 80 ] .

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala his ability to preach about issuing a very hot element of green wood is wet . Then the Essence ( ie God ) who can issue a counter element with something original , that all material beings and all its elements are subject to Him , never rebelled , the One who does what is being challenged by dissidents in the form of reviving bones scattered .

Then Allah Ta'ala be emphasized again with a very strong argument , that God is able to create a much larger creatures , especially creatures underneath. Any intelligent person would know , if God is able to create a very large creatures , then he can easily create creatures underneath or smaller . As indicated by the word :

أوليس الذي خلق السماوات والأرض بقادر على أن يخلق مثلهم

And it is not God who created the heavens and the earth in power re-create the bodies they 've ruined it ? [ Yasin/36 : 81 ] .

Heaven and earth are being very large, very broad , and in both these creatures there are various marvelous beauty . If heaven and earth as it is only able to be created by God Almighty , then to turn the bones had been crushed , and return it to its original shape , certainly God is able . Because it is lighter . As Allah Almighty in another verse ( which means) : Verily the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind but most people do not know . [ Ghafir/40 : 57 ] .

And His word ( which means) : And if they do not pay attention to that God who created the heavens and the earth , and He does not feel crummy because created , the power of life to the dead ? Yes ( even ) He verily is Able to do all things . [ al Ahqaf/46 : 33 ] .

Then Allah Almighty be stressed again , that his actions are not the same as the creatures act requiring tools , cost, power , and certainly not be alone . This all does not apply to God . If God Almighty wants something , he is quite pronounce " Kun " ( be ) , then it is created and there he will.

Then Allah Almighty closing arguments above by preaching , that the whole universe is in His hands . He was the one who set the whole , as it all back to Him -Yasin/36 paragraph 83 .

For such , Allaah says (which means ) : Does man think that he will be left alone ( without accountability ) ? Was he not a drop of sperm which is poured ( into the womb ) , then it becomes a clot of blood semen , then God created it , and refine it , then God made thereof a pair of men and women . Is not ( God do ) thus ruling ( also ) raise the dead ? [ al Qiyamah/75 :36 - 40 ] .

Almighty God does not abandon His creature away without orders and prohibitions , without reward and punishment . Wisdom of God is contrary to ( rejection ) it . He will say : Did you suppose that We created you in play ( only) , and that you would not return to Us ? [ al Mu'minun / 23:115 ] .

Allah Almighty has created man from a drop of sperm , then a blood clot, then a lump of flesh , then God gave him the five senses , strength , bone , joints and improve it, so out of the womb of a woman in the form of a perfect being in shape, then how may Allah Almighty said to be weak or can not return the man after the death of the original form ? Or how can you say God Almighty to let things like that? The presumption is not in accordance with the wisdom of the creation of man , and not in accordance with the capabilities and power of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala .

Take a look at these amazing arguments using brief language , clear explanations , so that one would not hesitate to it .

How many arguments in Al Qur `an that explains the rise of such arguments above , as Allah says (which means ) : Hi man , if you are in any doubt about the resurrection ( of the dead) , then ( know ) We have made you from the ground , then from a drop of sperm , then from a clot , then from a lump of flesh that is perfect and the imperfect occurrence , so we explained to you and we specify in the womb , what we want until the specified time , then we remove you as infants , then ( with fade ) you came to maturity , and among you there is diwafatkan and ( some ) among you is extended to the senile old , so she does not know anymore who used to have learned nothing . And you see the earth dry , then when We have sent down water on it , live it and suburlah earth and grow a variety of beautiful plants . That is because Allah , He is the Truth and He is the one who actually turn everything off and verily Allah has power over all things , and the Hour is surely coming , there is no doubt , and that Allah will raise up all people in the tomb . [ al Hajj/22 :5 - 7 ] .

Also Word : And indeed We created man from a quintessence ( derived ) from the ground . Then We placed him semen ( stored ) in a solid ( womb ) . Then We made the sperm blood clot, then We made the clot a lump of flesh , and We made a lump of flesh bones , then the bones that we wrap with bacon . Then We made him a creature ( shape ) else . So Maha it be to God, the Creator of The Most Good . Then , after that , surely ye will actually die . Then , surely ye shall be raised up (again ) on the Day of Resurrection . [ al Mu'minun / 23:12-16 ] .

Allah Almighty also mentioned about this in the story of the resurrection Companions of the Cave ( cave dwellers ) that has been put to sleep by God for 309 years . Allah says about them : And so ( too ) We make ( men ) with them , so that people might know that the promise of Allah is true , and that the coming of the Hour there is no doubt . When people that their affair , the men said : " Erect a building in the ( cave ) them , their Lord knows best about them " . The people who rule over their affairs said : "We will establish a house of worship on it " . [ al Kahfi/18 : 21 ] .

The scholars of the Salaf in giving an idea of ​​the resurrection , they stated that the human body changes from one state to another state , and then buried into the ground , and then God brought him back . It is such a change at the beginning of the creation of man , coming from a drop of sperm , then a blood clot, then a lump of flesh , then wrapped by a beef bone , become perfect beings . So it is with the resurrection , God restore his human form after all devastated . There was nothing left except the base of the tail bone , as in the hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from the Prophet , that he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

كل ابن آدم يبلى إلا عجب الذنب , منه خلق وفيه يركب

" Every human being will be destroyed his body , except the base of the tail . Whom the man whom the created and arranged a series of his body " .
And Allaah knows best .

(Source : Sharh Aqidah al - Thahawiyah ath , Ibn Abi al Izz ad- Dimasyqy , Daar ' Alamil Pole , Riyadh , Matter III , 1997 , pages 589-598 )

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 10/Tahun X/1427H/2006M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196 ]


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