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Materialistic outlook Against Life And Danger - Danger

Materialistic outlook Against Life And Danger - Danger

Shaykh Abdullah bin Salih bin Fauzan Al - Fauzan

There are two perspectives on the lives of the world . First : The materialist view . Second : Right view . Each view has its own influence .

To view the meaning Materialistic World
Thinking that someone who is only limited to how to get a moment of pleasure in the world , so what is earned only about the problem. His mind does not go beyond that, he does not care about the consequences , nor doing and pay attention to the issue . He did not know that God made this world as a field hereafter . God made this world and the hereafter as a charity village as the village children . Barangiapa then fills his world with good deeds , surely he have good luck in the two villages . Instead he who squandered his world , he will lose the afterlife .

God says .

خسر الدنيا والآخرة ذلك هو الخسران المبين

" Unfortunate he was in the world and in the hereafter . That is a real loss " [ Al-Hajj/22 : 11 ]

God did not create this world to fool around , but God created them for a great wisdom .

God says .

الذي خلق الموت والحياة ليبلوكم أيكم أحسن عملا

" What makes the death and life , so that He might try you , which of you is best in conduct " . [ Al-Mulk/67 : 2 ]

إنا جعلنا ما على الأرض زينة لها لنبلوهم أيهم أحسن عملا

" Verily We have made what is on earth as an ornament for her , so we test them which of them is best deeds" [ Al-Kahfi/18 : 7 ]

Thus , God made the world in a moment of pleasure and various jewelry lahiriyah , either property , children , rank , power and various other kenimatan not know except Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala .

Among men - and their number of majority -some narrow eyes are on lahiriyah and pleasures the world alone . They satisfy his lust with these things and do not reflect the secret behind it . Therefore , they are busy to earn and collect charity for the world to forget after death . They even deny the existence of life other than the life world , as the word of God .

وقالوا إن هي إلا حياتنا الدنيا وما نحن بمبعوثين

" And of course they would say ( anyway ) , just living our lives in this world , and we never will be resurrected " [ al - An `am / 6 : 29 ]

Allah threatens those who have this view of the world , as his word .

إن الذين لا يرجون لقاءنا ورضوا بالحياة الدنيا واطمأنوا بها والذين هم عن آياتنا غافلون ) 7 ( أولئك مأواهم النار بما كانوا يكسبون

" Those who do not expect ( not believe ) meeting with Us and are satisfied with the life of the world and feel at ease with the world and the lives of those who heed not Our Signs , they are the place is Hell , caused by what which they used to earn " [ Yunus/10 : 7-8 ]

من كان يريد الحياة الدنيا وزينتها نوف إليهم أعمالهم فيها وهم فيها لا يبخسون ) 15 ( أولئك الذين ليس لهم في الآخرة إلا النار وحبط ما صنعوا فيها وباطل ما كانوا يعملون

" Whoever wants life and jewelry world , We shall give them their job in the world replies with them in the world is perfect and it will not be harmed . Those are the people who do not obtain in the Hereafter except Hell and gone in the afterlife what they have earned in the world and it is useless what they have done " [ Hud/11 :15 - 16 ]

Threat above applies to all who have the materailistis view , those who have charity afterlife , but wants the world lives , like the hypocrites , people who pretend to charitable deeds or infidels who do not believe in the resurrection and reckoning ( calculation charity ) . As the state - of Ignorance and destructive sects ( destructive ) like capitalism , communism , secularism and atheism . They are the ones who do not know the value of life and their view of the world is nothing more than an animal sight , even more misguided than animals . Because they sense their menafikal , subjecting their abilities and wasting their time will not be eternal for him , as well they did not do their deeds back to a place that has been waiting for , and they definitely get there . As for the animals , then there is no point waiting for him again , nor do they have to think like a human mind , because it was Allah says about them .

أم تحسب أن أكثرهم يسمعون أو يعقلون إن هم إلا كالأنعام بل هم أضل سبيلا

" Or do you think that most of them hear or understand . They are nothing but as cattle , nay even more astray path ( of the livestock ) " [ Al-Furqan/25 : 44 ]

God qualifies those who have this view of the nature of science does not have .

God says .

ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون ) 6 ( يعلمون ظاهرا من الحياة الدنيا وهم عن الآخرة هم غافلون

" But most people do not know . They just know that birth ( only) of the life of the world , they are about ( life ) is negligent Hereafter " [ Ar-Rum/30 : 6-7 ]

Although they are experts in the various fields of discovery and isndustri , but in essence they are the fools who did not deserve the nickname pious , sebaba their science is nothing more than the science of life lahiriyah world , while it is the science that shallow , so it should not be the owner get a noble title , the title of the clergy, but the degree is awarded to those who know God and fear Him , as His Word .

إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء

" Surely the fear of God among His servants only scholars " [ Fathir/35 : 28 ]

Including the materialistic view of the life of this world is what Allah mentioned in the story of Qarun and wealth given to him .

God befirman .

فخرج على قومه في زينته قال الذين يريدون الحياة الدنيا يا ليت لنا مثل ما أوتي قارون إنه لذو حظ عظيم

" Then came the kaummnya Qarun in glory . The men of the world who want lives . ' I hope we would have what was given to Qarun The real he really had great luck " [ Al-Qashash/28 : 79 ]

They conjure up and wants as he has a wealth of underprivileged menyifatinya have earned a large fortune , which is based on their view that materialistic . It is like the situation now in pagan countries which have technological advances in the field of industry and economy , then the Muslims are weak in faith looked at them with a look of admiration regardless of their kufr and what's coming to them from a bad sequel . This view is wrong and then urge them pagans glorify and exalt them in their souls, and they resemble the behavior and habits of those who are poor . Ironically , they do not replicate in their kesemangatan in preparing for power as well as other useful things , for example in the field of inventions and technology .

To view True Life
That is the view that what is in this world , both the power and strength of the material assets other charity is only a vehicle for the afterlife . Therefore , the essence of the world is not because of her disgraceful , but the praise or censure it depends on the actions servant in it . This world is a bridge crossing to the afterlife and going to Heaven thereof . And the good life derived by Heaven is nothing but based on what they have planted while in the world. Then the world is a village jihad , praying , fasting , and a donation in the way of Allah , as well as the battlefield for the race in his favor . God speaks to residents of Heaven .

كلوا واشربوا هنيئا بما أسلفتم في الأيام الخالية

" ( They were saying ) , ' Eat and drink with a savory caused charity which you did in the days of the past ( as in the world ) " [ Al - Haqqah : 24 ]

[ Copied from the book At- Tawheed Lish - Shaffits Tsalis Al - Ali , the Indonesian edition of The Book of Tawheed - 3 , author Dr. Abdullah bin Salih bin Fauzan Al - Fauzan , Translators Ainul Harith Arifin Lc , Publisher Darul Haq - Jakarta ]

The materialist view of the danger , Muslims For Life Household

To view Materialistic World
Current materialistic view , many throws human life . In fact there are some Muslims who are also affected by the neglect of life . Which puts perspective on life that is limited to an attempt to obtain momentary pleasure in this world , so that activities are executed only life revolves around the issue of how to create jobs , develop the economy , build houses and buildings , and life satisfaction matters other -worldly , without thinking of the result and the attitude that should be done . Seemed to assume , that happiness can only be achieved with the treasure . As a result , this materialistic outlook to disturb the harmony and peace of a Muslim household . Neglect the core purpose of its creation , servitude to God alone in every aspect of life . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says :

وماخلقت الجن والإنس إلاليعبدون مآأريد منهم من رزق ومآأريد أن يطعمون إن الله هو الرزاق ذو القوة المتين

" And I have not created jinn and man to worship Me . Sustenance I do not want at all of them and I do not want to give that I eat . Verily Allah is He Who Carries Grantor sustenance power again Very Strong " . [ Adz Dzariyat/51 : 56-58 ]

In effect , not infrequently a woman also worked hard , exerting all means to get a lot of treasures . In his mind , which develops just how could rule the world with abundant wealth , happiness and peace as dependent on the property ; when the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said : "O Abu Dhar . Do you think because a lot of people become rich treasure ? 'I ( Abu Dhar ) replied : " Yes , O Messenger of Allah " . He said : " And you thought , because people become poor little treasure ? " I ( Abu Dharr ) said : " Yes , O Messenger of Allah " . He said : "Verily, wealth is a sufficiency in the liver , and poverty is a poor heart " . [ 1 ]

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says :

خسر الدنيا والأخرة ذلك هو الخسران المبين

" Unfortunate he was in the world and in the hereafter . , That will be a real loss ." [ Al Hajj/22 : 11 ]

God created the world not to mess around or sendau joke , but God created them for a great wisdom , as the word of God .

إنا جعلنا ماعلى الأرض زينة لها لنبلوهم أيهم أحسن عملا

" Verily We have made what is on earth as an ornament for him so we tested them who among their best works" . [ Al Kahf/18 : 7 ] .

God created the world is none other than the abode fields and villages for charity . While hereafter as the hometown reap reply . Whoever fills the world with good deeds , he will reap a fortune in the two villages . Conversely , anyone who waste his world , he will lose the afterlife .

The One World Against view
God made the world and the various pleasures of the outward form of jewelry treasures , children , wives , position , power and a variety of other benefits , which should be used as a means to gain happiness in the life hereafter . Of Tsauban , that the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

ليتخذ أحدكم قلبا شاكرا ولسانا ذاكرا وزوجة مؤمنة تعين أحدكم على أمر الآخرة

" Let one of you have a thankful heart , oral shalihah dhikr and wife who helps in the affairs of the Hereafter " [ 2 ]

In fact , most people focus on the physical aspect and the sheer enjoyment of the material . Every day busy with work to get the treasures and pleasures of the world , that they forgot to prepare himself for life after death charity ; deny there is even another life after this life . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

وقالوا إن هي إلا حياتنا الدنيا ومانحن بمبعوثين

" And they (sometimes) say " nothing but our life in this world , and we never will be raised. " [ Al - An` am / 6 : 29 ] .

Allah threatens those who have stunted view of the world . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says :

من كان يريد الحياة الدنيا وزينتها نوف إليهم أعمالهم فيها وهم فيها لايبخسون أولئك الذين ليس لهم في الأخرة إلا النار وحبط ماصنعوا فيها وباطل ماكانوا يعملون

"Those who desire life and jewelry world , We shall give them reply with their work in the world is perfect and they are in the world was not harmed . Those are the people who do not obtain in the Hereafter , except hell and gone in the afterlife what they have try in the world , and it is useless what they have done " . [ Hud/11 : 15-16 ] .

Threats Against God 's People Materialistic
Impact on the threat applies to all persons who have a materialist view , those who labor merely for profit world , for example : hypocrites , infidels , those who embrace the ideology of capitalism , communism and secularism . God will make this life feel cramped for them . The Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

من كانت الدنيا همه فرق الله عليه أمره وجعل فقره بين عينيه ولم يأته من الدنيا إلا ما كتب له ومن كانت الآخرة نيته جمع الله له أمره وجعل غناه في قلبه وأتته الدنيا وهي راغمة

" Whoever makes his world as its main purpose , then God will make his case apart, poverty was in front of his eyes and the world is not coming , except as is for him alone . And whoever made ​​the Hereafter ( as ) his intention , Allah will facilitate its affairs and make sense of adequacy is embedded in the heart and the world will come by itself " . [ 3 ]

To view the True World
The world is not all , will suffer destruction . He was just a mere pedestrian bridge . All the infrastructure and facilities in the world that God 's inventions , wealth, power , etc. , should be optimized as much as possible for the sake of a greater , reaching the most good afterlife .

Therefore, in essence dzatnya world beyond reproach . Praise or censure depend on the behavior of a servant in the life cycle of living in the world . Once again , the world , life is maya .

Good life derived by a resident of heaven , not because of the kindness and good deeds when they have planted in the world . Then the world is a village jihad , praying , fasting and donation in the way of Allah , as well as the field to compete in goodness . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says to the people of Paradise , it means :

كلوا واشربوا هنيئا بمآأسلفتم في الأيام الخالية

" ( They were saying ) " Eat and drink with a savory caused charity which you did in the days of the past ( as in the world ) " . [ Al-Haqqah/69 : 24 ] .

Should we prepare to leave the village towards the abode of the Hereafter world with good deeds are always adding savings and hasten to the call of God .

Ali ibn Abi Talib radi ' anhu said : "Verily, the world has gone out and the next closer. And each having offspring . Be your child's descent into the afterlife and the offspring of the world do not , because there is now a chance to do good without reckoning ( peratnggungjawaban ) and tomorrow in the next calculation period of practice and no chance of doing a good deed " . Ali ibn Abi Talib radi ' anhu said : " halal is accounted for , and the prohibition is hell " .

O my brother Muslims , remember the four things : I know that will not be eaten rezekiku others , then my soul Have peace . Amalku I know that other people will not be done , then I will disibukkannya . I know that death will come suddenly , so I immediately set it up . And I know that I am not going to escape the observation of God , then I would feel ashamed of Him . [ 4 ]

People who emptied himself of the desire of the world will feel lighter without load , total meet God and prepare for the coming trip . Emptying the heart to the mortal world does not mean leaving the workforce , are reluctant to seek worldly life and do not try to attempt . Islam himself ordered to work and think of it as a kind of jihad , if the intention is sincere and trustful qualified and sincere , and not violate the law . ( Umm Ahmad ) .

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[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 04/Tahun IX/1426H/2005M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo- Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-761016 ]

Home , Dismantle Secret Man

Shaykh Abdul Malik Ramadhani Hafizhahullah

' Aisha radi' anha narrates , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam has said :

خيركم خيركم لأهله وأنا خيركم لأهلي

" The best of you are those who are best to their families . And I'm the most good for the family " [ HR . At Tirmidhi, no: 3895 and Ibn Majah no: 1977 from the companions of Ibn ' Abbas . And classed as saheeh by Al-Albani in Ash Shahihah no: 285 ] .

Above hadith , hadith very noble . A hadith which shows that humans behave noble and honest . Similarly, for a husband in particular , because he is a leader and is responsible to the family . Then it became a necessity , so we digesting the sense of urgency .

God created women as weak creatures . On the other hand , a man destined to lead the women to whom God has given him advantages . The dominant nature , want to set up , power will appear when interacting with family members , particularly his wife ; foreign women who fall into his new life . The behavior of the wife will test his patience .

Man bad temperament , will be encouraged to transgress the weak ( his wife ) . Domestic violence arising from the husband to the wife , the husband suggests that including a prototype of the weak as well . In contrast, if a husband figure includes strong personality , strong solid again , then his heart will not be hard . He did not have the heart to do injustice to the weak . Whoever is able to pull himself together when dealing with them , namely the women , it has appeared on her kindness .

Al Mubarakfuri while explaining the hadith in the book Tuhfatul Ahwadzi ( 4/274 ) said : " They ( the women ) are the people who should be blessed ( loved ) because of their physical weakness " .

Ash Syaukani explain the meaning of the hadith states : " In this hadith stored vital records . Whereas the highest rank in the goodness and the right won the trait is , the people who are best behavior to his family . Because the family , they are a most people have a right to the sweet face and a good way to get along , the outpouring of kindness , endeavored to get the benefits , are protected from harm . If there is such a man , he undoubtedly predicated as best man . If it be otherwise , then he is in disrepute . lot of people who fall into this negligence . you can see a man , when he met his family , then a figure of moral bad , very stingy and very few do them good . however , when with others , then you will be respected , moral softened , a generous soul , a light hand . doubt , this kind of man is the man who was blocked from taufik God , to deviate from the straight path . May Allah give us salvation from it " . [ 2 ]

This information intentionally scholars quoted in full , because it is a very valuable message from him for the husband and father , which many neglect of noble character in hanging out with the family .

You can see , how many men are very familiar with their colleagues. Yet, once back home , he turns into a man who hunks , more frightening . In fact , should , those who most deserve the kindness and gentleness is his family . Proverb says , al aqrabin hall ma'ruf bil . That is, the most important relative to kindness .

So , the family must be addressed with compassion , good control , patient with their faults and mistakes , and try to correct the error by way of an elegant , full of wisdom , as he showed to others outside the home .

A rule says , someone will be easily recognizable at home than outside the home . The explanation , it is not difficult to pretend to be outdoors, playing a different character from the original character . People who are accustomed to rough , can display the character sympathetic , patient with the faults of others outside the home . Because being with other people outside the house for a moment . Could only half an hour or one hour .

With them , people can pretend , as do the hypocrites and servants . Show good manners , far from immoral acts . Unlike at home , it will be hard to portray the drama all the time . Because a long time . Patience for duplicity will be eroded with the passage of the seconds , so it will go back to its original personality . Mentioned by saying , pretense will be invincible by default attitude .

Sometimes , an attitude which pretends faced both in time can be spent in temporary success , such as the behavior of a number of men were less moral when would woo a girl . Private party shows good man to keep the image , so that the vices temperament were covered tightly as possible. Pernikahanlah to be dismantled . So it is impossible not to lead to divorce among married couples , because of the element of deception and camouflage when nazhar process ( introduction ) before the wedding .

So , at home , a husband 's personality will be easily identified. Was he a gentle person or behave rudely ? Is he generous or stingy ? Is it quiet or people who easily upset ? Socially at home will tell you exactly the authenticity of the character of the man . So , get to know yourself when you are inside the house . How is your patience when dealing with children ? What is your attitude to face wife weaknesses ? How do you kink in shouldering family responsibilities ? People who are not capable to lead the household , not necessarily able to direct mankind . This is the secret of the Prophet n at the beginning of this paper .

To convey the same hadith above , the words of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

خير الأصحاب عند الله خيرهم لصاحبه وخير الجيران عند الله خيرهم لجاره

"The best friend is the one who is best to his friend . And best of neighbors is the nicest guy to his neighbor " [ 3 ] .

The presence of neighbors or colleagues are not different from the family members affect one's personality . So often interact , they can learn and telescoped secret unknown to the people who are still alien to him . Kindness evidenced by the magnitude of her patience while spending time with neighbors or colleagues . Therefore , the neighbors and friends will not catapult praise and flattery , but after they saw how good social and moral high ground on him . So , back to a guideline , a person can not be identified with either except through the association . The only secret is in the hands of family , neighbors and close friends .

Some people are very shy , mushy , maudlin against a nuisance , so he isolated himself from society . People also vote as being quiet , glorious , mouth awake from backbiting . However , it turns out the opposite assessment . Because , the reality, to his family he was being rude , abusive family members. He is not capable of displaying a portrait of himself in public , because lower himself when meeting with strangers . And , this is important , personal violence to one's self , actually appeared for his iniquity. He's happy to confine himself from outside the association . People like this , probably not well recognized , except by recognizing family members .

Thus , the above hadith is a hadith is very important . Despite lafazhnya quick , but the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam has given clear guidelines to know someone .
And Allaah knows best .

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 10/Tahun IX/1426H/2005M . Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-761016 ]
[ 1 ] . Summarized from the book Al Mau'izhatul Hasanah fi Akhlaqil Hasanah , pp. 74-82 , by Shaykh Abdul Malik Ramadhani Hafizhahullah Cet.II Th . 1426 H.
[ 2 ] . Nailul Authar ( 6/360 ) .
[ 3 ] . HR At Tirmidhi , no. Dishahihkan 1944 by Shaykh al Albani .


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