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Keeping Yourself With The Halal

Keeping Yourself With The Halal

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al- ' Uthaymeen

Bertaqwalah to God with faith in truth . Ilmuilah Allah has obligated about ourselves . In the form of religious laws . That way , we will always worship according to which God has prescribed , and we will be able to cling to their religion . So we will get happiness in this world and in the hereafter .

On this occasion , we would like to convey a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah road companions , that he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said :

إن الله طيب لا يقبل إلا طيبا وإن اله a أمر المؤمنين بما أمر به المرسلين فقال يا أيها الرسل كلوا من الطيبات واعملوا صالحا إني بما تعملون عليم وقال يا أيها الذين آمنوا كلوا من طيبات ما رزقناكم ثم ذكر الرجل يطيل السفر أشعث أغبر يمد يديه إلى السماء يا رب يا رب ومطعمه حرام ومشربه حرام وملبسه حرام وغذي بالحرام فأنى يستجاب لذلك

"Verily, Allah is good and does not accept , unless something good . And Allah has ordered the believers with God's commands used to instruct the apostles . Then Allah says , " O apostle , eat everything that is good and charitable shalihlah ( Al Mukminun : 41 ) . "And Allah also says , " O you who believe , eat everything that is good , that we have given to you ( Al -Baqarah : 172 ) . " Then Allah mentions about someone who traveled a long , matted hair , then raised his hands and said : O my Lord , O my Rabb , while haram food , his drink unlawful , his stomach filled with something that is haram , then how do we answered his prayer ? " [ Reported by Muslim ]

In the noble hadith there are many lessons that we can take .

First : In the name of Allah is thayyib . That is , God has good properties , pure from any imperfection and ugliness . God is good in the dzatNya , Maha both in His attributes , His names , His laws , deeds - deeds , and in all that comes from Him .

So when they see the names of God that we know , then we know that all the names were beautiful . It contains wonderful properties . We did not get the slightest deficiency in the names of God . Allah says :

ولله الأسماء الحسنى

" And Allah only belong the names of the good " [ al A'raf / 7 : 180 ] .

Similarly, in the nature of God , then God has the properties of a good , God is able , all- hearing , all- seeing and other good qualities possessed by God . And in all the works of God , always stored wisdom of great wisdom .

Second : Because God is good , He does not accept anything except good . Allah does not accept deeds-deeds were mixed with berbuatan shirk , because shirk practice is not a good practice . Similarly, Allah does not accept deeds mixed with the act of heresy .

We need to know , Ikhwani fiddin ... practice was good , not a lot of deeds or deeds were praised by human beings, but the practice of good deeds are done with sincerity , according to the example of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . As the bin Iyad Fudhail when he interprets the word of God :

الذي خلق الموت والحياة ليبلوكم أيكم أحسن عملا

" And He it is Who has created death and life to test you , which of you is the most good deeds " [ al Mulk/67 : 2 ]

He said that the charity is the most excellent , the truest and most sincere . True if taken in accordance with the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . And sincere , if only because hope was the face of God .

Then this hadith also explains the deeds are accepted and rejected by God .

Third : The apostles also commanded and forbidden by God , as well as the believers .

Although they are the people who have been forgiven by God , they still worship God , as we see how the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam enforce qiyamullail so his legs were swollen . He asked to :

أتكلف هذا وقد غفر اله l لك ما تقدم من ذنبك وما تأخر

" Did you do this , when Allah has forgiven your sins and the sins of the past to come ? "

Asked like this , how does he answer ? Rasulullan sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam gave an amazing answer :

أفلا أكون عبدا شكورا

" Could I not be a grateful servant ? " [Agreed alaih ] .

That personal Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam as role models for us until the Day of Resurrection . Similarly, the companions of the Prophet . They are always eager to worship God . Even among those there who have been guaranteed by God into heaven , however , does not render the guarantee they are lazy to worship God , but it makes them more serious about running the Sharia . This situation is different from what occurs in humans today.

Fourth : In this hadith , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam also said that Allah commanded the apostles and the believers to eat good food . Food that is permissible by Allah . And the look is also a lawful manner , not in a way that God's wrath .

Then Allah commanded that do good deeds , because good deeds are the manifestation of one's gratitude to Allah . That is, once a person is given the gift to get halal food and halal obtainment manner , then it is appropriate that he is thankful to God . Ie by leaning the pleasure of God and do good deeds .

Faidah mulya fifth of this hadith that Allah will not grant the prayer of a person , the person inside is filled with things which Allah has forbidden , even if he did earnestly : and how God will answer prayer perutya people filled with goodies things that are haram , haram food , drink haram , or food and beverages are kosher but sought it haram ?

Therefore , Ikhwani fiddin , this is a stern warning and a severe threat to people who would not care where he gets his food . Regrettably , there are still many people who bermuamalah with muamalah unclean , and often just for the sake of a little treasure , then willingly seek to violate God's boundaries . Waliyadzu billahi forbid . Disabdakan It is true that the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam :

يأتي على الناس زمان لا يبالي المرء ما أخذ منه أمن الحلال أم من الحرام

" There will come to mankind an era , that person is no longer where he took care of his property , whether on the road or off the road halal haram " . [ Bukhari ] .

We see today , how many of the Muslims who were buying and selling system with usury , or debts by a system of usury ? Remember , O , Muslims ! If we still do the deed , indeed, the only sin and humiliation that we will get .

Ikhwani fiddin , because the property is a mandate from God and we will be held accountable before God someday , then let us muse , where do we get the treasure ? Do we get a halal manner , or otherwise unlawful manner ?

By doing so , we hope to avoid the forbidden treasure , so the prayers we say , granted by God .

In addition , because prayer is the great worship , then let us do it with sincerity , in accordance with the example of the Prophet , and we fulfill the terms . God willing , our prayers will be accepted and granted Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala .

So a few lessons we can take from this noble hadith . Hopefully useful . Truth only comes from God , and came from our mistakes and from the devil . And God distanced themselves from such errors .

[ Adapted from Sharh Arbaeen hadith , Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al- ' Uthaymeen ]

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 05/Tahun IX/1426H/2005M . Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta , Jl . Solo - Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel . 0271-761016 ]

In order Rizki Gets Blessing

DR Ustadz Muhammad Arifin Badri

MEANING blessing
How often we say , hear , crave and pray to get a blessing , in age , family , business , or the property and others. However , have we ever asked , what exactly is meant by blessing it ? And how to obtain it ?

Is it just materialized dinner blessing the food we brought home when festivity ? Or does it only belongs to the blessing chaplain , fortune-tellers , or the caretaker of the cemetery , so that when one has a celebration , he came to them for " ngalap blessing " , in order to achieve its goals ?

When we learn the truth, either through science or through the Arabic language arguments in the Qur'an and Sunnah , we will find that the word al - baraka and understanding contains a very broad and general. In linguistics , al - baraka , meaning developing , growing and happiness [ 1 ] . Imam An - Nawawi rahimahullah said : "As long as the meaning of blessing , is that a lot of goodness and eternal " [ 2 ]

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says about their country .

بلدة طيبة ورب غفور

" ( Your country is ) good land and ( your Lord ) is the Oft-Forgiving Rabb " [ Saba/34 : 15 ]

The above verse speaks of the land of Saba ' before it was destroyed because of their disbelief in Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala . In the Qur'an , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has explained the story of the Saba ' , a country that when people believe and do good deeds , then they are surrounded by blessings . To the extent that commentators tells clerics , women Saba ' do not need to bother to harvest the fruits in their gardens . To retrieve the results of the fruit , simply put the basket on top of the head , then crossed the orchard , the fruit that has been cooked to falling meet the basket , without having to strum or bring in workers for the harvest .

Most other scholars also mention , first in the land of Saba ' no flies , mosquitoes , ticks , or other insects . Such conditions because the air is good , the weather is clean , and by the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is constantly covering them . [ 3 ]

Blessing amazing story in the golden age of Muslims has also been expressed by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah : " Indeed , the grain first , both wheat and others are larger than they are now, as the blessing that belongs to him ( at the time of grain , pent ) more . Imam Ahmad rahimahullah has narrated through isnaad , that have been found in the barn most of the Caliphate of Bani Umawi bag of wheat seeds for seed dates, and inscribed on the outer bag : " This is the wheat harvest in the future justice is done " [ 4 ]

If so, each of us crave to get a blessing in employment , income and wealth . So we 're wondering , how do I order business , income and wealth God blessed me ?

To obtain the blessings in life in general and in particular income , there are two conditions that must be met .

First . To the faith of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala .
This is the first and foremost requirement so that we endowed rizki Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , ie the realization of belief in Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala .

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون

"If the people of the country believe and fear Allah , surely We will be bestowed upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth . But , they belied ( the verses of Us) , then We seized them due to his deeds " [ al - A'raf / 7 : 96 ]

Thus , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala reply to His servants who believe , and become the person that Kufr descriptors that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , He will never feel the blessings in life .

Among the embodiment of faith in Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala with regard to income , is always confident and realize that whatever good luck we earn a bounty and mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , not merely our efforts or intelligence . That is , because Allaah has set levels rizki every human being since he was still in his mother's womb .

When we think about ourselves and our country , surely we can record the evidence . Every time we get a blessing , then we forget the land , and it was successful because of our greatness . And conversely , any failure or disaster occurs , then we accuse nature as the cause , and forgetting Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala .

If so , then how could Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will bless our lives ? Is not this kind of thinking that has led to Qarun get swallowed by the earth 's wrath ? Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

قال إنما أوتيته على علم عندي أولم يعلم أن الله قد أهلك من قبله من القرون من هو أشد منه قوة وأكثر جمعا

" Qarun said : " It is precisely the property that I was only given because the science is there to me " . And if he does not know that Allah has indeed destroyed the followers of earlier, more powerful and more treasures thereof herd .. " [ Al-Qashah/28 : 78 ]

Other forms of embodiment in terms of belief in Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala deals with Rizki , that we always mention the name of Allaah when they wanted to use one of his pleasures , such as eating .

عن عائشة رضي الله عنهما أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كان يأكل طعاما في ستة نفر من أصحابه فجاء أعرابي فأكله بلقمتين فقال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم : أما إنه لو كان ذكر اسم الله لكفاكم . رواه أحمد والنسائي وابن حبان

" From Friends of Aisha radi ' anhuma , that the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam was eating at a time with six companions , suddenly came a Bedouin Arab , and then eating his food in two mouthfuls ( only) . So the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said : "You know if he mentioned the name of Allah ( Bismillah read , pent ) , surely it would suffice your food " . [ Reported by Ahmad , An - Nasa - i and Ibn Hibban ]

At another hadith , Nab sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said : "Know that any one of you if you want to with his wife he said : " In the name of Allah , O Allah take away us from the devil and the devil take away from the children whom thou has given us " , then they both have children ( the result of the relationship, pent ) necessary the child will not be disturbed devil " [ Reported by al - Bukhari ]

Thus , the role of faith in the explanation glance Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , which manifested itself in his name when they wanted to use a pleasure , so bring blessing to property and offspring .

Second : Amal Salih
What is meant by good deeds , and the command is run away from his ban in accordance with the shari'ah taught by the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . This is the essence of piety that blessing comes a requirement as stated in surah Al - A'raf paragraph 96 above .

When Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala told about the People of the Book who lived in the time of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

ولو أنهم أقاموا التوراة والإنجيل وما أنزل إليهم من ربهم لأكلوا من فوقهم ومن تحت أرجلهم

" And should they actually run the Torah , the Gospel and the ( Al - Qur'an ) revealed to them , they would get food from above them and from beneath their feet " [ Al - Ma'ida : 66 ]

The scholars of tafsir explained , that what is meant by " getting food from the top and from the bottom of the foot " , is Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will meielimpahkan good luck to those who are very much out of the sky and of the earth , so that they will get adequate and various goodness , effortlessly, tired , listless , and without any challenges or things that disturb the tranquility of their lives [ 5 ]

Among the real-life examples of people who treasure the blessings do good deeds , is the story of Khidr and Moses with two small children . On the story , Kheer uphold the tottering fence in order to keep the estate owned two small children and buried under the fence , so it is not visible and can not be taken by someone else .

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala berfirmn .

وأما الجدار فكان لغلامين يتيمين في المدينة وكان تحته كنز لهما وكان أبوهما صالحا فأراد ربك أن يبلغا أشدهما ويستخرجا كنزهما رحمة من ربك

" As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city , and underneath there possessions savings for both of them , while his father was a righteous man , then your Lord wants them to come to maturity and issued the mistress , as a mercy from your Lord " [ Al-Kahfi/18 : 82 ]

According to the interpretations of the scholars , the father stated in this verse as a righteous father was not the biological father of both children. However , the old man is a seventh grandfather , who during his lifetime work as a weaver .

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said , " In this story there is the argument that the offspring of the righteous will be kept , and the blessing shalihnya charity will cover them in the world and in the hereafter . He will give intercession for them, and rank will be raised to the highest level , so that their parents be happy , as stated in the Qur'an and Sunnah ' [ 6 ]

Conversely , if someone is reluctant to do good deeds , or even are doing immoral acts , then that he learned also the opposite of what has been mentioned above , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

( إن الرجل ليحرم الرزق بالذنب يصيبه ) رواه أحمد وابن ماجة والحاكم وغيرهم

" Surely one can be prevented from rizkinya result of sin that he did " [ Reported by Ahmad , Ibn Majah , Al - Hakim , etc. ]

Decaying flesh and turning rancid food , actually became one of the adverse effects that must be borne by humans . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said that it all happened due to human sin . He sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

لولا بنو إسرائيل لم يخبث الطعام ولم يخنز اللحم ( متفق عليه )

" Had it not for the work of the Children of Israel , surely will never stale food and meat will never rot " [Agreed alaih ]

The scholars have stated , when the Israelites were given Rizki by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala be salwa birds ( quail sort of ) coming and they can easily catch every morning , they were forbidden to keep these birds Dading flesh . Every morning , they were only allowed to take their meat to be eaten on the day . However , they violate this order , and took flesh in excess of their needs on the day , to be stored . The result of their actions , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala punish them , so that the meat that they keep it to rot . [ 7 ]

Thus , the explanation in order to achieve two important requirements blessing .

Good deeds HELP BRING blessing
After the above two conditions are met , the blessing can also be achieved thanks to some real good deeds we have done . For example, as follows .

First : Grateful for Any Favors
There is no pleasure , whatever its form of perceived human family , but comes from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala . On that basis , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala requires people to always be thankful to him . By constantly remembering the pleasures that come from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , saying hamdalah forwarded , and then spend a fortune on the streets of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala blessed . Someone who has been getting taufik to be grateful , he would get blessings in his life , so that God will continue to double her pleasure .

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

وإذ تأذن ربكم لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم ولئن كفرتم إن عذابي لشديد

" And remember when your Lord proclaimed : " Except ye thankful, I will add ( favors ) unto you , and if you deny ( my favor ) then indeed my very painful torment " [ Ibrahim/14 : 7 ]

At another verse , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

ومن شكر فإنما يشكر لنفسه

" And whoever is grateful , truly he is thankful for ( the good of ) his own " [ An-Naml/27 : 40 ]

Imam Al - Qurtubi rahimahullah said : " The benefits will not be felt grateful , except by the perpetrators themselves . With that , he was entitled to the perfection of the favors that he can get, and the favors will be eternal and grow . As thanks , also serves to bind enjoyment has been obtained as well as the pleasure reached yet achieved " [ 8 ]

As an obvious example , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says . ( which means) : "Verily, the people of Saba are no signs ( power Rabb ) at their residence , the two gardens on the right and on the left . ( They were saying ) : " Eat ye of rizki ( awarded ) your Lord and thank you to him . ( Your country ) is a good land and ( your Lord ) is the Oft-Forgiving Lord . But they turned away , and We sent against them the flood and We converted their two gardens with two garden is overgrown ( trees ) producing bitter fruit , atsel tree ( pine ) and lote " [ Saba : 15-16 ]

When the people of Saba is still in a state of prosperity and peace , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala commanded them, so just be thankful . It shows , with gratitude , they can keep the enjoyment of the disaster , and bring other pleasures they never get .

Second: The Paying Zakat ( Alms )
Zakat , Zakat either mandatory or sunnah ( ALMS ) , a practice that became one of the factors that can cause a decline in blessing . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says .

يمحق الله الربا ويربي الصدقات

" God destroy usury and fertilize alms " [ Al - Baqarah / 2 : 276 ]

Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

ما من يوم يصبح العباد فيه إلا ملكان ينزلان فيقول أحدهما : اللهم أعط منفقا خلفا . ويقول الآخر : اللهم أعط ممسكا تلفا . متفق عليه

" There is no morning , but there were two angels who fell , then one of them said ( praying ) : " O Allah , grant a substitute for people who berinfak " , while others prayed : " O God , to those who miser timpakanlah ( not berinfak ) destruction " [Agreed alaih ]

Third : Working Seeking qona'ah Rizki With Heart , Not Filled Ambition and Not Greedy
Qona'ah nature and gracefully with the division of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , an incomparable richness . With the spirit filled with qona'ah , and contentment with all that God sent down to him good luck , then the blessing will come to him . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

( إن الله تبارك وتعالى يبتلي عبده بما أعطاه . فمن رضي بما قسم الله له بارك الله له فيه ووسعه . ومن لم يرض لم يبارك له ولم يزده على ما كتب له ) رواه أحمد والبيهقي وصححه الألباني

" Verily Allah the gift of his area , the Most High , will test each of His servants with rizki which he gave him . Whoever is pleased with the division of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala , then Allah will bless and good luck paved for her. And those who are not pleased ( not satisfied ) , undoubtedly fortunes will not be blessed " [ Reported by Ahmad and classed as saheeh by al - Albani ]

Al - Munawi rahimahullah said : " This disease ( ie not satisfied with what Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has bestowed to him , pent ) is prevalent in the world devotee . Until you meet one of them who was given Rizki underestimate him ; feel a little fortune , bad , and was struck with good luck and consider others better and more . Therefore , he will always toil to increase his wealth , until his age exhausted , his strength gone , and he became elderly ( senile ) digapainya result of ambition and a sense of fatigue . With that , he had been torturing his body , blackening deeds sheets with various sins that he did to get their wealth . In fact , he will not gain other than what Allaah has set for him . At the end of his life , he died in a state of bankruptcy . He did not appreciate that he has earned , and he also failed to reach what she wanted " [ 9 ]

Therefore , Islam taught his people to always keep the faith and honor in which he passes every effort to seek good luck . Thus , a Muslim will not take , but the roads that have been permitted and has kept her honor .

Fourth : All deeds repent from sin
As a sin to be one of the causes of obstruction rizki culprit , then conversely , repent and seek forgiveness is one factor that can bring good luck and keberkahannya . Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala tells the story of Prophet Hud Alaihissallam with his people .

ويا قوم استغفروا ربكم ثم توبوا إليه يرسل السماء عليكم مدرارا ويزدكم قوة إلى قوتكم ولا تتولوا مجرمين

" And ( Hud said ) : O my people , your Lord and then repent beristighfarlah to Him , He lowered torrential rain upon you , and He will add strength to your strength , and do not turn away the sin berbuta " [ Hud/11 : 52 ]

As a result of infidelity and sin 'Ad - based interpretation of the statements of the scholars - they are overwritten drought and sterility , so not a single woman who can bear children . This situation lasted for several years . Therefore , the Prophet Hud Alaihissallam ordered them to repentance and forgiveness . Therefore , repent and seek forgiveness with it , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will rain , and gave them offspring . [ 10 ]

Fifth : Connecting Cords Gathering
Among the good deeds which will bring blessings in life , the rope connecting silaturrahim . This is an effort to establish good relations with everyone who will be associated with our lineage relationship . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

من سره أن يبسط له في رزقه أو ينسأ له في أثره فليصل رحمه . ( متفق عليه )

" Whoever is happy to dilapangkan ( or blessed ) fortunes , or delayed ( extended ) age , then he should bersilaturrahim " [Agreed alaih ]

The definition of delayed death , age is endowed , given taufiq to do good deeds , filling her time with a variety of useful practice for life in the hereafter , and he is awake from wasting time in useless things . Or make always remembered the name of the fragrance . Or really old plus by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala . [ 11 ]

Sixth : Looking Rizki Of The Halal Way .
Is a necessary condition for the realization of the blessings of property, was acquired by the halal way . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam said .

لا تستبطئوا الرزق , فإنه لن يموت العبد حتى يبلغه آخر رزق هو له , فأجملوا في الطلب : أخذ الحلال , وترك الحرام .

" Do you feel that rizkimu came too late . Because the truth is , it is not a slave to die , to have come to him last rizki ( specified ) for him . So , head in a good way in finding good luck , that is by taking the halal and the haram leaving " [ HR Abdur - Razaq , Hibbanm and Ibn Al - Hakim ]

One of these blessings is affecting the practice of usury . Usury acts including factors that could erase blessing .

يمحق الله الربا ويربي الصدقات

" God destroy usury and fertilize alms " [ Al - Baqarah / 2 : 276 ]

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said : " Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala preach that He will destroy usury . That is , it could destroy the whole of the hands of the owner , or the owner of blocking the blessing of his property . Thus , the owners do not benefit from usury ribanya treasure . Even with these treasures , Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will destroy the life of the world , and later in the Hereafter Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will torment due to the property " [ 12 ]

When you look at the lives of those who practices usury , surely we get a lot of evidence for the truth of the above verses and hadith . How many eaters usury abundant wealth , to countless , but none of them felt blessings , peace and happiness of the illicit assets .

Similarly, by begging ( begging ) in search of good luck , including acts that are forbidden and do not contain blessings . In one hadith , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam explained in part the impact of the loss of the blessing of the people who beg .

( ما يزال الرجل يسأل الناس حتى يأتي يوم القيامة ليس في وجهه مزعة لحم ) . متفق عليه

" It is not someone constantly begging to others , until one day will come on the Day of Judgment , in the absence of any single piece of meat attached to his face " [Agreed alaih ]

Seventh : Working At Morning Time .
Among the road to achieve the blessing of God , is to instill a passion for living healthy and productive , and get rid of the lazy nature as far - jaunya . The trick , always make use of the gift of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala with the things that are useful and bring benefit to our lives .

Including the best time to start looking for work and good luck , is that time of the morning . Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam never prayed a prayer blessing .

اللهم بارك لأمتي في بكورها ( رواه أبو داود والترمذي والنسائي وابن ماجة وصححه الألباني )

" O Allah , bless my ummah for their morning " [ Reported by Abu Dawud , At- Tirmidhi , An - Nasa - i , Ibn Majah and classed as saheeh by Shaykh al - Albani ]

Lessons take up time in the morning with a prayer blessing , because the morning is the start time of a variety of human activities . At that time also , one feels the spirit after a good night's rest . Therefore , he sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam mendo'akan blessings on time this morning so that the whole community to share in the prayer .

As a direct application of this prayer , when it sent troops war , the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam did in the morning , so blessed troops and get help and victory .

Another example of the blessing of the morning , as is done by the Companions of Al - Ghamidi Shakhr radi ' anhu . Ie narrators of this hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam . Shakhr worked as a trader . After listening to this hadith , he was applying . It is not he send his wares except in the morning . And sure enough , blessings of Allaah he can get. Narrated , perniagaannya successful and abundant wealth . And based on this hadith also , some scholars assert , sleep on the morning of his legal makruh .

There are many other deeds-deeds that will bring blessings in the life of a Muslim . What I have mentioned above are just a sample

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and taufiq always bestow His blessing to us all . And hopefully this brief exposure can be useful for me personally and everyone who heard or read it . Do not forget, if there is an error above presentation , it came from me and from the devil , so my forgiveness to God . And if there is truth , then it's all over Taufik and his inayah .

Allaah knows bish - sowab

[ Copied from the Sunnah Edition Magazine 01/Tahun XII/1429H/2008M . Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta , Almat Jl . Solo - Purwodadi Km . Solo 57 183 8 Selokaton Gondangrejo . tel . 0271-5891016 ]

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