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Why Women Should hijab?, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala explains the wisdom behind the command to wear the hijab with the word. ذلك أدنى أن يعرفن فلا يؤذين وكان الله غفورا رحيما "That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [Al Ahzab: 59]

Why Women Should hijab?, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala explains the wisdom behind the command to wear the hijab with the word.
ذلك أدنى أن يعرفن فلا يؤذين وكان الله غفورا رحيما
"That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [Al Ahzab: 59]

This question is very important but the answer is far more important. One question that requires a long answer. Headscarf or hijab is one thing that has been ordered by the Creator of the Shari'a. As the Shari'a which has consequences far into the future, regarding happiness and kemashlahatan live in the world and the hereafter. So, the question of the hijab is not just a question of custom or fashion hijab fashion is a universal fashion to be worn by a woman who has pledged his faith. No matter whether he is a Muslim Arab, Indonesia, Europe or China. Because the command to wear the hijab is common to all Muslim women in every corner of the globe.

Here we review the part of the answer above:

First: As a form of obedience to Allah and His Messenger.
Obedience is a source of great happiness and success in the world and the hereafter. A person will not feel the sweetness of faith when he was reluctant to realize, apply, and execute all the commands of Allah and His Messenger.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

ومن يطع الله ورسوله فقد فاز فوزا عظيما

"And whoso obey Allah and His Messenger, then surely he has got a great victory". [Al Ahzab: 71]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

ذاق طعم الإيمان من رضي بالله ربا وبالإسلام دينا وبمحمد رسولا.

"It will taste the sweetness of faith, someone who has sebagaiRabb Allah willing, Islam as a religion, and Muhammad as God's messengers." [Reported by Muslim].

Second: Show off the beauty of the nakedness and the body is a form of immorality which incurred the wrath of Allah and His Messenger.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

ومن يعص الله ورسوله فقد ضل ضلالا مبينا

"And whoever disobeys Allah and His Apostle, then indeed it was he had been perverted, perverted the real". [Al Ahzab: 36].

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

كل أمتي معافى إلا المجاهرن.

"Each of my people (the guilty) will be forgiven, except those who openly (commit adultery)." [Agreed alaih].

While the women who show off the beauty of the nakedness and the body as meaning he had dared to show blatant disobedience.

Thirdly: Surely Allah commands hijab to reduce a wide range of fitnah (damage)

If a slander various dim and disappear, then the people who inhabited by women hijab would be more secure and safe from slander. Conversely, people who inhabited by a woman who likes bertabarruj (dress sexy), genitals and show off the beauty of the body, it is vulnerable to various threats and sexual harassment and slander voluptuous upheaval that brought havoc and destruction is very large. Clear that naked bodies will provoke attention and venomous views. That's the first stages of demolition and destruction of morals and civilization of a society.

Fourth: No hijab and jewelry exhibition will invite defamation for men.

If a woman's body shape and jewelry show off in front of non mahram men, certainly would invite the attention of men's johns and a wolf in sheep's clothing. If there is a chance they would be prey to the vicious like a hungry lion.
A poet said,

نظرة فإبتسامة فسلام * فكلام فموعد فلقاء.

"Starting from the view and then smile and greet followed by talks and end up with appointments and meetings."

Fifth: A Muslim woman who keep the hijab, indirectly he says to all men, "Tundukkanlah your eyes, I'm not yours and you are also not mine. I only belong to God's people is lawful for me. I am an independent person who is not tied to anyone and I'm not interested in anyone because I was taller and far more honorable than they. "

The woman who bertabarruj or show off and reveal the beauty of the nakedness of the body in front of men johns, indirectly he said, "Please enjoy the beauty of my body and face beauty. Is there anyone who would come near? Is there anyone who would look at me? Is there anyone who would give me a smile? Or there are people who joked, "Oh how beautiful she is?". They scramble to enjoy the beauty of her body and her beauty until they were terfitnah.

Which of the two women on a more independent? Clearly, the hijab is a perfect woman would force every man to lower his gaze and be respectful when they see it, until they conclude that she is independent, free and true.

Therefore, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala explains the wisdom behind the command to wear the hijab with the word.

ذلك أدنى أن يعرفن فلا يؤذين وكان الله غفورا رحيما

"That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [Al Ahzab: 59]

Women who reveal the nakedness of the body and beauty and the beauty of his face, like a beggar who whined for mercy. Without realizing they are willing to fall prey to men's depraved and corrupted. She became a woman humiliated, abandoned, cheap and losing dignity and sanctity. And he has plunged himself into ruin and the catastrophe of life.

Hijab as part of the Islamic Shari'a, has obvious limitations. The scholars advocate the religion of Allah has described in their writings about the criteria for hijab. Each mukminah shall observe the Shari'a restrictions associated with this hijab. Qur'aan and the Sunnah of His Prophet making a basic reference in the charity, and are not held to the opinions deviate from the passions imitators. Thus the objectives can be realized disyariatkanya hijab, bi'aunillah.

Among the terms of the hijab among others:

First: It should cover the entire body and not show the slightest limb than those excluded. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says.

وقل للمؤمنات يغضضن من أبصارهن ويحفظن فروجهن ولايبدين زينتهن إلاماظهر منها وليضربن بخمرهن على جيوبهن

"And say to the believing women, let them beat their views and not to show off their adornment except the usual look and let them put her veil cloth to their chest." [An Nuur: 31].

And also the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

يآأيها النبي قل لأزواجك وبناتك ونسآء المؤمنين يدنين عليهن من جلابيبهن ذلك أدنى أن يعرفن فلا يؤذين وكان الله غفورا رحيما {59} * لئن لم ينته المنافقون والذين في قلوبهم مرض والمرجفون في المدينة لنغرينك بهم ثم لايجاورونك فيهآ إلا قليلا

"O prophet tell your wives, your daughters and wives of the believers," Let them extend their scarf to the body. "That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allah is All Forgiving and infinite care. " [Al Ahzab: 59].

Second: The hijab should not draw attention to the views of men are not mahram. Hijab in order not to provoke the men's view it must meet the following requirements:

-. Hijab should be made of thick fabric that does not reveal the body color.
-. The hijab should be loose and not show the shape of the body.
-. The hijab should not be used as jewelry even have to have one color rather than a variety of colors and motifs.
-. Hijab is not a dress of pride and arrogance.
Based on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam follows.

من لبس ثوب شهرة في الدنيا ألبسه الله ثوب مذلة يوم القيامة ثم ألهب فيه النار.

"Those who wear clothes in the world of arrogance Allah will disgrace to wear later on the Day of Resurrection and then he burned in hell." [Reported by Abu Daud and Ibn Majah, and this hadeeth is hasan]

-. The hijab should not be given a perfume or fragrance. Basically that is the hadeeth of Abu Musa Al Asy'ary Allaah 'anhu, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said.

أيما امرأة استعطرت فمرت علي قوم ليجدوا ريحهافهي زانية.

"Any woman who wears perfume and passes a class of people that they smell it, then she is a woman adulterer". [Reported by Abu Daud, Tirmidhi and Nasa'i, and Hadith Hasan]

Third: clothing, or hijab should not resemble the clothing worn male or female clothing infidels. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم.

"Whoever resembles a people then he is a part of them". [Reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawood]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam cursed the man who wears women's clothing as well as condemning women who dress like men. [Reported by Abu Daud Nasa'i and Ibn Majah, and this hadith sahih].

Shaykh al-Albani in his book Veil mar'ah Book Was Al Sunnah Muslim Fil said, covering the face is the sunnah of the law (not mandatory) but who use it have primacy. And Allaah knows best

This paper, I addressed to my sisters and sisters who have to further solidify her hijab hijab only to seek God's face. Also for those who have not hijab in order to repent and immediately start earning forgiveness from Allah Almighty.

Wallahu waliyyut taufiq
(Um Ahmad Rifqi)

Maraji ':
-Al Afrah, Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Hamdani.
Bil-Tanbihaat Ahkaami Takhtasu Mukminaat, Dr. Fauzan Salih bin Abdullah Al Fauzan.
Hijab Al-Muslim Al Fil Kitabi mar'ah Was Sunnah, Shaykh al-Albani Nashiruddin.

[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah Foundation Published 04/Tahun VII/1424H/2003 Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondangrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 08121533647, 08157579296]

When the Muslim Clothing Dumped

Today the emerging Muslim clothing with a variety of styles and fashions. Even displayed in sales outlets are usually filled with clothes pengumbar genitalia. However, most Muslim dresses are still showing curves, narrow, more tightly. Similarly, a variety of designs such as veils hanging out with a cap that just covered her hair alone.

On the other hand, Muslim clothing used only in certain events or religious activities. For example, only when praying, a Muslim woman trying to cover her body from top to bottom so that the hair and the legs are not visible. However, as soon as greetings had been said, the situation will return to normal.

They leave the house wearing clothes that they thought had been under Islamic rule, but in fact are not eligible to cover nakedness. So they entered into the category of "dressed but naked." As if to close the nakedness is only mandatory when prayer alone or just skin no longer visible to the eye of another man. Wa ilallâhil musytaka (to Allaah is the place where the complaint).

إذا المرأ لم يلبس لباسا من التقى
تقلب عريانا وإن كان كاسيا
و خير لباس المرء طاعة ربه
و لا خير فيمن كان عاصيا

If someone does not wear clothes of piety,
he transformed into a naked man covered his body though.
The best of clothes is obedience to his Lord,
there is no goodness in people who do disobedience.

The content of the teachings of Islam, specifically the degree glorifies women after the age of ignorance is in a very low level and their rights trampled. Islam sets the rules for two types of people, men and women in accordance with nature. Islam also equalize men and women in certain matters, to reflect on the wisdom of Allah Ta'ala.

Aspects of the differences between them were accommodated in the best possible, so that no one was harmed. Consistency in running the Muslim Shari'a of Allah, Islam civilized manners and morality, that's the most important methods and the most important means for empowerment of women in human development and progress of civilization. It has been proved by history, so it should get the support and appreciation of all Muslims.

The enemies of Islam are very interested in the abuse of Muslim women. Because, they know the true position of a Muslim woman in the strategic development and the establishment of a strong Muslim generation.

Through the funnel-funnel (mass media) in Muslim countries, the enemies of Islam it throws the bombastic slogans, in order to get rid of the sanctity of Muslim women, the castle and honor the people coaching role.

In the name of tahrîrulmar'ah (freedom for the Eve), arraghbah filistifâdah min thâqatil mar'ah (women empowerment), inshâfulmar'ah (justice for women / emancipation) and the slogans of modernization argue, the enemies of Islam and the stooges gang tried to deceive the Muslim.

Slogans and propaganda directed at one goal. Which dragged the woman out of manhaj syar'i Islam, and handed it to the threat of exploitation of nakedness, disgrace, humiliation and slander. Some of the Muslim there is a propaganda to its knees face that seems good, namely to mengentaskannya of "suffering". So that was perceived by the propagandists, both from the secularists and liberals. Such people, who threatened to stay away from Allah's Shari'a narrowly oppressive life.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

ومن أعرض عن ذكري فإن له معيشة ضنكا ونحشره يوم القيامة أعمى

"And those who turn away from Me, then surely narrow for her livelihood, and we will menghimpunkannya to judgment in the blind" [Thâhâ/20: 124]

TRAGEDY AND COMBUSTION disarmament Muslim clothing
Movement of "liberation" of women often show off the support to keep the Muslim from a respectable identity. They do a demonstration and refused to honor the rules that keep women. It's not emerging in recent years, but the seeds have been around since the year 1919 AD

At the time it appeared the Muslim demonstrations in Egypt on March 12, 1919 under the command of Huda Sha'rawi to jointly release the hijab (Islamic headscarf is perfect). He was the first Arab woman to remove the hijab. Subsequently, he was followed by Sa'ad Zaghlul wife. This woman with those women who had deceived the hijab off and stomped on it. And the story ends with the burning of the clothes into the identity of Muslim women.

The freedom that they want to go, actually even gets them in contempt. Because the action is the beginning tercampaknya their honor and virtue.

God Almighty created the woman as a source of calm for a man and seed it as a place seeding. A woman is also responsible for her husband's house. Allah Ta'ala mentakdirkannya to contain and duty to educate children. Because such a large and heavy responsibility, then Allah Almighty to give responsibility to the men to lead and guide her.

Meanwhile, Jahiliyyah kuffar hate being a woman in their midst. Even when a daughter was born, the actions they take, is murdered by sadistic or buried alive. Or leave it in ignominious circumstances. In those days, women had no inheritance rights, his opinion was never addressed.

As a man, he may marry any woman he wants. He was free to bring a lot of women in her arms, and even free to do would not be fair to his wives. Then Islam came to save the women from the kezhaliman Ignorance and give inheritance rights. The man may only marry up to four wives only, provided that can do justice to his wives. If not able, then it may only marry one woman.

View of the kuffar against women of this age is tantamount to the past. They want to deal with women jobs outside of the men by nature, so that the women regardless of glory, honor, and look good in front of men. Up can be exploited cheaply and easily over still has appeal. Conversely, if it is receding charm, so he was marginalized.

The issue of hijab (Muslim clothing is perfect) does not require a scholar of ijtihad. For basic instructions are very clear in the Al-Qur'ân.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

يا أيها النبي قل لأزواجك وبناتك ونساء المؤمنين يدنين عليهن من جلابيبهن ذلك أدنى أن يعرفن فلا يؤذين وكان الله غفورا رحيما

"O Prophet, say to your wives, your daughters, and wives of the believers to let them extend their scarf around your body. That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they are not disturbed. And Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful ". [Al-Ahzâb/33: 59]

Rahimahullah Ibn Kathir said: "Allah said to His Apostles ordered that the Muslim mukminah decreed specifically to the wives and daughters to extend his garments over their bodies. In order to distinguish jahiliyyah women and slaves-the hallmark slave women. What is meant by the veil, that is the fabric which is above the khimar (head covering). "

Shaykh as-Sa'di rahimahullah said: "This verse is referred to as paragraph hijaab. Allah ordered His Prophet to ask the women (Muslim) in general, and begin with the mention of Allah's wives and his daughters. Because they are most authorities are required (to implement) than other women. People who will command the (female) other, should begin from the family before anyone else.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

يا أيها الذين آمنوا قوا أنفسكم وأهليكم نارا

"O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hellfire ..." [At-Tahrîm/66: 6]

That is, here they are required to cover the faces, necks and chests, their chest. Then Allah tells behind the wisdom contained in this rule. Ie "That is so they are easier to be recognized, because they were not molested". This suggests, the emergence of the disorder occurs when women do not wear hijab. The reason is, when a woman's body is covered with the best (women do not hijab), may arise prejudice that it was not a good woman. Impact, the man whose heart is sick and hurt them would interfere. Or maybe they will be humiliated, because they are slaves. Therefore, people who do not bother thinking. Thus, the hijab is a deterrent desires of greedy men to women ... "[Tafseer al-Sa'di in brief].

The resistance of the movements that endanger the integrity of the people must be taken, especially by women themselves. The most important factor that has dragged the woman to follow the cultures are not immoral, is that element jahâlah (ignorance) about his religion.

True goodness for women, is the emergence of self-motivation to learn their religious laws, and obligations that they must endure, so sacred and secure themselves from low morale or the sources of evil.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه في الدين

"He who desired her goodness by Allah willed, He would mencerdaskannya in religious matters." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Historically, the Muslim consistency with the rules of Allah Almighty and Islamic values ​​and morality is the best way, and most important means to empower women in the family establishment, improvement and strengthening of human civilization.

The existence of negative phenomena which have been attacked and enveloped the women (adolescents and adults), it is the duty of the people who control the trust (region) to consider them the best possible way. Give him the education and training, and fortify them from any harmful effects. Especially in recent times is loaded with a wave of slander and temptations that ambushed from all sides. The trustee was a huge responsibility when girls, wives and women who became his responsibility to commit fraud.

In particular, most of the information channels (mass media) diverse forms part of the poisoned arrows of the enemies of Islam aimed to tear apart the builder generation of warriors of Islam and the future of the printer (the Muslim). At least, the enemies of Islam have succeeded in realizing the goal as the guardian spirit of the Muslim lacking in responsibility and squandered the overwhelming mandate that, unless the people are blessed by Allah.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

الرجال قوامون على النساء

"The man is a leader for women ...." [An-Nisa '/ 4:34]

إن الر جال الناظرين إلى النساء
مثل السباع تطوف باللحمان
إن لم تصن تلك اللحوم أسودها
أكلت بلا عوض و لا أثمان

Indeed, the men who see women,
like wolves around a pile of meat.
If the lions do not keep the meat,
will undoubtedly be eaten without timbalbalik and price

Seeing the number of people who adopt and propagate ideas of liberalism in Muslim society, and because the negative charge in the form of opposition to Allah and His Messenger, then Shaykh Shaykh Salih Alu advised, that includes the important thing, namely the movement of scholars, students, and people who have great attention for the good of the threats facing it, doubtful, doubtful subvert them, and they are unmasked.

[Adopted from Mar'atu kutaib al-Islami wa-Baina Takrîmil Da'awat, Muhammad bin Nasir al-Tahrir 'Uraini. Introduction: Shaykh Saalih ibn 'Abd al-' Aziz bin Muhammad Shaikh Alu, Matter V, Year 1425]

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine XI/1428H/2007M 09/Tahun Edition. Foundation published Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondanrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858197]

Protecting the sanctity of Muslim Women, Landscape Contradiction Between Men And Women

Prof. Dr. Abdur Razaq bin Abdul Muhsin Al-'Abbad Al Badr

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

فاتقوا الله في النساء فإنكم أخذتموهن بأمان الله واستحللتم فروجهن بكلمة الله ولكم عليهن أن لا يوطئن فرشكم أحدا تكرهونه فإن فعلن ذلك فاضربوهن ضربا غير مبرح ولهن عليكم رزقهن وكسوتهن بالمعروف. أخرجه مسلم: 1218

"Fear God you guys (the handling) wives. Surely you take them with a sense of security from God, to justify their genitals with the sentence of God. Right you are over them, (is) they should not be put to bed you someone who you hate. If they do, then beat them with a punch that did not hurt. For them (the obligation) upon you to give sustenance and clothing for them appropriately ". [Reported by Muslim, 1218]

Hanif religion of Islam, with a straight directives and the instructions are full of wisdom, nurturing women, protect the glory and dignity. Also ensure the realization of the glory and true happiness.

Islam has opened the way for women to reach the joy of life, away from the atmosphere of doubt and slander, as well as (much) from the ugliness and destruction. The teachings of Islam is not only a safety valve for the women themselves, but it is comprehensive to the public, so no tangled ugliness and slander. Islam and serves to prevent the disaster and the tempest that would happen.

If the signs of Islam related to women have vanished from society, then there will be damage, deterioration and danger came and went. A fact history has witnessed. Whoever is looking at history through the ages, will conclude that the most influential factor for the destruction of a civilization, the destruction of community, moral degeneration, proliferation of immoral acts and noble values ​​collapse, and widespread crime, the release of women from religious teachings are straight and directing a full-wise direction, guidance is a blessing.

Obligations of a Muslim woman, is to accept all teachings of Islam with a roomy chest, liver clear, and the application of good practice, so that he can live happily, won the good pleasure of his Lord and earthly happiness and ukharawi.

The obligation of the person in charge of women so that they are serious in upholding and fostering them with adab adab-Islam, and maintain their personal rights and honor and be kind to them as a form of obedience to God and the quest reward and fear of Allah forms of realization. Allah is the place to ask help, otherwise there is no lord. Wala wala haula quwwata billah illa.

[Khuthab Mawa'idh min Hajjati wa al Wada ', pages 33-34, Cet. I. Th. 1426 - 2005].


Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Bin Hamd Al-'Abbad Al-Badr

In recent years, there has been confusion between the male and female scales. Men like women, and vice versa, women like men.
Mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari, from Ibn 'Abbas Allaah' anhuma, he said:

لعن رسول الله n المتشبهين من الرجال بالنساء والمتشبهات من النساء بالرجال

"The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam cursed the men who like women and women who resemble men".

As of today, there have been events that never happened in the days of Ignorance though. Namely, the emergence of symptoms tabarruj (showing off the beauty) of women who are very apprehensive. Even in many Islamic countries, women in these markets and the public street to show the head, neck, hands, arms, legs, and even their thighs. Instead, the men stuck his clothes to cover your ankles. Though the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has said:

ما أسفل من الكعبين من الإزار ففي النار

"What under the ankle of the garment (where) in hell". [Bukhari, 5787].

In another Hadith, Abu Dharr Allaah 'anhu narrated, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said:

ثلاثة لا يكلمهم الله يوم القيامة ولا ينظر إليهم ولا يزكيهم ولهم عذاب أليم قال فقرأها رسول الله ثلاث مرارا قال أبو ذر خابوا وخسروا من هم يا رسول الله قال المسبل والمنان والمنفق سلعته بالحلف الكاذب

"There are three groups that God is not talking to them on the Day of Resurrection, He did not see them nor purify them and for them a painful Allaah". Abu Dharr said: "The Messenger n say it three times," then Abu Dharr said, "Really, they have experienced failure and loss! Who are they, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: "A (male) who stuck his ankle beyond his clothes, people who bring up the gift, and people who wanted to popularize the goods with false oaths." [Reported by Muslim, 106].

The men stuck his clothes are prohibited under the ankles, however, turns out they stuck out her clothes over her ankle. While on the other hand, the women, they were ordered to close the genitals as a whole (hijab): but, it turns out they actually show off genitalia and physical beauty.

In this case, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has said:

"Three groups are not going to heaven:" A person who is disobedient to his parents, dayyuts (a man who does not upset the existing kemungkaran the family), and women who resemble men. "[Reported by al-Hakim (1/72 ), as well menshahîhkannya, and agreed by adh-Dzahabi].

Musta'an Allaah.

[Adapted from the book Rasaail, Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin al-' Abbad, p. 425, with free translation].

The zeal of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam against his wives

Dr. Muhammad ibn Musa Nasr Alu

He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam very jealous of his wives. His saying:

إنمآ جعل الآستذان من أجل البصر

"Actually holding idzin request that caused vision". [1]

He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sent visitor (someone visiting, Red), if it has been knocking on the door so as not to stand in front of the door [2]. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never seen someone who was at the door. He also said: "If I saw you, I'll stab your eyes with this". Namely, he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has mudrah, such as a comb to scratch his head. He is also the word: "If there is someone peering others from the hole, then the man stabbed her, then why not for him".

However, the jealousy he sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is not abundant as to the degree of prejudice, even he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam forbade it.

Jealousy is a nature that God created for man. However, the strange today, we do not get the jealousy on the husband's self, except the people who blessed God.

Jealousy is the nature that God made all His creatures, to the extent that any animal (have jealousy), except for pigs. These pigs, the only animal that is not jealous of her partner. It is not strange, if those who disbelieve eating pork does not have a sense of jealousy of their wives, because their nature is similar to a pig's character, because they eat lots of pork. Even if none of the pig except the trait, then it is simply forbidden to eat it. And swine are unclean, like to eat unclean.

[Source: An-Nabi fi Baitihi, Dr. Muhammad ibn Musa Nasr Alu]

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine X/1427H/2006M 02/Tahun Edition. X/1429H/2008M 04/Tahun edition. X/1428H/2007M 11/Tahun edition. MDiterbitkan Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Gondangrejo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]

Finding Studies on women

Umm Salamah As-Salafiyyah

Allah Ta'ala says:
"Allah will exalt those who believe among you and those who were given some degree of knowledge." [Al-Mujaadilah: 11]

He also said:
"Say, 'Are the same people who know people who do not know.' Berakallah Those who are able to receive lessons." [Az-Zumar: 9]

He also said:
"Say, 'O my Rabb, add science to me.'" [Ta-Ha: 114]

Of 'Uthman Allaah' anhu, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa salam said:

ÎóíúÑõßõãú ãóäú ÊóÚóáøóãó ÇáúÞõÑúÂäó æóÚóáøóãóåõ.

"The best is that you learn the Qur'an and teach it." [HR. Al-Bukhari]

Of Zaid ibn Thabit, he said, I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

äóÖøóÑó Çááåõ ÇãúÑóÃð ÓóãöÚó ãöäøóÇ ÍóÏöíËðÇ ÝóÍóÝöÙóåõ ÍóÊøóì íõÈóáøöÛóåõ ¡ÝóÑõÈøó ÍóÇãöáö ÝöÞúåò Åöáóì ãóäú åõæó ÃóÝúÞóåõ ãöäúåõ ¡æóÑõÈøó ÍóÇãöáö ÝöÞúåò áóíúÓó ÈöÝóÞöíåò.

"God will beautify a person who listens to a hadith from us, and he memorized it when he got it. Because, how many people you bring to the jurisprudence from someone more expert. And how many people are carrying fiqh but he was not a jurist. "[HR. Abu Dawood with a saheeh sanad]

These arguments and also the semisalnya is general and there is no specialization for him. And come together to seek knowledge in the mosques is better and more mainstream.

From Abu Hurayrah, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

ãóäú äóÝøóÓó Úóäú ãõÄúãöäò ßõÑúÈóÉð ãöÜäú ßõÑóÈö ÇáÏøõäúíóÇ äóÝøóÓó Çááåõ Úóäúåõ ßõÑúÈóÉð ãöäú ßõÑóÈö íóæúãö ÇáúÞöíóÇãóÉö ¡æóãóäú íóÓøóÑó Úóáóì ãõÚúÓöÑò íóÓøóÑó Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö Yoi Yoi ÇáÏøõäúíóÇ æóÇúáÂÎöÑóÉö ¡æóÇááåõ Úóæúäö ÇáúÚóÈúÏö AOC ßóÇäó ÇáúÚóÈúÏõ Yoi Úóæúäö ÃóÎöíåö ¡æóãóäú Óóáóßó ØóÑöíÞðÇ íóØúáõÈõ Ýöíåö ÚöáúãðÇ Óóåøóáó Çááåõ áóåõ Èöåö ØóÑöíÞðÇ ¡ÇáúÌóäøóÉö Åöáóì æóãóÇ ÇÌúÊóãóÚó Þóæúãñ Yoi ÈóíúÊò ãöäú ÈõíõæÊö Çááåö íóÊúáõæäó ßöÊóÇÈó Çááåö æóíóÊóÏóÇÑóÓõæäóåõ Èóíúäóåõãú ÅöáÇøó äóÒóáóÊú ÚóáóíúåöÜãõ ÇáÓøóßöíäóÉõ æóÛóÔöíóÊúåõãõ ÇáÑøóÍúãóÉõ æóÍóÝøóÊúåõãõ ÇáúãóáÇóÆößóÉõ æóÐóßóÑóåõãõ Çááåõ Ýöíãóäú ÚöäúÏóåõ ¡æóãóäú ÈóØøóÃó Èöåö Úóãóáõåõ áóãú íõÓúÑöÚú Èöåö äóÓóÈõåõ.

"Whoever removes a difficulty of some of the difficulties suffered by the world of a believer, then later on the Day of Judgment Allah will remove one of the difficulties suffered some difficulties hereafter. Whoever it easier for people who are in an all-susahan, then God will make it easy, both globally and in the hereafter. And God will always help His servant as long as the servant helps his brother. Whoever the path to seek knowledge, Allah will facilitate for him the way to Heaven. And not the people gathered on one of the houses of Allah (mosques), while they read the book of Allah and studying it among them, but will calm them down and overwhelmed by the grace and they will be surrounded by the Angels . Allah will mention them to anyone who was in his hand. Anyone who slowed his deeds, then he will not be accelerated by nasab (offspring) it. "[HR. Muslim]

Also narrated from the hadeeth of 'Uqbah bin' Amir, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam came out while we were still in suffah, then he said,' Which one of you who want to go every day to Buthan or al-'Aqiq , and from him he came up with two large humped camel without sin and without termination of relationship? "

So we said, "O Messenger of Allah, we loved it." He said,

ÃóÝóáÇó íóÛúÏõæ ÃóÍóÏõßõãú Åöáóì ÇáúãóÓúÌöÏö ÝóíóÚúáóãõ Ãóæú íóÞúÑóÃõ ÂíóÊóíúäö ãöäú ßöÊóÇÈö Çááåö k ÎóíúÑñ áóåõ ãöäú äóÇÞóÊóíúäö æóËóáÇóËñ ÎóíúÑñ áóåõ ãöäú ËóáÇóËò æóÃóÑúÈóÚñ ÎóíúÑñ áóåõ ãöäú ÃóÑúÈóÚò æóãöäú ÃóÚúÏóÇÏöåöäøó ãöäó ÇúáÅöÈöáö.

'Did not one of you go to the mosque, and then teach or read two verses from the Book of Allah Almighty, then who is better for him than two camels. And the three verses is better for him than the three camels. And the fourth verse is better for him than four camels and so on. '"

The arguments above are general and not specifically for men only, even at the time of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, many women who go to mosques to gain knowledge. Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, himself has been specialized to deliver advice (to women).

Narrated by Imam Muslim from Fatima bint Qais Allaah 'anha that he said in a long hadith in al-Jassasah story, he said, "When the' iddahku ended, I heard a caller calls the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam who exclaimed, 'Prayer in congregation will be done.' Then I went to a mosque and pray with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and I was in the direct line of women who are behind a people. And after the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam finished his prayer, he sat on the pulpit and he laughs as he says,' Let every man always come to the prayer place. '

Then he asked, 'Do you wonder why I gathered you?' They said, 'Allah and His Messenger know best.'

He said:
'By Allah, I do not collect you for a wish or fear, but I gather you guys because Tamim ad-From, is a man who was a Christian. Where he came and berbai'at and declared Islam ... '"

Of 'Amrah bint Abdirrahman of sisters' Amrah, he said, "I memorized: Þ. æóÇáúÞõÑúÂäö ÇáúãóÌöíÏö 'Qaaf. For the sake of al-Qur-an are noble, 'from the mouth of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam on Friday, where he read it in the pulpit every Friday. "[HR. Muslim]

Of Ibn 'Abbas Allaah' anhu, he said, "I testify to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. -Or Ata 'said,' I testify to Ibn 'Abbas'-that the Prophet' alaihi wa sallam never leave the house with Bilal. Then he thinks that he has not play to women, so he advised them and ordered them to charity. Then there was a woman who threw earrings and rings. While Bilal took of his shirt. "[HR. Al-Bukhari]

From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, he said, "The Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never came out at the time of' Eid al-Adh-ha and 'Eid al-Fitr prayer place (field), then he crossed a bunch of women, as he said:

IOC ãóÚúÔóÑó ÇáäøöÓóÇÁö ÊóÕóÏøóÞúäó ÝóÅöäøöí ÃõÑöíÊõßõäøó ÃóßúËóÑó Ãóåúáö ÇáäøóÇÑö ÝóÞõáúäó ¡: ¿Çááåö æóÈöÜãó IOC ÑóÓõæáó ÞóÇáó: ÊõßúËöÑúäó ÇááøóÚúäó æóÊóßúÝõÑúäó ÇáúÚóÔöíÑó AOC ÑóÃóíúÊõ ãöÜäú äóÇÞöÕóÇÊö ÚóÞúáò æóÏöíäò ÃóÐúåóÈó áöáõÈøö ÇáÑøóÌõáö ÇáúÍóÇÒöãö ãöäú ÅöÍúÏóÇßõäøó. Þõáúäó: æóãóÇ äõÞúÕóÇäõ ÏöíäöäóÇ æóÚóÞúáöäóÇ IOC ÑóÓõæáó Çááåö ¿ÞóÜÇáó: ÃóáóíúÓó ÔóåóÇÏóÉõ ÇáúãóÑúÃóÉö ãöËúáó äöÕúÝö ÔóåóÇÏóÉö ÇáÑøóÌõáö Þõáúäó ¿: ¡Èóáóì ÞóÇáó: ÝóÐóáößö ãöäú äõÞúÕóÇäö ÚóÞúáöåóÇ ¡ÃóáóíúÓó ÅöÐóÇ ÍóÇÖóÊú áóãú ÊõÕóáøö æóáóãú ÊóÕõãú Þõáúäó ¿: ¡Èóáóì ÞóÇáó: ÝóÐóáößö ãöäú äõÞúÕóÇäö ÏöíäöåóÇ.

'O all women, bersedekahlah you, for surely you've shown to me as most inhabitants of Hell. "They asked,' For what, O Messenger of Allah? 'He said,' You curse and deny many husbands. I do not see those who have a deficiency in intellect and religion more quickly eliminate the sense of a man who firmly than any one of you. "They asked, 'Then what is our lack of faith and reason, O Messenger of Allah?' He asked, ' Is not the testimony of a woman as half witness of men? 'They said,' Yes. 'He said,' That part of the lack of wits. After all, if you're menstruating, she does not pray and do not fast? 'They said,' Yes. 'He also said,' That is the form of lack of faith. '"[HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri Allaah 'anhu, he said, "Women have said to the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam," We were defeated by the men to learn to you, therefore, give one day for us of the time . "

Then he promised them one day to meet them, and he advised them all at once told them, among which are spoken by him to them were:

AOC ãöäúßõäøó ÇãúÑóÃóÉñ ÊõÞóÏøöãõ ËóáÇóËóÉð ãöäú æóáóÏöåóÇ ÅöáÇøó ßóÇäó áóåóÇ ÍöÌóÇÈðÇ ãöäó ÇáäøóÇÑö.

"There was a woman of you left to die by her three children, but they will be limiting of Hell."

Then there is a woman says, "Including two children?" He replied, "includes two children." [HR. Bukhari]

One of the arguments that many of the arguments is sufficient to break the expression of a:

ãóÜÇ áöáäøöÓóÇÁö æóáöáúÞöÑóÇÁóÉö æóÇáúßöÜÊóÇÈóÜÉö
åõäøó áóÜäóÇ æóáóåõäøó ãöäøóÇ Ãóäú íóÜÈöÊúäó Úóáóì ÌóäóÇÈóÜÉö

Women do not have the right to read and write
Them to us and let them remain in a state junub.
Similarly, people who claim to act heretical women studying at the mosque. Even more bizarre than this is how could he forbid his wife to go to the houses of God to study while she gave him permission to play from house to house and from store to store.

While the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has said:

ACO ÊóãúäóÚõæúÇ ÅöãóÇÁó Çááåö ãóÓóÇÌöÏó Çááåö.

"Do not forbid female servants of Allah to go to the mosque."

Then the argument of what a fool was to assess the prosecution of heresy against science for women in the mosque and allow it at home.

Therefore, we and our scholars, scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah will never willingly if mosques are empty of scientific halaqah halaqah-and just hold it in homes only. Therefore, we do not see any blessings of science and teaching, except in the mosque, both men and women. And whoever wanted to separate them, then he must give the argument, wallaahul musta'aan. And we beg to Allah Almighty that He makes us understand the religion and make us useful to Islam and the Muslims. Verily He is Lord of all that and power over all things.

[Copied from the book Al-li Intishaar Huquuqil Mu'minaat, Issue Indonesia Get your rights O Muslim women, Author of Umm Salamah As-Salafiyyah, Ibn Kathir Publisher Reader, Translator Abdul Ghoffar EM]

Fidelity Wife To Husband

Abu Hafs Osama bin Kamal bin Abdir Razzaq

Firm with an honest loyalty is the main female character.

A story says, that Asma 'bint' Umais is the wife of Ja'far bin Abi Talib, and became the wife of Abu Bakr after him, then after the marriage by 'Ali of Allaah' anhu. A second son, Muhammad bin Ja'far Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr and proud of each other. Each one says, "I am better than you, my dad is better than your father." Hearing this, 'Ali said, "Decide the case between them, O Asma'." He said, "I do not see more Arab youth better than Ja'far and I do not see the old man better than Abu Bakr. "'Ali said," You do not leave us one bit. If you say other than that you say, surely I'm angry with you. "Asma 'said," Of the three, thou art the least of them to choose "[1]

Abu Bakr Allaah 'anhu saying the Asma' bint 'Umais Allaah' anhuma bathing (his death). He did so, while he was in a state of fasting. Then he said to the immigrants who came, "I fasted and now is a very cold day, if I must (have) a bath?" They said, "No." Before Abu Bakr Allaah 'anhu stressed to him that (while bathing), he not in the fasting state, saying, "It makes you stronger."

Then he remembered the oath of Abu Bakr in the late afternoon, so he asked for water and drank it and said, "By Allah, I do not want to accompany the oath today by breaking" [2]

When the sinner more wicked surround the righteous leaders and "the murder victim" of the sinner, 'Uthman bin' Affan Allaah 'anhu and they attacked him with a sword, then his wife (Na'ilah bint al-Furafishah) before he advanced to become patron him from death. The murderers are not ignore the cruel honor these women and they continue to cut 'Uthman with the sword, (but the wife is deflected) by clenching his fingers, until his fingers out of his hand. His wife was holding and fell with him, then they kill 'Uthman [3].

As Commander of the Faithful Mu'awiya Allaah 'anhu proposed, she refused saying, "By Allah, no one can replace the position of' Uthman (the husband) forever." [4]

Among the many signs of devotion to their husbands shalihah woman after his death that they did not marry again. No one intended it to remain with their wives in Paradise "[5]

Of Maimun bin Mihran, he said: "Mu'awiya bin Abi Sufyan Allaah 'anhu woo Ummud Darda', but he refused to marry him and said," I heard Abud Darda 'said:' I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa salam said.

ÇáúãóÑúÃóÉõ yoiu ÂÎöÑö ÃóÒúæóÇÌöåóÇ ¡Ãóæú ÞóÇáó: áÂÎöÑö ÃóÒúæóÇÌöåóÇ.

"It means: The woman with her husband the last one, 'or he says,' to her husband at last" [6]

Of 'Ikrimah that Asma' bint Abi Bakr became the wife az-Zubayr ibn al-'Awwam, and her hard against him. Then Asma 'came to his father to complain about it to him, he said, "O my daughter, be patient! For, if a woman has a righteous husband, then she left him to die, and he did not marry after him, so they gathered in Paradise "[7]

From Jubair bin Nufair, from Ummud Darda 'that he said to Abud Darda', "Surely you have to propose to my parents in the world, and they married you with me. And now, I'm asking you to marry to you in the hereafter. "Abud Darda 'said," Well, do not get married after me. "When Mu'awiyah ask for her hand, and he told about what had happened, then Mu'awiyah said," Fast! [8]

When Sulayman ibn 'Abd al-Malik came out and he accompanied bin Sulaiman bin Abi al-Muhlib Shafrah from Damascus to traveling, they passed a cemetery. Suddenly there is a woman sitting on a state funeral with tears. Then the wind blew so uncover the veil from her face, then he seems to cloud the sun exposed. So we stood in a stunned state. We see, then Ibn Muhlib said to him, "O servant of God woman, do you want to be the wife of Commander of the Faithful?" He looked at them, then looked grave, and said:

"Do not ask about my desire
For those who desire to be buried this, O youth
Indeed I am ashamed of him while the ground is among us
Just as I was ashamed of him when he saw me "

So, we went in a state of astonishment. [9]

Among the examples are worth mentioning as the ultimate example of these women is Fatima bint 'Abd al-Malik bin Marwan. Fatima bint Amir al-Mumineen 'Abd al-Malik bin Marwan was at the time of marriage, her father has enormous power over Sham, Iraq, Hijaz, Yemen, Iran, Qafqasiya, Qarim and areas behind the river to Bukhara and Janwah the east, and Egypt, Sudan , Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, far West, and western Spain. Fatima is not the only daughter of the Great Caliph, even brother he is also leading the four Caliphs of Islam: al-Walid bin 'Abd al-Malik, Sulaiman ibn' Abd al-Malik, Yazid ibn 'Abd al-Malik and Hisham ibn' Abd al-Malik. More than that she was the wife of the Caliph of Islam known leading after early fourth caliph in Islam, the Commander of the Faithful 'Umar ibn' Abd al-'Aziz.

Daughter of the caliph and the caliphate is a grandfather
Brother Caliph and the Caliph was her husband

Noble woman who is a daughter of the caliph and his four caliphs was out of his father's house to her husband's house the day she brought him to bring the most expensive property owned by a woman on this earth in the form of jewelry. That said, in between two pendant jewelry is famous in the history of Mary and often hum the penya'ir. A pair of pendant is just the equivalent of buried treasure.

When her husband, Commander of the Faithful, ordered him to bring all of her jewelry to the Baitul Mal, he did not resist and did not argue at all.

These great women-more than that-when her husband, Commander of the Faithful 'Umar bin' Abdul 'Aziz died without leaving nothing left for themselves and their children, then the board Baitul Mal came to him and said, "jewelry, O sayyidati, still remains as usual, and I judge it as a trust (deposit) for you and I maintain it for the day. And now I come to you asking permission to bring (back) jewelry (to you). "

Fatima gave the answer that the jewelry has dihibahkannya to Baitul Mal for the interests of the Muslims, because obeying Commander of the Faithful. Then he said, "Do I have heard in his lifetime, and I mendurhakainya after his death? [10]

[Copied from the book Isyratun Nisaa Minal Ilal Alif Yaa, Indonesia Edition Complete Guide From A To Z Marriages, author Abu Hafs Osama bin Kamal bin Abdir Razzaq, Saikhu Translator Ahmad, Ibn Reader Publishers Katsair]

She is a creature Less explanation minds and His religion

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz was asked: We often hear the noble hadith: "Women are creatures of less intellect and religion", so it is used by some men to flout the women. We hope you will explain the meaning of this hadith.

Meaning of the hadeeth the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "I've never seen a woman lacking wits and faith are better able to beat a man of sense who is stronger than one of you".

It is said to him, "O Messenger of Allah, what wits shortage?" He said.

"Is not the testimony of two women valued the testimony of a man".

It is said to him, "O Messenger of Allah, what religion shortage?" He replied.

"Is not being menstruation when they are not praying and fasting?"

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam explained the lack of intellect of weakness on occasion, and that persaksiannya should be strengthened by the testimony of other women who support it, because sometimes he forgets that he might increase or decrease in perksaksian, as revealed Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

"Which means: And persaksikanlah by two witnesses of those men (among you). If no two men, then (be) a man and two women from the witnesses that you ridhai, so that if one forgot the other one reminded "[Al-Baqarah: 282]

While the lack of religion because of menstruation and childbirth when a woman left the prayer and fasting and prayer mengqadha not. It is a lack of religion. However, this deficiency is not sanctioned, because it is a lack of determination that comes from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. He was the one who set it up as compassion and relief to him. Because if he is required to fast while it is menstruation and childbirth, then it will harm it. Because of God's love to him, then he is allowed to leave the fast when menstruation and childbirth, and then make up the fast after completion of menstruation and childbirth.

Regarding prayer, while menstruation, she had something that prevented him from performing ablution. Because the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala he is allowed to leave the prayer, as well as at the time of parturition. Then Allah mensyariatkan for him not to make up the fast, because there is great difficulty in mengqadha. Prayer is done many times in a day five times, while menstruation sometimes extending to several days to seven days, eight days or more. Ruling sometimes up to forty days. Because the grace of God and His goodness is kept away from her obligation to implement and mengqadha.

But this does not mean a lack of sense in all cases or less religious in all respects. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam explained that the lack of wits going on inaccuracies in the testimony and the lack of religion occurred in the conditions that always left the prayer and fasting as menstruation and childbirth. This does not mean she always was under the man in all things and men are always more important than women. Indeed, male gender more important than women in general for several reasons, such as the spoken.

"Meaning: The man is a leader for women, because Allah has preferred sebahagian their (male) on sebahagian another (female), and because they (men) have menfkahkan party of their property" [ An-Nisa: 34]

Indeed sometimes women exceed men in some respects. How many more women than men in his wits, his religion and its accuracy. Who described the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is that male gender was more important than a woman who has been mentioned in two of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. Many women who do righteous deeds exceed the righteous deeds of the men, piety melabihi pious man, in the next higher position than men. Sometimes women have a precision of better than men in some of the problems specially pleased with him, which he tried to memorize it and set one up. There is a reference to the history of Islam and so forth.

Their deficiencies do not prevent him to be the best of servants of God in his religion even if istiqomah exempt from fasting as menstruation and childbirth are both directly and qadhanya, although exempt from prayer either directly or qadhanya, this all does not make them as being less in all things, like piety, the implementation of its work, its accuracy in that particular case he wrestled. This deficiency is a particular shortage in reason and religion as explained Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, then it should not be for a Muslim to refer to it as being deficient in all respects and weak religion in all its problems. Specific weaknesses in their religion and their minds regarding the accuracy or testimony and the like. This case should be considered and understood as explained Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with the best. And Allaah knows best

[Fatawa wa Majmu Maqalat Mutanawi'ah, Shaykh Ibn Baaz, 4/292]

[Copied from the Book of Al-Fatawa Al-Jami'ah Mar'atil Lil Muslimah, Indonesia issue Fatwa Fatwa About Women, The writer Amin bin Yahya Al-Wazan, Amir Hamzah Fakhruddin translators, publishers Darul Haq]

Opening legal Aurat For A Woman Against Women Other

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen was asked: We have a maid, can he opened his private parts in front of the female occupants of the house, keep in mind he is a Muslim woman?

One woman to another woman, can only see his face, head, hands, forearms, legs and calves whether he was Muslim or infidel. Based on a true opinion in the interpretation of the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

أو نسائهن or women "[An-Nur: 31]

That the woman in question here is Al-Jins (type) instead of Al-Wafsu (nature). But there are also some scholars who argue that what is meant by the women here are the women of Islam, thus it is not allowed for a Muslim woman to open the nakedness of the pagan woman. And who exactly is meant by the word women in the verse is al-Jins (type) that is women and that includes the type of women, thus women may open up some of his private parts to the Muslim infidel women.

Here I describe the one issue that the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam forbade women to see another female genitalia, and some women think only a woman can wear short or tight-clothes are not up to the knee and should wear clothes that look the chest so that looked his upper arm, chest and neck. Such opinion is wrong, because this hadith explains the lack of female genitalia bolehan see other women, it is discussed here is a look at not using, and regardless of who wore it must wear clothes that cover her body.

As for the clothes wives of the companions to the wrists, feet and ankles, and often times when they wanted to go to the market, they wear long clothing to cover the border cubit feet. Thus it was to cover their legs. So here there is a difference between use and see, that when a woman wearing clothes that cover her nakedness, and it lifted her clothes for a urination or the other, then opened her legs so it is not unlawful for other women to see.

Similarly, when women were among the other women, while he was wearing clothes (clothes) who cover her nakedness. Then look of her breasts, because she wanted to breast-feed their children, or her breasts look, for some reason, then why when such is not visible in front of them. The woman who deliberately wear a short dress, so it should not be, because it contains the ugliness and destruction.

[Wa Fatawa Durus Haramil Makki, Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen, 3/264]

LAW BEFORE WOMEN'S HAIR appeared not Muslim

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen was asked: Can a woman opened her hair in the presence of non-Muslim women, while they were told his condition to the relatives of those men who are not Muslims?

This question is based on the scholars dispute about the interpretation of the word of God.

"Say to the believing women:" Let their gaze, and maintains his cock, and they do not reveal her jewelry, except that (usually) appear thereof. Cloth and let them put her veil to her chest, and not to show adornment except to their husbands or their fathers, their husband's fathers, or their sons, or sons of their husbands, or brothers and their brother, or sons of their brothers, or sons of their sisters, or women .. "[An-Nur: 31]

Pronoun in verse أو نسائهن "or women, scholars disagree about it, some interpret as an Al-Jins, which means that the type of woman in general. There is interpreted by the Al-Wasfu (nature), that only those women who believe in it. The first opinion, it is permissible for a woman to reveal her hair and face in front of the infidels and women are not allowed a second opinion. We tend to prefer the first opinion, because it is closer to the truth. Because all women are the same, not different between the infidel and the Muslim, if not feared to cause fitnah.

But if the fear it would lead to defamation, for example, women who saw his condition will inform the relatives of male-male, then the incidence of libel concerns would take precedence, and is not permissible for a woman to reveal something of his body, like his body, legs, hair and other presence of other women, whether Muslim or non Muslim women.

[Fatawal mar'ah 1/73]

[Copied from the book of Al-Fatawa Al-Jami'ah Maratil Lil Muslimah, Indonesia issue Fatwa Fatwa About Women, The writer Amin bin Yahya Al-Wazan, translators Shihab Ahmad Amin, publisher Dar al Haq]

source: http://almanhaj.or.id/

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